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Friday, 24 May 2013

Whim write!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT. I've got my plate full where A Ranger's Tale is concerned, I rather myself going in one direction. But still, you'll really have to give it to some old lobo somewhat stuck during the time of Louis Cha, Gu Long, etc (altho I'm only more familiar with Louis Cha). Last wuxia novel I came across was Wen Ruian's The Four Constables, but I ragequit on it b/c I don't have enough $$$ to fund my comics addiction. Yes, there's nothing wrong with the quality, just that not every Singaporean is rich. Not even halfway through the first Tang Sect arc and it's baibai. T_T

Well, but at least I completed the first arc. Not to mention my favourite character in TFC is a cold blooded wolf bastard named Cold Blood. No, I kid you not.


Oh, and one more thing: Cold Blood can't cope with girls.
Fans will know how a certain Xi Meihong ended up pwning him.


Whenever Cold Blood sees a girl, he'll be like an elephant seeing a mouse, someone meeting a jinx.

That's his abang tiga's assessment. Given Life Chaser (追命) is pretty much a worldly expert, that's saying something...

Some concepts intended to troll every living wuxia novelist...

Han Sikong [韩肆空]

Age: 23

A sucker for wine and fine women, it's been said that Sikong not having a wife is the greatest punishment meted out by Heaven itself. [姓韩的还没娶老婆,老天爷在玩死人。] Being a strong drinker, it's rumoured that he is able to travel one hundred li with just ten bowls of finest wine. [佳酿十碗,肆空奔百里。] Known as a constant troublemaker, it might not be a long shot in believing no family is willing to marry their daughters to him. However, he will never have any qualms in making friends and enemies, both poor and rich alike. For a person should only be judged by actions and words alone.

A rugged youth yet to shrug off his boyish charm,  he bears an unruly countenance either making people love him or hate him. Normally dressed shabbily, Sikong is the only son of Han Xiaoyun [韩哮云], head of the Yi Encampment  [义寨].

Family info:
The Han clan has a history of fame in the Longxi [陇西]. This is especially prominent with Longxi having a repute of producing military talent. The entire Shenzhou [神州] during that era, i.e. the Ming dynasty, still have to deal with rampant corruption and foreign raiders. For reason unknown, rumour has it that this clan is descended from the lineage of Han Lin'er [韩林儿].
[Historical note: Han Lin'er was a rebel leader during the numerous anti-Yuan dynasty uprisings. Actual records on any rebel figures, however, were near non-existent. Very likely a puppet ruler].

When Sikong was still a baby, a fortune teller once told Xiaoyun that he was born both as the Tanlang and Wuqu [此儿实乃贪狼、武曲之相]. This was an ironic statement since Tanlang symbolises avarice while Wuqu represents virtue and morals in military (Note: this is basically actual Chinese astrology cock talking since I've seen too much Chinese period drama when I was a teen). At the same time, it was also prophesied that Sikong will cause the death of any maiden close to him while doomed as a hero living in solitude [命剋红颜,孤身之侠]. However, before taking his leave, the fortune teller left one more cryptic message:
"Submitting to Heaven and rebelling against fate, such is a dragon among us. Born in the fields, he reaches the sky and travels in the sea."

Views on heroism:
A definite cynic, for heroism by then has became a political game played by the Five Mountains and Seven Houses [五岳七门]. In fact, Shaolin is now the only sect choosing to stay apart from the ongoing corruption while Wudang and E'mei, two of the Five Mountains, opted to keep a blind eye. Yet, deep in his heart, he still yearns for the ideals embraced by those fighting during turbulent times of war and oppression. In particularly, he detests the presence of authority and seniority unless proof of actual integrity and intelligence is without doubt.

Note: The Five Mountains refer to the five sects-Wudang [武当], E'mei [峨嵋], Huashan [华山], Songshan [嵩山], Qingcheng [青城]. The Seven Houses are listed as Qin [秦], Qi [齐], Chu [楚], Yan [燕], Han [韩], Zhao [赵], Wei [魏].
A/N: Seven Houses are inspired by the Seven Warring States.

Ends of the World
A finely balanced spear with ivory shaft and silver blade, it is able to penetrate even the finest armour and strongest shield. Its first owner is said to be the Yellow Emperor: Xuanyuan [黄帝:轩辕].

Note: The Yellow Emperor, Xuanyuan, is actually real in Chinese folklore/mythology.

Thousand Hands of Drifting Clouds
Coordinating flowing footwork with simple counterattacking fists, the key is all about reflecting whatever amount of force exerted by the opponent while increasing the momentum and damage through continual movement.

Void of Hundred Birds and Rising Phoenix
Based on fundamentals of spear mastery and nothing else, everything is all about emptying the mind. Capable of adapting to any and every means of martial technique within an instance, no opponent can ever predict the next move.

Note: The term Hundred Birds and Rising Phoenix [百鸟朝凤] is sort of a legit name. In non-historical Three Kingdoms folklore, this is a spear technique mastered by Tong Yuan [童渊], who was incidentally Zhao Yun's teacher in spear mastery.

