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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Moustachi ji-san sure say (tak) sugoi!!!!! (Pt 2)

After a somewhat shocking reception to my previous post, I decide to see this as an object of motivation. 'Tis been a long time ever since I've seen a Nippon-hito or two and it really feels nice (I refuse to invoke "kimochi" b/c I refuse get myself e-crucified).

P.S: Even then, I'm still willing to bet Sakaguchi won't be impressed (note: this has nothing to do with any IR casino talk, so just beat it).

Exp+Lvl up=IMPOSSIBRU!!!!

How Exp system works is... well, erm the standard way lol! Leveling up, on the other hand, has nothing to do with actual experience levels. Rather, there is NO character level system. Remember the default number of Action slots, i.e. 4 slots? Yes, mina-tachi, one level gained is basically one additional Action slot given. Sounds unusable????

If any Japanese are P.O'ed over my Impossibru prank, be assured that nothing political is involved.
Yes, key word is prank.
Technique Action
Magic and Item usage will free up whatever Action slots taken. In short, you can call them consumable/usable stuff. Any selected Technique, on the other hand, will remain in play until starting of your Character's next turn.

Weapons will be classified under five types: Blade; Pole; Bow; Heavy; Exotic.

Item Action
Every Item selected will take up one Action slot, every item used will free up one Action slot. However, there will be certain Items taking up more than one Action slot. Usage of such items will free up the relevant number of slots, i.e. Item takes up 2 Action slots=>Item used=>2 Action slots freed up.

Examples of item taking up 1 slot: Potion; Herb; Dart; Gem

Examples of item taking up more than 1 slot: Throwing Knife; Javelin; Throwing Axe; Additional Hand Weapon (Word of Maker: this will be covered asap)

Magic Action
Truly a game changer in every sense. Effects of Magic should be seen as much more potent than any given Technique/Item. Magic will take away a relevant portion of your Character's current HP, but any number of Action slots beyond the starting four will offset a certain amount of HP penalty incurred accordingly. At the same time, Characters can stack up their chosen Magic's effect via more than one Action slot used for the same Magic. Any HP penalty, however, will increase as well. At the same time, please take note that certain Magic will take up more than 1 Action slot

Magic can be classified into six types: Anti-Target; Pro-Target; Anti-Area; Pro-Area; Grail; Thaumaturgy

Stacking of individual Magic effect can be classified in the same way as Character stats, i.e. S; A; B; C; D

To be continued... hopefully can fix the controls asap.

And yes, below trailer vids=evidence of me only a wannabe... T_T