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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How to be persona non grata (Pt 3)

So here I am doing nothing apart from having the entire house by myself. Parents go off liao, sis also. Hopefully I can do more than just one post atm. ;) Apparently, I need to decide who I want to play for Marvel Heroes: Gambit, Deadpool or Nightcrawler?

Fact: Don't mess with Gambit
I won't keep track of actual events from hereon since it's getting quite taxing due to this idiot not having any semblance of experience with the original comics. What I'm gonna say here is why Gambit is so bloody BA. After undergoing a mock trial hosted by Magneto, Gambit was forced to live and die in Antarctica. Call it a product of his past if you want to, but Remy LeBeau somehow contrived to survive. One event leads to another, Gambit eventually met up with his worst nightmare. Literally.

You see, the New Son whom Gambit acknowledged as his new boss was none other than Remy LeBeau in another future. In fact, Marvelverse is full of parallel universes for reasons I do not profess to know. Long story short, the New Son was actually out to bump off Gambit. As the New Son, Remy LeBeau burned away the entire world, hence killing everybody apart from himself. The reason why? Because Remy le New Son could not control his kinetic charging power. Ironically, it seems that Remy le Gambit managed to use his own powers to overcome Remy le New Son. How he managed to do that, I dunno. Apart from the fact that I dunno how.

Then we have Remy le Mort, namely Death IV. We all know by now that Apocalypse is Marvel's answer to South Park's Kenny McCormick. Yet, this was when we finally realised the full extent of Gambit's fortitude. In the process of being Death IV, Gambit was revealed to have a firm grip on his original self. Not strong enough to break free for good, but at least strong enough to maintain a hold onto himself. Although granted he wasn't the only S.O.B capable of that. Go ask Sunfire if you dunno wtf I'm talking abt.

In fact, it seems that Gambit possesses a strong resistance to mental intrusions if there's anything to go by via his struggles against both Mary Purcell and his Death IV alter ego.

Question: Gambit y u so badass?????
I can't really pinpoint a reason behind his incredibly imba fortitude. What I know is the fact that unlike most mutants in the Marvelverse, Gambit was merely regarded normal if we're talking about actual abilities before that fateful moment of culpable homicide. The only trait of mutation one could see from him were his eyes and nothing more. In a warped sense of speaking, Gambit is pretty much Le Bâtard himself (whoever said term refers to anyway since William the Conqueror was indeed a bastard).

If we're to invoke the term "signature moves", there are plenty of examples to gather from. From Son Goku and Kamehameha to Himura Kenshin and Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki, from 성미나 to ガイ, everything is a bloody constant. As for Gambit, I'm not talking about Royal Flush.

We all know how Gambit fights his battles. Charging little things with major explosives is fun and I'm not talking about C-4 (okay, I only PES E, I only ljp). There are many things more destructive than C-4, I can guarantee you that. Nukes for one is an example (don't blame anyone, blame Einstein and his E=mc2). Carpet bombing is another (don't blame anyone, blame whoever declaring war in the name of *insert whatever excuses here*) while terrorism is everyone's fave example (don't blame anyone, blame all the sick bastards who doesn't have shit to do w/religion and politics).

Okay I'm digressing now, so let's go back to Gambit. I'm not too sure how destructive kinetic energy can be (since I've learnt during primary/secondary school that energy is quintessentially invisible), but one can be very sure the Gambit brand is 10 x more powerful than your standard C-4 used during BMT. (wait, did I get this right?) However, it must also be stated that the larger object charged, the longer process will take. This is most likely why Gambit enjoys using playing cards because:
Reason 1-Maximum cost effectiveness
Reason 2-Maximum productivity
Reason 3-Gambit's a rogue, we tend to associate those like him with money, vice and #TeamMITBlackjack.

The result is a combination of deadly ranged sniping and equally dangerous bo fighting. Former case denotes his offensive mainstay, latter case basically means congrats mon ami.

At the same time, Gambit possesses an incredible extent of willpower (most likely due to his past experiences and not whatever mutant ability he's capable of). How this will pan out for his future development remains to be seen (after all, blokes at Marvel really enjoy upgrading their chosen ones).

Fact: Remy LeBeau is emotionally fragile
I don't know about you, but when someone has been through plenty of shit (in Singlish/Hokkien, this is called kenna sai), quite obviously said person would end up pretty ****ed up in a way or two at least. While the Gambit every X-Man knows is a calculated rogue with a heart of gold, it seems that he can get quite worked up when it comes to those he cares about.

I still remember playing the Apocalypse Spec Ops 1-2 months ago and this was something about gambit which stood out for me. Basically it's about Rogue getting kidnapped at Apocalypse's order and everybody going on a journey to get back what belongs to them. Along the way, Iceman, Beast and X-23 also got converted.

Long story short, Gambit was extremely upset because of Rogue. As if this wasn't enough, he nearly got himself into a fight with Cyclops because Scott Summers happened to be the field leader cum pragmatic bastard who suggests Rogue must be put down in the worst case scenario.

Throughout his life journey, Gambit owes plenty of debts to his mistakes. Everything started from being duped by Mr Sinister in slaughtering the Morlocks, thankfully everything ended with Mr Sinister supposedly dead in the end. In fact, Gambit would rather die than associating himself with Nathaniel Essex.

Sadly, becoming Death IV nearly wrecked everything Remy held dearly. Ironically, he believed turning into Death IV and serving Apocalypse was the only way to save every Homo sapien superior, i.e. mutantkind. Lastly, he (together with Sunfire) chose to join Mr Sinister and rejoin the Marauders because Apocalypse happened to sing Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby One More Time" in terms of dying.

