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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Moustachi ji-san sure say (tak) sugoi!!!!! (Pt 1)

Can't come up with a better eye catching post title, so have to settle for a retarded one.

This is NOT intended as some shameless self plugging. Willing to bet Sakaguchi won't be impressed.

So basically, here's how my shit will go...
I've been itching to do this N ages ago, but without a proper scheduling of time due to too many stuff like my actual work, i.e. my actual day job. So erm... this is my first time pulling this JRPG stunt from my ass, I know the post title is supposed to be a joke. And when we're talking abt JRPG in this context, there can be only one (half-assed) candidate.

A wolf knows best the sinful man...

Triple Modal
There are three modes of gameplay: Solo; War; Duel. Any of the three can take place at any specific moment under specific conditions.

Solo mode:
Solo mode will be applicable whenever your characters are involved in situations where a simple band in numbers will suffice. A bigger (?) half of gaming time will be focused on this aspect.

War mode:
War mode can only be unlocked during certain plot points where literal warfare is the only option. Depending on whatever circumstances, different characters will be placed at different locations with the Unit Strength bar substituting the respective characters' HP. At the same time, different Units will bring about different effects and the maximum Unit Strength.

Duel mode:
A Duel can only take place under either of two conditions. Certain plot points and declaration during War mode. Latter option requires a Unit Strength flashing red, i.e. 10% of Unit Strength left or less, in order to unlock the Duel option. Upon activating this option, a challenge will be issued. Refusal to accept any challenge for Duel will cost 10% of the opponent's Unit Strength per turn. Multiple refusals will create a stacking effect, i.e. 10% x number of refusals.

There are two type of Exploration, Settlement and Wilderness. Exploration is linear in nature unless specific plot conditions allow the player to revisit the relevant location. Exploration will take place in 3D mode.

This involves getting information from NPCs. However, due to whatever presence of gossips prevalent, one must exercise caution and planning. At the same time, this is also where your characters can purchase or trade items from the shops, i.e. Smithies for weapons and armour; Provision stores for miscellaneous items; Appraisal shops for evaluating any given item's worth.

This involves outside terrain where your characters can and will encounter enemies of different kinds. From feral beasts and birds to bands of Orcs or bandits, everything goes. In fact, higher level enemies can be encountered on random basis as well, so beware. At the same time, there will always be treasure lying somewhere unknown, hence a certain value in Exploration.

There are two aspects behind this turn based system. Namely 2D planning and 3D real time combat. However, this is only for Solo mode. War mode hinges entirely on the 2D aspect where battle engagement will take place on the map. Duel mode will always be in 3D real time without the turn-based system.

In-game SOP
This is where characters will have four empty slots. Each action will take up one slot. However, certain stats/status will affect the number of slots available. At the same time, certain Actions will take effect immediately.

This is where characters will be moving around in a 2D grid-based battle map. Different terrain landscapes will form part/whole of the map where movement can be affected one way or another. Every character will have a Movement base value of 5, i.e. moving up till 5 grids in the map.

Gaming screen will be converted from 2D to 3D. This is where characters will be engaging in real time combat with duration lasting for five minutes.
A/N: Duel mode is a variation of Engagement where no time limit is given.

After Engagement, this is where any outstanding effect will be resolved.

There are three types of action available for usage. Namely Technique, Magic, Item.

Technique is basically your run-of-the-mill physical attack. You can choose whatever actions under a specific weapon type. Every Technique selected will always be retained in its specific Action slot until the next Preparation phase.

This will not only take up one action slot, but more importantly taking out a relevant portion of your characters' HP upon usage. The effects, however, are to be far more potent than Technique. One Magic used will empty its occupied Action slot.

Self-explanatory to be honest. Items can range from simple potions to powerful trinkets. One item used/consumed will empty its occupied Action slot.

Rather than the D&D style cliche, individual characters' stats are defined by four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water.

Rating (from ascending order)-S; A; B; C; D

This indicates your character's physical strength. Affects melee damage.

S-Damage increase by 20%
A-Damage increase by 12%
B-Damage increase by 5%
C-No damage increase
D-8% penalty in damage dealt.

This indicates your character's fortitude. Affects maximum HP, damage taken, and duration of any enemy's effect targeted at the character.

S-Maximum HP increase by 10%, damage taken and effect of enemy's Magic decrease by 15%
A-Maximum HP increase by 10%, damage taken and effect of enemy's Magic decrease by 5%
B-Maximum HP increase by 10%
C-No bonus
D-No bonus on maximum HP, damage taken increase by 5%

This indicates your character's overall movement. Affects Movement Phase and Evasion.

S-Movement +3, Evasion chance increase by 25%
A-Movement +2, Evasion chance increase by 20%
B-Movement +1, Evasion chance increase by 5%
C-No bonus
D-No bonus on Movement, 10% penalty in Evasion chance

This indicates your character's intelligence and movement as well. Affects Evasion and number of Actions allowed.

S-Evasion chance increase by 15%, gain two additional Action slots
A-Evasion increase by 15%, gain one additional Action slot
B-No bonus on Evasion chance, gain one additional Action slot
C-No bonus
D-5% penalty in Evasion chance, minus one Action slot

Elemental Affinity
Every character has an Elemental alignment based on the highest two stats. Any third party effects will affect this aspect of your characters gameplay as well.

Character automatically deals critical damage against attacking enemy upon a successful Evasion.
Key stats: Air; Fire

Decrease character's damage taken by 20% while gaining 10% chance in scoring critical hit.
Key stats: Fire; Earth

Gain 15% chance in scoring critical hit. Enemy's movement speed and hit chances decrease by 30% upon critical hit.
Key stats: Water; Air

Character regains 3% of maximum HP per every non-Technique Action performed. Physical damage increase by 50% until end of turn whenever character deals any number of critical hit.
Key stats: Earth; Water

List of PCs
Guy Cody
Alestrial Eliaden
Lars Alterfate

List of NPCs
Moggray Tonn
Southgate Garrat
Louthes Eliaden
Lukas Brun
Jase Steele
Yeras Wynda
Joenne Nances
Karen Tenias
Aor, the First True Apostle
Sarel Aphros/Nanaya no Geun'Jin
Kagetsu no Hyo'Ah

Eliador de Lioncourt
Tristan Ajax
Kerstein de Bladefort
Ziron, Lord of the Lancers

Touch and go
Ser Mannion Camsell
Junios of Aulista
Ser Johan Henrie
Jarlton of Diord
High Lord of Teutonia, King Bastien VII
Heihou no Tae'Geuk
Alesis of Grainne
Fionn of Cumhaill, Fiann of Fianna
Cruax Nances

Coming up next: Exp, level up plus more random bs coming your way... oh, and the characters list above is non-exhaustive.