Some characters of considerable note
[considering doing some post article on them since I do this tan-boh-jiak one...]

Guo Qi [郭奇]
A native of Runan [汝南], Guo Qi was the only one watching Sikong's back during their younger years where the latter used to shut himself away from other boys and girls. Blessed with astounding wit and analysis during any situation at hand, he is an avid learner on military treatise.

Mo Zheng [墨正]
The last surviving member of Moism [墨家], it is not known how this particular philosophy managed to endure after the state of Qin unified Shenzhou. Silent, aloof and dislike making friends, he shows an unusual tendency of concern for just about anybody around him. Yet, no recipient has ever witnessed a shred of emotions present within him.

Jiang Bian [蒋辨]
If Longxi is famous for men of military capability, then Jiangnan will be equally famous for men of scholarly talent [将帅出陇西,江南育秀才]. Out of the rest, twelve individuals stand out from their peers, hence the moniker, Twelve Elites of Jiangnan [江南十二名士]. Jiang Bian is youngest of the Twelve, yet his uncanny talent in using other people's words to his advantage has earned him massive fame as an arbiter. Normally, local magistrates are required to perform this duty, but should Jiang Bian appear out of nowhere, one can be ensured of a spectacular show of verbal wit. Incidentally, he will only play arbiter without any prior request while showing disdain for those doing so. Thus his nickname, The Number One Freak of Jiangnan [江南第一怪].

Zhao Xuan [赵玄]
A native of Changshan [常山], this is the man who read Sikong's fortune when he was just an infant. Has certain ties with House Zhao.

Wu Mu [武牧]
A man of mysterious background, he claimed to have knowledge on Han Lin'er despite a vast gap in timeline. Sikong stumbled into his abode when he ran away from home due to instinctive tendency to bottle everything up inside in the face of constant ostracising. Taught Sikong everything he knows in terms of martial arts within three years.

Liu Luoyi [刘洛依]
Sole daughter of Liu Jifeng [刘稷锋], leader of Qingcheng Sect. Headstrong, yet cheerful and optimistic at all times, she met Sikong under the most hilarious situation where he accidentally groped her. Incidentally, Jifeng could have killed him in a fit of rage if not for Luoyi demanding Sikong to be her servant.

Tan Xinru [谭欣如]
A beautiful girl hailing from the renowned Tan family, her father is the current Imperial Secretary [尚书], Tan Maocai [谭茂才]. She was nearly raped by the notorious rapist, Xiao San Sheng [萧三升] while on her way to Longxi. However, Sikong rescued her after exchanging words with San Sheng, which resulted in an insult hurled at the latter as "someone who can't even please a rodent" [老不死的还真无法满足一只母老鼠]. Killing the bandit with a single slash of his spear, Maocai offered Sikong a hefty reward. Sikong, however, chose to make an audacious demand of befriending Xinru instead. Amused by this plucky youth, Maocai approved this request under the condition that both must only remain friends.

Huang Shuang [黄霜]
The third daughter of a respectable merchant family, she desires a life of learning rather than to merely settle down with a husband. Not that it matters anyway since her first and only husband died in a freak accident, hence the Huang family being ridiculed. Her father, Huang Yu [黄誉], blamed her for bringing shame to the family. Luoyi is her best friend, but it was Sikong who punched Huang Yu in the face when the latter insulted a beggar. Amazingly enough, Sikong didn't know anything about Huang Shuang until Luoyi informed him about her father. Sikong noted that she's indeed beautiful in a distant way.

Tae-gun [太军]
A silent swordsman of Korean ethnicity, it's not clear on why he appeared suddenly in the Forbidden City. No thanks to an apparent attempt to assassinate the Emperor Wanli, Sikong was unwittingly implicated for no reason all. Initially at loggerheads against each other, Tae-gun finally opened himself up gradually after a prank devised by Sikong went terribly wrong with crazy consequences.

Maeda Keiji [前田庆次]
A Japanese somehow contriving to be much more problematic than Sikong, Keiji was the first man to defeat him soundly in a single combat. A wanderer having a repute of creating trouble wherever he goes, he eventually ganged up with Sikong and Tae-gun so that they can raise plenty of hell.

A/N: No, I'm not kidding here apart from the obvious fact that Tae-gun is that unwilling party out of the three amigos.

Note: Maeda Keiji IS an actual historical figure prominent during the Sengoku era. Yes, this is the same Kabukimono every Sengoku buff is thinking abt. Sorry, Tobias. I know this is me pulling off stupid liberties with history this time round. Problem, evidence?

Park Jin-hee [朴珍煕]
A budding kisaeng who inexplicably got herself involved in a kisaeng house brawl. Again, Sikong provided the spark when he insulted a yangban right in front of a shocked public. Somehow or another, she got dragged away by Tae-gun once Sikong was confirmed to have escaped minutes earlier. Tae-gun quite obviously wasn't amused this time round.

Final note: If this post sounds nonsensical, you're most likely not the only one. There's a tag called Personal BS. BS stands for BullShitting, 'nuff said. -.-'