Now two things must be added here:
1. Turned out that as the master thief, Gambit didn't dare to trust Apocalypse 100%. In short, Death IV would have no qualms in assassinating En Sabah Nur if he dared even harming the least of the X-Men.
2. When Gambit agreed to whatever dastardly deal struck up by Mr Sinister, he had already been betrayed by those he cherished, i.e. the X-Men...

Fact: Gambit was a betrayer
Kids tend to say the darndest things and this got nothing to do with Bill Cosby. I still remember clearly a particular incident during church where one kid ended up calling another "a betrayer". For what reason, I don't know. Neither do I care as well because episode was alrdy over. Firstly, allow me to explain a bit on why Gambit can't be trusted.

Ms Ho: How many of you don't like Minghui, please raise up your hands.

*Me arriving into the classroom without knowing what's going on*

Classmate anonyme: Eh, Minghui! Raise up your hand, raise up your hand!

Above scenario is based on real life circumstances beginning from my secondary school up till my ITE days (to a lesser extent, my NSF years also). What I'm trying to do is NOT to victimise myself, but to let you all understand how Gambit possibly felt when he first joined the X-Men. To set the record straight, Remy's debut only started at 1990 during the Uncanny X-Men Annual series. This was much later than many others like Cyclops (1963), Wolverine (1974), Rogue (1981) and Nightcrawler (1975). Yet as part of Red In The Ledger gang, Gambit started off as the antagonist (in every sigeena's own words, "that 坏人"). The mass butchering of the Morlocks would have gone a long way in earning him distrust, hence the title of this multi-post. Coupled with the fact that he's a thief and most likely a liar, the cold hard truth is that... well, nobody likes Gambit.

So imagine the kind of gargantuan effort Remy LeBeau had to make in order to prove himself. If not for Charles Xavier helping him out, Gambit would have been driven out like that swamp rat Julien Boudreaux denounced him to be. Coupled with Gambit's eventual defection to #TeamSinister and everything could have gone terribly south. If only Mystique had never backstabbed Mr Sinister...
#sarcasm (which ironically was after she betrayed the X-Men first)

Fact: Gambit is Casanova and Romeo rolled into one
I still recall a recent article where a certain Michelle "Babarella Hosehbo Vannybella" Chong managed to troll some fake angmoh who happened to be a real bastard. If it's down to Remy LeBeau, what'd you think he'll do? Remember folks, this is one hell of a Cajun capable of dodging hired hits and dishing out actual hits as well. In a real world where ladies are considered half whores and rapists deemed as half heroes of the universe, it's to my opinion that Gambit IS indeed every little boy's perfect role model. Below part is the reason, any argument shall be rendered invalid as a result b/c limpeh says so.

Call me a shameless showoff, but there's a difference between the real Casanova and the real Romeo. The real Casanova, officially known as Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, was a lady killer. Romeo? Quite the opposite. Potential parents, please take note. I know at least one guy whose first name is Romeo, William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet because he's actually intelligent enough.

Gambit is Giacomo Girolamo Casanova II because of two things.
1. He's indeed one of the most accomplished players on the field (the other significant playboy literally a god).
2. Despite quitting the lying, cheating and stealing business for good (?), Gambit still moonlights regularly as an adventurer.

Gambit is considered Romeo II because of one person: Anna Marie aka Rogue. Period.

The romance between Remy LeBeau and Anna Marie is nothing short of romantic. In a cynical world where plenty of problems will arise between individuals, their love is truly a breath of fresh air. There are quite a number of official CPs officially deemed over (with Cyclops and Jean Grey being the highest profile casualty while the whole Angel-Psylocke deal might still be resurrected after all), so it's best for Marvel not to mess this CP about.

In the form of Bella Donna Boudreaux, Gambit also have to fight off an enemy perhaps more dangerous than others. While I do not know the ending of her jealous feud against Rogue, I'm not too sure if the powers-that-be will end up rekindling the hate once again, but it's not as if Gambit must take the rap for something that is caused by some stupid member of the family. In fact, Gambit manned up to his failings like a real man should.

The interesting part about Gambit x Rogue lies in the fact that Anna Marie has always been Remy's emotional mainstay. To highlight how much of a devoted lover is Remy LeBeau, we must remember that he once decided to murder Rogue. Given that he's technically an assassin, it shouldn't be a problem.
Regardless of why the intended hit was declared a failure, success otherwise would have doomed Gambit into someone like his New Son incarnation. That is my point.
And that'd be the mother and father of irony itself as well.

A/N: On a side note, we also have a Femme Mysterieuse by the name of Joelle joining the fun halfway through. Okay, that's technically a lie since Gambit was merely making use of her to bail himself out. That's before the both of them were forced to team up in order to screw the Red Skull. Well, sorta anyway depending on how you define the term "housebreaking"...

Add A/N: One iconic aspect of G-R lies in their common pain of not being able to touch their loved ones without shit happening. For Gambit, that was the reason why he asked Sinister for a lobotomy op. For Rogue... well, we all know her issues are far more serious due to significant grounds.

Internet theory: How much more badassery will Gambit dish out?
Firstly and foremost, Professor X is dead. Ignore whatever being shown in the movies for now, it's true that Charles Xavier has kicked the bucket. Yet, this will be where Gambit's current battle be fought. Latest development seemed to be pointing towards a battle between #TeamRedneck and #TeamRedSkull. While I hope to see Rogue joining the fray (albeit most likely later rather than sooner due shocking plot development), chances are that we will see the all-new X-Factor playing up the wild card factor. We have Polaris and Quicksilver already (not to mention the Scarlet Witch also), all that's left for us is to see Gambit stirring up major shitstorm yonder south.
Because the fans are worth it.