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Friday, 17 May 2013

Moustachi ji-san sure say (tak) sugoi!!!!! (Pt 9)

Additional bs
Opponents encountered, be it in Solo, War or Duel mode will be classified from Rank D to S.

Critical damage is basically maximum weapon damage x 1.5.

Rule tweak: Shields are now counted as Items taking up at least 2 given slots. Not counted as consumable Items.

Information and Sellswords are now only available at a new location called Tavern. So yeah, no need to lia-kwong all over again. Huat ah!!!!!!!!!!
Note: Quality of Sellswords vary accordingly to nature of Settlements, but information standard is universal.

Current tweak/dated 19th May 2013: Armour will be damaged according to amount of HP damage reduced. The more damage any type of Armour suffers, the lesser amount of HP damage reduced. At the same time, piercing damage now affects the Armour rather than any actual HP damage bonus.

And now on... MAGICK!!!!!
Mr Magic, jin-paiseh. 周董较容易搜。。。:D

Grail doesn't count since it's been accounted for, we got instead Anti-Target, Pro-Target, Anti-Area, Pro-Area, and lastly Thaumaturgy.

Magic targeted specifically against any individual enemy/monster in order to deal damage/negative status/both.

Magic targeted specifically at any individual PC/friendly NPC for the sake of bestowing positive status/recovering HP.

Used against any number of enemies/monsters within a fixed area. Any friendly NPCs/PCs within same area of effect will be affected as well. Nature of effect is the same as Anti-Target.

Same as Pro-Target except for effects affecting any number of PCs/friendly NPCs within a fixed area. Enemies/monsters within range will NOT be affected.

Nature of Ranking:
Namely the varying extent of effect. Magic CAN be upgraded. However, actual variety is rather limited compared to most RPGs.

Target nature Magic will experience a relative boost in effect.
Area nature Magic will enjoy a relative expansion in area of effect.
Ranking effect will stack with any level of priority.

How to upgrade Magic:
Actually, Magic cannot be upgraded in any conventional way. Upon selecting whatever Magic usable, you must choose the level of Ranking. Select your desired level via left/right and press Circle/B for confirmation.

Losing HP:
Using Magic will take away a fixed portion of the caster's current HP. The higher the Magic's Ranking, the higher amount of HP lost as a result.

Do note carefully that your PCs can die via this way.

This is something reserved for certain PCs/NPCs. For PCs without this special gift, execution of the Thaumaturgy command will grant a 70% effect bonus for all 1st priority Magic/Technique Actions. Also, different characters will have their own unique Thaumaturgy.

Execution will create a change in environment where this will be shown in real time 3D graphics. At the same time, the caster will be invulnerable to all Magic effects executed by any enemy/monster for duration of effect.

Note: Command for Thaumaturgy, no matter whether the respective character has it or not, can only be performed when current HP drops below 30% of maximum value. The character's portrait will flash red under this status.

Magic is diverse in nature where elements is concerned. There are four elements existent: Fire, Earth, Air, Water

Fire Magic
Nature: Reduce 15% of HP healed.
Effect: Damage; Anti-Target, Anti-Area

Earth Magic
Nature: Damage received reduced by 5% upon casting.
Effect: Positive status, Healing; Pro-Target, Pro-Area

Air Magic
Nature: Damage to opponents' Armour increases by 10%.
Effect: Damage, Positive status; Anti-Target, Anti-Area

Water Magic
Nature: Affected opponents receive -1 in Movement.
Effect: Negative status, Positive status; Anti-Target, Pro-Target, Anti-Area, Pro-Area

Different characters will have different Elemental Affinity and not only will this affect basic attributes (this has been covered in Pt 1), this will also enable them to use Magic of the same nature, e.g. Aeranath's Affinity is Lightning, therefore he's able to use Lightning Magic.

How this works in terms of Magic is very simple: any respective Elemental Affinity will combine both Elements' nature at a relatively higher HP cost.

Demons and opposing Elements
Special enemies called Demons will appear at random probability. Like the rest, Demons are also classified under the same standard. However, they are also elemental in nature and form, thus sharing their respective Element's nature. Also, do know that Demons will only take half damage in terms of non-Magic attacks.

On how opposing Elements work, it's intended as a countermeasure against Demons of respective Elements. However, opposing Elements must be of an equal or higher Rank for the countermeasure to work..

Demon's Element: Fire
Opposing Element: Water

Demon's Element: Water
Opposing Element: Fire

Demon's Element: Earth
Opposing Element: Water

Demon's Element: Water
Opposing Element: Earth

Demon's Element: Elemental Affinity
Opposing Element: None

Ranking of Demons
Rank D
Assuming animal form. Receiving damage from opposing Element Magic ranked A and above will destroy it straightaway.

Rank C
Assuming humanoid form with animal features. All effects from opposing Element Magic targeting it will increase by 30%.

Rank B
Full humanoid form. No opposing Element bonus.

Rank A
Possessing full humanoid form of any Elemental Affinity instead of basic Element.

Rank S
Same as Rank A, can only be affected by Magic ranked C or above. Will receive critical damage from any Grail/Thaumaturgy.