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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Moustachi ji-san sure say (tak) sugoi!!!!! (Pt 4)

So just talking cock abt some needed additional add-on stuff.

Camera zoom
For the 2D battle map. Especially useful when it comes to War mode since that will give the gamer a better view. If you still dunno why this is needed, lim-laopeh bo-way-gong.

Appearance of menu screen
Will only pop up during Preparation. Because rest of the SOP not legit... may/may not be strictly true b/c lim-laopeh don't do this for a living. If I really do so, then I don't have to try asking myself when family HDB flat can finish paying. -_-

Action priority
Remember the buttons? Longzong real time, boh 3D one. Shit works out roughly like this (vital bs put in point form)-

1. Priority Action affects the extent of Action effects, i.e. 1st priority Action effect>2nd priority Action effect>3rd priority Action effect>Last priority Action effect. If you don't understand what > means, it means your maths fail. Eh, this jiapalang lobo learnt this during primary school hor!

2. Beginning number of Action slots is 4. In short, if you have only 4 slots to start with, priority status will be going according to numerical order starting from left to right. Any stacking effect can only be used after you got more than 4 Action slots.

3. Stacking plays an integral role. In short, Action priority depends on number of the same Action taking up whatever number of Action slots in one turn, e.g. 4 slots taken by Action A>3 slots taken by Action B>2 slots taken by Action C>1 slot taken by Action D.

4. If there's a certain tie, e.g. 2 slots taken by Action A & 2 slots taken by Action B, then priority order will still go from left to right.

All your base are belong to us!
Moral of the story: All we East Asians capable of Engrish. YEAAHHHH!!!!
Map system quite interesting here. Graphic interface will be quite similar/identical to your run-of-the-mill fantasy map where you'll be (hopefully) inclined to believe the entire map looking something like an actual fantasy world map.

Grid(s) will only lit up during your Movement phase where your D-pad will be used to decide where the characters will go/move.

Circle/B button will decide the ending point of movement. Press only once pls b/c pressing twice won't earn you twice the chance of winning.

Every grid will look like a hexagon. Oh wait! I'm talking abt an actual hexagon! Problem Brigandine, anybody? I'm still trying find that selection screen BGM and Norgard still holds a certain place in my heart. No, I nvr play the game, I blame it on a certain White Wolf otherwise named Vaynard.

Terrain is IMPOSSIBRU!!!! b/c Solo mode will be more towards a unified/dual terrain while War mode will give you quite a variety of headache since I'm no FPS guru ffs, i.e. you don't fight a war assuming it's just one terrain type or two.

Some tying up bs...
Because I slept from 6+ pm till 9+ pm or so post work, so my biological clock has gotten a bit screwed up despite me not part of K-Entertainment Orden.

Blocking will be covered more later, let's just say that term is self-explanatory for now.

Absolute Guard terminology is now changed to another jargon termed Parry. It's actually the same logic on a major hindsight srsly.

Talent is pretty much of a semi-passive ability. Activation won't cost you a shit, you only need to hold down the right trigger/R2 for relevant duration, e.g. you hold for 3 secs, effect last for 3 secs. Talent effect is strictly standalone in nature. Usage of any other Action/Feat will deactivate Talent.

Feat is active ability given for free. Again, activation won't cost you a shit. The only difference is that you won't end up having a higher chance of winning by holding down, i.e. you press left trigger/L2=Feat activated, Feat effect=one shot duration. Feats do have drawbacks upon failure though, so be careful.

Invincibility means Feat+Talent LITERALLY. Plus having a fixed duration of invulnerability. Magic, however, will cancel out Invincibility entirely in addition to whatever effect(s) caused.

Thaumaturgy is still rather tricky b/c the original plan is this being something only accessible to our usual suspects in-plot. If every PC ends up having a Thaumaturgy, chances are it's down to gameplay and nothing else. Either that or I'll have to revamp quite a bit of in-plot/character bs.

The rest, I'll try covering later. I still have to deal with that problem called "one character watching another's back". And to honest, it's actually the bedrock of modern JRPG...
Houston, we got a daiji...