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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Long time nvr do this liao...

In short, new character concept.

Heihou no Tae'Geuk
Appearance: Around thirty ki of age, he exudes a timeless aura akin to an immortal. With rugged handsome looks and a stubbled chin, his eyes merely betrayed plenty a battle fought and many a war won.
Garb: A simple robe of grey with loose pants and straw sandals. Easily passing himself off as a vagabond shunning the crowd, not even one out of a million men knows his identity.
Personality: Calm and composed, seemingly benevolence yet brutally efficient when the moment comes.
Weapon: Wielding only a simple sword of bronze, a scroll made from bamboo is never seen missing from his hand.

I think this one from the official DW8 artbook...

Conceptual quotes, i.e. your grandfather says...
"There are only two ways to win a battle, three to win a war. Five striking ten, hundred surrounding a score and seeing the enemy as yourself."

"Courage requires numbers, quantity before quality."

"Quality over quantity, valour defines men."

"Brave is he who wields the sword, wise is an adviser. Better still are those very few combining both."

"One part steel and two parts cunning, blessed is he understanding valour."

"Battles are won by the manner of profit gained, not whatever loss necessary. Hence able are those winning a war before one year passed."

"Depart at once should your adversary remain stubborn, prudence begets victory served on the finest platter."

Lastly, try guessing who lol!
"Impressive feat in spite of failure, little boy. Never have I ever witnessed a meticulous petty thief planning five steps ahead. Is every Homm'Nua truly like you? Or mayhap you are truly one surpassing your kin."

"Fools deride one as you, let your father and his house mock themselves unto the grave. No one has ever tried entertaining me for a game of chess after the first round, you are the first to persist beyond the rest. Bravery defines a person's wit, stubborn pride is proof of either a gem uncut or gravel true."