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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hi time to recalibrate shit...

Last minute update: Realized I've cocked up big time in terms of important details left out. Note that relevant changes are now in place.

Or in the words of Capcom and its BFF, mass retcon. A lot has transpired ever since I got through Dr Doom. Firstly, I really enjoy shocking the living shit out of enemy bosses since I'm now in the process of learning how to use Sue Storm, i.e. Invisible Woman. My 1st impression is basically doing force field+stun/weaken+frontal fire. Using her movement melee bs where she'll go range resistant afterwards (not immunity mind you) just adds a whole new dimension of aggro imba'ness. A little wonder why she can only deal nothing next to shit in terms of damage. I suspect she'll have a tougher time come the latter half of gameplay development.
My personal advice on any eager Sue Storm'ers?
Make sure you go defensive upgrade, NOT offensive upgrade. Black Panther is quintessentially Guy holding Wakandan passport due to offensive upgrade (that plus using correct Vibranium enhancement=Guy's heroic BSOD moment come post-Zero/Alpha 3). If you want offensive upgrade, make sure you overwrite it into defensive somewhere down the road. At least I strongly recommend this by time you reach Dr Doom's stage (actually, chances are that you'll need grade 3-4 defensive upgrade to win against the likes of Rhino, Juggernaut, Blob+Toad, Pyro and Magneto). Remember, little boys and girls. Sue Storm IS 70-90%+ support-centric. Won't say you can't do a shit by soloing, but trust me when I say 70-80% of her skills are meant to do aggro-support (Tip: try maxing out her debuff+spirit restore shockwave skill as Invisible Woman can truly create a fantastic job in party raids).

Note: Whatever opinion I stated here are either been here, done that or pure bullshitting. iirc my Sue Storm has yet to give New Jersey her first salute.

Finally finished story mode, so what's next [for T'Challa]?
Firstly, it'll be interesting to see how far I can go via terminal mode where cube shards can be earned once per 24 hrs (note that you can only do that via boss killing). Trading in cube shards can be extremely frustrating as you'll run into minimal probability in getting Unique equipment. However, one good thing about throwing the proverbial die is a decently high chance of getting a stacked artifact. You see, your character can only use 1 artifact. However, said artifact can be stacked up till 1000 times, i.e. 1000 same artifacts equipped. Depending on your character build, this can be rather fun or frustrating. Ofc the best way to get rid of unwanted items is either to barter or donate. I strongly recommend choosing crafter first if donate is your way. This is due to Asgardian Enchanter being a 50-50 unless he reaches level 4. Anywhere below that, your lvl 25 Uru forged item will only receive partial bonus. In case you're not willing to waste time farming for runes, I suggest Seer's Brilliance unless you're not keen on dealing Energy damage.

Secondly. Odin Marks are now easier to gain due to legendary quests. Yet, I must also stress home the fact that farming OMs can and will be extremely time testing b/c you can only gain this much per legendary quest completed. Yet, the individual blessings will make this worthwhile (that is if you're actually crazy enough to waste 2-3 hrs farming OMs this way).

Thirdly, Manhattan IS a must. Granted it's been frustrating for me come lvl 40-44 stage, but it's more of me being indecisive in terms of skill sets recalibrating. Unless you've yet to complete normal difficulty story mode, whatever you accomplished in terminal and challenge modes will contribute massively in terms of Eternal Shards farming. Not to mention Runes farming is actually easier as well. Manhattan can offer you a handsome return for ES and Runes compared to OMs. ES is the easiest, but Rune farming can be a tad too frustrating at times unless you happen to get the ones you need. And did I mention Asgardian Enchanter rejecting any/every Rune donated as a result? You can donate Runes to any crafter/vendor, but NOT the Asgardian Enchanter.

PvP is arguably my greatest phobia b/c I don't particularly enjoy the notion of pitting myself against human opponents. You see, more than a decade of my life has been built upon self-inferiority where it seemed that society was trying to say that I'm like shit. I can't say I'm still living in the past, but 'tis true that the stigma remains true.

On the one shot mission, yet to try that out in its entirety. Period.

Skill build ver 2.0
With the advent of Panther Leap, Evasion Throw has sorta become obsolete. However, PL is quintessentially offensive in nature while ET is defensive bailout. At this time of typing, I'm still trying to get a hang of ET. PL is actually easier to use b/c playing an attacking Panther can be much easier than playing defensive Panther. So how should I go about recalibrating my Black Panther?

