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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Moustachi ji-san sure say (tak) sugoi!!!!! (Pt 5)

All that random bs...
Just some loose ends to tie up first.

Forgot to add in Focus. Simply put, Focus is all about holding down L1/left bumper firstly before executing any Action.

Success will mean an additional bonus in Exp. However, your character(s) will be at risk of being interrupted by just abt any attack, i.e. remaining in Focus=vulnerable state.

Blocking should be executed before the enemy hits your character(s). Pretty much like how you block an enemy attack in any fighting game.

Parrying is much trickier because you have to execute the action just before the enemy hits you. However, success will not only ensure Exp gained, but even better the chance to follow up any Action.

A/N: If this system sounds weirdly familiar, do understand that I'm not talking abt Street Fighter 3. Garou: Mark of the Wolves was the game kicking off my inspiration (?).

So let's talk some more cock on Stacking (Ver. Technique)
The nature of stacking is not only about priority, but above all the effect as well. Priority will decide the number of bonus Exp gained per success, stacking brings about upgrade in effect.

Example in comparison:
Character selects 1 Basic Slash option during Preparation=1 Action slot taken=1 Action slot taken until Character's next Preparation=Character deals 4-10 pts of slashing damage per hit

Character selects 2 Basic Slash options during Preparation=2 Action slots taken=2 Action slots taken until Character's next Preparation=Character deals 5-12 pts of slashing damage per hit

Another example:
Character selects 1 Basic Evasion option during Preparation=1 Action slot taken=1 Action slot taken until Character's next Preparation=Character gains 10% bonus chance of receiving no damage from attacking enemy

Character selects 2 Basic Evasion options during Preparation=2 Action slots taken until Character's next Preparation=Character gains 15% bonus chance of receiving no damage from attacking enemy.

Yet, be noted that failure will allow the enemy to attack back. Probability of retaliation varies accordingly, i.e. 1st priority Action will have the highest risk while Last priority Action will have the lowest risk.

So let's talk some more cock on Stacking (Ver. Magic)
Pretty much the same as above apart from one additional difference. There will NOT be any situations where failure is possible. Rather, your character's HP will be reduced on a relatively larger scale.

So what abt Items?
Sorry, shit is unstackable. No, I'm bullshitting all you people not. That's why Items are called Items, i.e. material support, not something being learnt.

The Bond system is basically all about a PC offering backup to another PC. Such effects must meet a common criteria: the characters must be placed side by side. At the same time, different characters will have different Bonds where conditions to activate will vary accordingly.

And lastly a bit on Terrain...
Gonna keep this short, but meh...

Every character will have a default movement of 5 where he/she can move up till 5 grids on the map. However, different terrain will bring about different penalty.

-1 Movement:
Forest, Desert, Snow

-2 Movement:

-3 Movement:

Note: Certain characters will NOT have any penalty going through any of the above terrain. In short, it will always be a Movement 5.

To be continued...
(Coming up next: How to make war, but not making love. Unless we're talking abt all things Shining Force fanwanking b/c blokes at Sega ended up making a certain decision N yrs ago)