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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lore: The Four Expertise (Part 3)

Saw CNA crew lanjah around in GH. Dunno why. Even GIC dept managed to clear everything before 5.30...

They say only a coward will snipe his enemy from afar, for only duels unto death is fitting for a soldier, let alone a knight. Thus, those employing such tactics in war will be despised by those not understanding war. Yet, try asking any man who survived a battlefield and he will say an arrow straying on purpose saved his life. Seemingly derisive towards rangesmen, only fools having nothing to lose will believe it as such. Hence, a fool is not one justified by acts alone, but with words without purpose.

There are rangesmen able to shoot from distance like ordinary soldiers, there will always be Archers as well. There are better rangesmen boasting of hitting any target from hundred paces off, the least amongst any Archers can hit a fast moving target within fifty steps. As for the greatest Archers known or alive, it is whispered that they can even shoot while running full speed, their aim akin to a hawk sighting its prey fleeing in swiftest flight. 

They say if a longbow can shoot this far, an Archer can enhance its range by half at least.

They say if a crossbow bolt fired can penetrate this much, an Archer can increase its damage by half at least. 

They say if arrows from a cavalry bow can cover a vast wide arc, an Archer can hasten the rate by half at least.

Nature of weapon choice:
Longbow: Arguably the most commonly used, a longbow possesses superior range and above average firing rate. Able to cover linear distance within hundred paces, anywhere beyond this range will result in an arcing shot capable of delivering a lethal head shot. Teutonians are especially known to favour longbows due to Teutonia being mostly bordered by forest terrain and high ground. A variation of longbow is the flatbow used mainly by the Aegil Orden, and some say, the elusive Fianna as well.

Crossbow: The second most lethal ranged weapon, crossbows have a firing reach better than even the best longbow made. However, loading one will take a longer time, hence its tactical value being higher in comparison. At the same time, crossbow bolts are known to have immense penetration power against armoured forces.

Cavalry bow: Composite bows made for horse archers. Slarveans are especially feared as a military force due to light cavalry being their tactical mainstay. The Sagittarii of Kalaran Empire and the Cinha Minamoto are also rightfully respected by their fellow peers via their own bow mastery. A variation of cavalry bow is the hunting bow where such bows are used on foot by hunters.

Gun: There are two types of guns, pistol and musket. Utilising the flintlock mechanism, guns by far have the deadliest firing range and damage. Pistols have a short firing range with a heavy-duty handle meant as an alternate blunt weapon. Muskets have the longest firing range with the butt used in the same manner as pistols during hand-to-hand combat. Reloading time is extremely slow where terrain disadvantage will certainly punish any tactical mistake severely. Guns are an unique trait in marine warfare where Histalonia is the sole supplier, hence the presence of foreign merchants reaching its shores.

Innate abilities
An Archer can create a bounded field in the same manner as executing Magic. Effects can vary from direct damage to enemy hindrance, from healing to positive enhancement.

At the same time, they have the highest level of running stamina and speed among all four Expertise where outrunning any danger short of cavalry pursuit is a tactical must should they flee on foot.

Lastly, they are able to increase either their weapons' maximum firing range, firing rate or damage dealt. Some Archers, however, are known to have any or all of three combined.

Tactics and strategy:
The core of any Archer lies in taking advantage of any given situation rather than direct engagement. Archers are renowned analysts able to plan on their feet. No matter how dire any given adversity, an Archer is more certain than not to reverse whatever disadvantage at hand.

Identification and seizing control of favourable terrain also highlights an Archer's exceptional acumen in strategy, for more often than not, terrain will have a profound impact on every battle fought.

Concealment tactics involve natural cover and infiltration where information is gathered. Hidden sniping both afar and near is more than capable to incite massive casualties via creating chaos and stampede. Sniping is often done in small groups known as cells, but going solo is also plausible due to rare occasions of assassination.

But perhaps what truly set Archers apart from the rest is their status as masters of deception. Every war is not won by honour and chivalry, but rather through lying and cheating. Deceiving an enemy successfully is a battle won, one vital assault is more than enough in turning the tide. Thus, it's often said that Archers are the poorest fighters, but they make good leaders in war.

"A lie cannot remain forever, a good liar understands the value of truth."
~Heihou no Tae'geuk

Notable Archers


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Ability parallel

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