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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Marvel Heroes: A game that doesn't end

Apparently, there's no end to this shit. Firstly, I find it strongly addictive (albeit years of social solitude has made me stubborn). Secondly, I find it quite effective in terms of giving me much wanted distraction in terms of unwanted straying on the internet (I'm not gonna be a liar by saying I'm a saint like the son of Jesse). Thirdly, I can't last long when it comes to playing (my brain will start swimming after 1-2 hrs of play). Lastly, this is the moral of the story.

Firstly, I was too stupid to accidentally donate two items due to right-clicking to wear the stuff. The greatest problem? I forgot to lift my finger off the Alt key. First time round, shit was a bummer b/c I wasted one good Unique headgear b/c of that. 2nd time round, it wasn't too much of a hurt b/c I can live w/a M.O.D.O.K Medal gone this way (note to any who care: If you're using characters like Colossus and Hulk, you should have a go at that one).
At the same time, I accidentally offed my rank 2 Wrath of Bast b/c I actually equipped myself with a Cosmic Bodysuit blessed with higher raw stats. Turned out that I earned a rank 3 Dora Milaje. Won't call this a trade off tho since DM is actually much easier to use. WoB is bloody effective as a boss kill (especially if you're fighting Event bosses or bosses who enjoy summoning random pieces of shit), but DM is arguably more effective b/c you can easily gank whoever the bastard trolling you. As Kingpin will tell you, golden rule in fighting boss+backup is to kill the boss asap.*
*Okay, I literally lied b/c I tried WoB on Sauron. That has to be my fastest boss kill till date.

Some other bosses I've fought
Got pwned once again. Manhattan is only good for its Fish Market since there's no chance in hell my future gf would want to put up w/me playing MH for more than an hour. Interestingly enough, WoB is def the showstopper here as you'll effectively force every boss into a standstill.
Sabretooth is gankbait due to the marsh terrain capable of cornering him (note of caution: bastard is an Event boss and I suspect one of the toughest as well).
Bonebreaker is fun to hammer due to DM.
Mr Sinister very fun to hammer due to DM.
M.O.D.O.K most super fun to gank due to DM (that plus me remembering what Robert "never go full retard" Downey Jr said after completing Season 1 M.O.D.O.K mission).
Mandarin not so fun to gank due to three reasons:
1. Too used to ganking ppl in similar terrain (i.e. Bonebreaker, Mr Sinister and M.O.D.O.K are all indoors). 
2. This means I have problem trying to catch up w/my faithful twosome when I realised they're actually faster than me when it comes to closing in.
3. Sir Ben "Aladeen's BFF" Kingsley got some weird circle made famous by them Koreans.

Current status: Three checkpoints reached, one more left. This is kucing hitam gila talking abt Doom.

What kind of person uses T'Challa?
Firsrtly, it means you're a major fanboy who knows the Avengers has nvr been about someone named Steve (no, not you Steve Ang Eng Hock). Secondly, it means you're not content to play sheep and that you're hellbent on being an Irish Wolfhound. Thirdly, it means you need to be extremely intelligent.

On factor tiga, let me elaborate on being extremely intelligent. In fighting games, there will always be 4 main types of characters.
1. Ryu-Ken-Gouki archetype. These are the ones deemed famous and quite easy to use.
Possible characters applicable-Human Torch; Captain America; Hawkeye; Storm
2. Alex-M.Bison-Cody archetype. These are bruiser characters either fairly easy to use or considered technical tanks.
Possible characters applicable-Hulk; Colossus; Thing
3. Guy-Ibuki-Barlog archetype. These are the ninjas of the game. Fast, full of skill and brimming w/swag. Otherwise known as nukes made from glass.
Possible characters applicable-Wolverine; Nightcrawler; Gambit; Black Widow
4. Rose-Dhalsim-Guile archetype. Characters relying on kamehameha in every shit they do, but who are also much technical than merely 70% ease. Self-explanatory.
Possible characters applicable-Scarlet Witch; Dr Strange; Iron Man
Note: Above statements & examples listed should only be taken w/a grain of salt. Or rather less than half a grain.

Then we have type no.lima, namely the Gen archetype. Recently my dearest S'pore has someone main'ing this ah-kong satsau, namely this guy. In this sense, Black Panther is quintessentially blasian.

1. Effective skill synergy, be it basic or advanced. This will be especially significant once you attain Wrath of Bast and Dora Milaje via the acceptable way, i.e. level requirement.
2. Tactically versatile due to Stealthy Escape.
3. Fast attack speed means you can effective link hits like a Guy wannabe.
4. Knockdown permits plenty of hellshit. Sadly, I don't use this tactical means beyond one shot sniping.
5. High movement which ultimately permits gauntlet run. One of the very few characters capable of shaping the fight this way (the other notable bastardo in this context being Nightcrawler due to Azazel himself).
6. High dodge. This is especially important against ranged fire and close combat.

1. Low killing power means you'll need to play your cards right in terms of skill points allocation.
2. With great power comes great responsibility. High end synergy=high end spirit usage might be the reason why I don't get to see much Black Panthers in my server. iirc plenty of Johnny Storms and Storms tho.
3. Can't withstand prolonged punishment due Black Panther=assassin/ninja archetype.
4. Average tenacity by my own estimation. Basically this means you can't afford to get slowed/stunned/flamed/iced/whatever.

