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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Dark Friday II

I don't know what to say apart from stating "a freak coincidence". Shortly after I upped my first Dark Friday post, a giant amongst men passed away. RIP, Tito. You shall always be missed by those close to you and football as well. No matter how much of a realist I still profess myself to be, football will always be a sport both loved and hated by the world. To all Amigos del Fútbol, I can assure every one of you that once a footballing man, forever one.

Gloria en caos, viva Blaugrana.

At the same time, it also means the national mourning for the South Korean ferry tragedy victims yesterday actually took the definition of sombre to a whole new level. This was when my muse hit overdrive mode halfway during work.

A Song of Sea and Loss

Atlantis weeps and its children mourn.
A great city laments many gone.
Wrath of heavens decreed a proud people dead.
Error of man sealed an untimely fate.
Across the ocean the titan fell.
Strategy and wit heard their knell.
Talent unrivaled defined a worthy life.
Yonder above the soul now flies.
O ships of Japheth, lower your flags!
Let the steeds of Shem seek their lamp!
The seafarer's finest blade has ceased its song.
The mounted archer's bow hums no more.
May this darkest dawn herald a brand new morn.
Faith and hope renewed sounding their horn.