Skill set 1: Shadow Warrior
Left click: Claw Slash
A: Knockdown Sweep
S: Cryo Dagger
D: Triple Throw
F: Jungle Snare
G: Fan of Knives
H: Wrath of Bast
Right click: Stealthy Escape

Tactical usage
Mainly for jungle terrain where you can effectively play mob control. KS can be absurdly effective in close quarters as there's not much space for enemy grunts/peons to escape. Take note that to use KS effectively, one must understand the importance defining SE (note that SE is also your bread & butter in jail breaking).
CD>TT/JS>TT sequence will be your basic mainstay. Once you're comfortable w/both, try CD>JS>TT/JS>CD>TT. Learning Black Panther is like understanding how certain fighting game characters tend to work. Blokes like Guy (Street Fighter) and Yagami Iori (King of Fighters) base their fundamental offense on their rekka chain, i.e. command chain combo.
WoB is best used as a prelude to FoK (this is due fast firing rate and high penetration point blank).
Damage buff items are needed due to this build having the lowest damage output.

Skill set 2: Assassin
Left click: Enervating Slash
A: Scything Sweep
S: Slashing Lunge
D: Predator Frenzy
F: Evasion Throw
G: Jungle Snare
H: Dora Milaje
Right click: Stealthy Escape

Tactical usage
Mainly for urban/open terrain. Prepare to use SE a lot. This is def your bread & butter set b/c plenty of stages will boast of urban/open terrain. Urban in particular can be seen as either boon or bane as you can easily mob destroy and get mob destroyed so as to speak. If you cannot master this build, then forget abt playing Manhattan on higher lvls.
You'll be using plenty of ES>SL loop, so keep a look out on where your Black Panther will appear post-execution. On one hand, you cannot afford to get yourself too far flung out (this will curtail your offensive game). On the other end, you need to understand the dangers of being surrounded by unwanted company. Initially, I prefer pairing Savage Strike w/PF. If you're playing Manhattan, forget abt using SS b/c not every opponent belongs to the fish market. There'll be plenty of mechs and Sentinels respawning, so SS is basically useless. Granted there's still a higher ratio of living enemies, but the fact that the worst type of elite enemies actually hail from technology is the best proof on why SS is crap.
JS is a MUST! You'll need that for mob control. The last thing T'Challa ever needs is to be ganked. I can assure you that he's no Cain Marko, Piotr Rasputin or Bruce Banner. These are the guys who can AND will dish out plenty of punishment before one can say OMG WADE KILLED BOB!!!!!!!!! In particular, Juggernaut and Colossus are especially hardy on the defensive end. Likewise, he's not built for effective crowd damage (imo Wanda Maximoff is the indisputable anti-mob bitchslapper w/Dr Strange being second best). Activating JS doesn't mean you're safe, but at least it means you're free to jail break via ES. At the same time, JS can be used for effective synergy where chaining PF w/ES>SL can result in a massive replay of Kill Bill.
On Scything Sweep, use it ONLY after you execute SE, i.e. invisibility mode. After execution, make sure you apply SL immediately. Period.
And lastly, Evasion Throw should be your no.1 priority jail break measure. If you end up nowhere near the proverbial dry land, only then should you pull off JS>SE.
Be prepared to use plenty of heal items worst come to worst.

Add stuff: DM is your lifeguard cum vanguard. The good thing abt T'Challa's fearsome twosome lies in the fact that this can easily become an awesome threesome. Once DM is unlocked, pls understand the need to toggle between any skill menus. Absurdly effective if your Black Panther happens to hunt solo.

A/N-Replaced Scything Sweep w/Fan of Knives due to better return in terms of mob clearing+more effective synergy w/JS. That plus FoK actually got the best firing rate out of every ranged attack skill.

Skill set 3: Wardancer
Left click: Enervating Slash
A: Slashing Lunge
S: Savage Strike
D: Panther Leap
F: Cryo Dagger
G: Blessing of Bast
H: Wrath of Bast
Right click: Stealthy Escape

Tactical usage
STRICTLY ANTI-BOSS!!!!!!!! Do not, and I repeat DO NOT use this in any other circumstances unless you happened to be Jeff Hardy attempting Swanton Bomb during TLC (which tbh was how I carry myself out in recent tries. A bloody miracle I've yet to eat a defeat for the last N bouts). Fighting 1 boss or 3-4 (depending on which instance you're at) can be a bitch. In particular, fighting the Brotherhood is just like Winnie the Pooh invoking his magic words in front of his PC, i.e. Magneto is far more of a bitch in Manhattan due to his cell trap bs. This is why you'll need BoB [Tactical note: Like DM, BoB should also be placed under menu toggle alert due to fighting mobs capable of crowd control. ****ing hate them Sentinels, this got nothing to do w/whether Onslaught managed to impress a certain Fan Bingbing]. At the same time, WoB is needed to accelerate the offensive pace. Crossover offense is key to stayin' alive due to stacking stun w/freeze effect (note that stun doesn't confer DoT). Your 1st strike should be SS as it will give you a head start in DoT. ES should be used as your main DoT while SL is your combo finisher. This is basically yolo, something tantamount to visualizing how the Wardancers fight:
V: Verve
G: Guts
A: Aggression

A/N-You'll need DM for vital backup. And by this, I mean summoning them before getting yourself into the deepest end. That plus XP buff items due to... well, we all know the obvious drift.