How I rear my cat
Firstly, I chose to stack Relic of Skrullos due to its tenacity buff. One thing I realised abt my handicap is that I can nvr have even 1% of Daigo's gaming reflexes. This means I need to play around w/the surroundings more oft than not. This is especially vital in the Mutate Marsh where human-saurs and whirling chains will be your main course. Coupled w/flaming Barney shamans and I'd need plenty of that to survive. I'm tempted atm to try Relic of Asgard once it reaches beyond stack 3, but I might prefer Skrullos at the end.

Secondly, I realised my brain is only capable of registering a simple 2-way skill synergy at a time. This means I need to tweak my skill menu to something simpler. Chances are that I'll choose between Savage Strike-Predator Frenzy, Cryo Dagger-Triple Throw or Enervating Slash-Slashing Lunge. Due to the game allowing 3 skill menus instead of just one, all I need is to consider whatever possibility in terms of terrain.

Thirdly, I can't live w/o Stealthy Escape. I always buff this one as much as possible. Coupled with the fact that I'm now more or less comfortable w/Panther Grace...

Fourthly, Blessing of Bast is a must for me. It should also be a must for every Black Panther due to its spirit recovery per basic hit. Once you notice spirit running low, it means a bailout is still 100% likely instead of forcing yourself to bodyslide. This also comes into mind Panther's Soul.

Lastly, pls note that due to my innate disability, above tips should only be taken as reference. That plus for some weird reason, I always end up going solo 7-8 out of 10 times. This is esp evident in my last few chapters played. Either that or 'tis no more than 4-5 ppl having my back.

Skill set 1: Assassin
This has to be my most direct tree. Apart from basic attack and Stealth Escape, my other two key skills would be Predator (due to bonus damage vs champions/elites/bosses) and Cryo+Triple (basic offensive synergy). Jungle Snare is a must due to my Energy stat upgrade. In fact, Jungle should be your staple skill for any given style. To facilitate my dodge bonus conferred by my Unique boots (this will only kick in once I use med kit/any other healing items), the H-key would always be reserved for any healing stuff. Basically, list goes something like this.
Left Click: Basic Attack
A: Leg Sweep
S: Cryo Dagger
D: Triple Throw
F: Predator Frenzy
G: Jungle Snare
H: Med Kit
Right Click: Stealth Escape

Stealth-Sweep is effective in mob clearing, but also equally effective in sniping out 2-3 grunts in a go. Former is the basics, latter case is all about setting up the stage to do combat.
Cryo-Triple is effective, yes. Try Jungle-Triple, you won't regret it. Now if only I can shake myself off the Cryo-Triple mentality...
Savage is your combo mainstay where you can link it w/basic attack/Cryo-Triple. Do take note that you'll only need to use it 1-2 times unless fighting elite/boss enemies.

Skill set 2: Sniper
By far the easiest style provided you managed to buff Stealth high enough. Do buff your Fan of Knives as well b/c this one=best mob clear tactic. With penetration and energy damage, this one is esp imba against shit like Hydra-bots or A.I.M-bots. If you're fast enough, this one can even become the Hand's greatest nightmare (bar the elite ones ofc).
Left Click: Basic Attack
A: Leg Sweep
S: Savage Strike
D: Dora Milaje
F: Fan of Knives
G: Jungle Snare
H: Med Kit
Right Click: Stealth Escape

Most likely I'll tweak this one by replacing Sweep w/Predator to make this more anti-champ/elite/boss friendly. In short, I only need one mean to snipe, not two. To make things easier for execution, I might go A for Savage and S for Predator.
Toggling between set 2 and 3 is a must in boss fight due to the gank factor.
Jungle can be absurdly effective against both machine and flesh. It's only down to whether you'll only use Predator or Savage-Predator synergy. In this sense, this can/will be your best boss kill set.
To play safe, activate Stealth mode first before summoning Dora Milaje.

Skill set 3: Brawler
This operates best under close quarters. I recommend you not to be stupid like me and try using this at any given terrain. This IS a spec skill set where you use to kill the likes of M.O.D.O.K, Pyro, Magneto and Sinister. I call them Overlords of the Closet due to terrain restrictions. Best used for close quarters curbstomp.
Left Click: Basic Attack
A: Cryo Dagger
S: Enervating Slash
D: Slashing Lunge
F: Predator Frenzy
G: Evasion Throw
H: Med Kit
Right Click: Stealth Escape

Evasion Throw should ONLY be used once you're either a. pinned against the wall or b. your HP running low. Latter case will be vital if you got the Unique boots which confers dodge bonus upon heal.
Cryo is basically standalone due to freezing effect.
Enervating-Slashing can be absurdly killworthy once you manage to corner the boss. Strongly advise not to use this if you only happen freeze that bugger anywhere else. M.O.D.O.K is exempted from this rule once Dora Milaje close in for the gank. Just make sure the laser doesn't hit you like Goldfinger's infamous castration machine.
Toggling between set 2 and 3 is vital since you'll need Dora Milaje to close in and whack. At the end of the day, once the boss dies, all his kah-kia will auto run away.
Arguably the easiest skill set to master due to Cryo-Predator setup.
Evasion can also be used to transit play. In short, it goes like Evasion>Stealth>set toggle>Jungle>do anything but don't get caught. This part has to be the most tactical due to a cool head needed rather than just cool moves or equally cool reflexes.

So anything more to add?
I only realised recently that T'Challa actually fell in love with Ororo Munroe during his teenage years. Apart from that, I actually developed a phobia for all things non-Story mode. Especially PvP. And lastly, am I too much in requesting Marvel to bring this back?
If you hate Panther-Storm, it means you hate either Marvel or humanity.