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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Long time nvr talk romance liao...

Just some random ramblings to idle my time away. That plus I now getting my ART engine started. Albeit just started.
In other news...
1. My big boss seemed to imply that whoever my future (confirmed?) gf is, double confirm she support Liverpool FC one.
2. Find it really hard to stomach since I don't even know any relevant individual in the relevant dept.
3. Then I suddenly realised Liverpool have became serious chihuahuas mutated like the X-Men this season.
4. Then I realised some people actually know things I don't know a shit abt.
She-Hulk, I advise you pls dun watch South Park unless you know how to sing that Canada song...
Apart from that, South Park should be rated M18/R21. No joking.

Problem Romance?
Don't we all love it? Realists enjoy seeing shit happening, idealists enjoy seeing happily ever after. Romance is actually the next big thing in fantasy after flashy magic. Okay, that's technically a lie since the best fantasy stories will always be those telling the readers what exactly constitutes as human nature (I miss my MIA The Children of Húrin T_T). So what am I gonna ramble in terms of ART? Well, basically nonsense and stuff I guess. She-Hulk was right in insinuating my sanity being somewhere along this bloke's standard.
She-Hulk, I'm sure you dunno who is H.P Lovecraft...
Okay, above image is a bit too extreme. If She-Hulk ever sees me during work again, she'll start saying the same ol'stuff. Might as well downgrade my jerkassery...

With stupidity out of the way...
(don't worry, She-Hulk. I'm talking abt myself)
To be honest, apart from the whole Guy-Ales deal, the only clear cut romance would be the whole Aera-Hyo-Lars love triangle. The skeleton has already been fixed, only thing left is fleshing out everything. That plus I'm gonna have plenty of fun with Aera gatecrashing the whole Guy-Ales deal. Hopefully.
[Note: By gatecrashing, I mean anything romantic in nature should be taken with a pinch of salt unless blatantly portrayed]

So any more romance?
I'm gonna touch a bit on 2 potential pairings. Firstly, some extra trivia.

Joenne Nances: Originally intended to play a meatier role in A Sea of Arms and Craft. However, I decided to have a bit of practice in killing off characters. Not b/c whether she's annoying as hell, but rather I'm out to create a realistic take on the harsh reality synonymous with the plot.

Joyce: I really feel like a jerk in creating a horrible situation for her. Srsly, I still have no exact idea on where to carry her role in the story. Given Southgate's presence though, whatever traumatic scenario I portrayed via some half-assed Hitchcock manner was... well, necessary.

Incidentally, above two lasses actually have hots for Guy Cody. Last thing I ever want as the writer? Guy Cody=stud icon.

Lars Alterfate+Lolyx
When I first introduced Lolyx's character to my brain, the intent was already there. In short, any self-attempt to deny otherwise has been proven futile. Have to say 'tis actually quite enjoyable creating some tsundere girl liking some crouching moron, hidden badass archetype. I'll have to admit there's still someway to go where this romance is concerned. Heck, I can't even give any promises on whether Lars will reciprocate Lolyx's feelings (altho to be fair, Lolyx herself didn't seem to comprehend the actual extent of her romantic feelings towards this bloke).

Most fun part: Blatantly implied, but not yet fleshed out. I'm NOT talking abt whether Lars truly likes Lolyx (since that would be tantamount to GRRM saying Jon and Dany will have kids come the end of ASoIaF. Which ofc is poppycock). Rather, any reader with half a brain would have known Lars being a character living in his own past. Not that every other character are not guilty of this, but Lars really needs some major personal therapy (and by that, I mean only emotionally. Sorry to disappoint you, She-Hulk). I'm still in no-man's land in terms of fleshing out Lolyx's future role. Not so much in terms of nature, but more of extent wise.

Most challenging part: How to develop Lolyx as a character on the whole. So far so good, she's still a certified minor character. To create my ideal romance (?) between these two, I really need to find a stable platform so as to speak. In short, I'm talking abt actual plot mechanism.

Most ideal wild card: Sarel Aphros. I can't divulge too much abt her apart from the fact that I've yet to even complete 1% of the whole idea. Yes, I know Sally Whitemane's clone is hopelessly in love w/our anti-hero. But hey, guess what? We're talking abt a convoluted past beginning with Hyo. Scariest shit? Nothing has been resolved. If only things should be that simple, Sarel wouldn't go apeshit crazy and slash herself on the neck during the ending chapter(s) of The Wolf, the Boy, the Maiden Fair.

Potential wild card: Aeranath. Not that he'll be out to bang Lolyx ofc, but we all know old grudges die hard. Especially if you managed to turn your best friend against yourself due to self-inflicted (?) factors.

Original draft dictated Ceres to be a rape victim of the worst kind, i.e. nothing is more torturous than imagining an innocent girl raped by her own father. If you think this is sick, let me assure you that this no different from a teacher bailing out of the country just because he happened to knock up his ex-student, after which said girl committed suicide. As for Arondight, it's rather easy for me to create a knight in a shining armour entrance. In the original draft, he's actually much more brutal. Current draft wise, he just ended up being something like this bloke below.

Most fun part: How to draw out whatever romantic feelings present. Given that Ceres is quite obviously a bazillion times saner than her potential bf, this is really saying something in terms of the challenging part.

Most challenging part: How am I gonna connect the dots? Granted Arondight, like 99% of the cast, still remains trapped in his own past. Yet, how am I going to justify whatever status Ceres has within this context? I know many ppl will say "hey, reincarnation lolz!" Unfortunately, I'm in two minds over this. Reincarnation can be really effective once you pull off a blinder. One single cock up though and you're better off blinding yourself otherwise. One of the most iconic success stories in all things reincarnation is Rand al'Thor+Lews Therin Telamon. I know Steve Ang will laugh at me again for being a fan of all things ulu, but there's nothing ulu over The Wheel of Time being a global bestseller. So will I attempt a Robert Jordan? Hard to say b/c I take immense pride in whatever little I'm capable of despite having no hefty bank account as proof of talent (?).

Most ideal wild card: Lolyx. Weird, yes. Due to a moment of personal lulz, I decided to pair the two together as potential soul mates. It really feels weird every now and then, but it really makes for interesting planning. For now, every detail possibly planned is quintessentially zero.

Potential wild card: Lars. This has nothing to do w/the Fate/Zero clip above despite Lars' appearance chiefly inspired by Gil. Rather, I hope whatever memory of previous chapters still stays fresh in the readers' mind. Craziest shit yet? There's no reason warranting their standoff apart from Aeranath's presence. Yes, folks. This is why I chose to include Lolyx as the most ideal wild card.

Greatest wild card or not: Relevant people in his past. Note that I never stated anywhere how distant was Arondight's past, let alone the fact that you can't really trust a person literally (?) barking mad.

Feel like writing some more, but now have to give up the ghost for the night...