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Monday, 13 May 2013

Moustachi ji-san sure say (tak) sugoi!!!!! (Pt 7)

Violence allowed, let no little children enter...
So basically this will be on weapons and Magic in general. Hopefully (?) I can finish this entire JRPG shizzle by next part. So firstly, let's touch up a bit on weapons.

Ranking system
Magic, Weapons, Armour, and Items are generally ranked from D (lowest grade) to S (highest grade). However, Ranking in any case should only be seen as a certain range and NOT the exact value, no matter what.

Armour is classified under the ranking system as per defined below.
D: No Armour
C: Light Armour
B: Medium Armour
A: Heavy Armour
S: Superior Armour

Examples of Rank C Armour: Leather, Studded, Mail Shirt, Rounded Shield, Light Helm

Examples of Rank B Armour: Full Mail, Partial Plate Armour, Plate Mail, Splint Mail, Knight's Shield, Steel Helm

Examples of Rank A Armour: Full Plate Armour, Full Plate Mail, Full Splint Mail, Tower Shield, Full Helm

Examples of Rank S Armour: Dwarven Mail/Shield/Helm, Elven Plate/Shield/Helm

There are five main Weapon types with seven areas listed for ranking. The seven are listed as below:
Classification-Either one handed or two handed. One handed Weapons allow the use of any Items taking up any number of slots. Two handed Weapons, however, will only allow the use of Items taking up one slot.
Speed-How fast the Character can attack/defend when armed with any given Weapon type.
Blocking and Parrying are already explained in Pt 5, Evasion is all about sheer probability where success will ensure the Character suffering no damage automatically.
Damage-Separated into three categories, namely Piercing, Slashing, and Trauma. Piercing affects any additional damage against any type of Armour, yet dealing the least average damage. Slashing deals a far higher average damage range while Trauma deals the highest average damage.
Reach-Affects the chances of enemy attacking before/after Character attacks.
Armour limit-Dictates what Armour limited by Rank the Character can wear.
Applicable Expertise-Specific Character class allowed to wield the respective Weapon type.

Applicable Expertise: Fencer
Classification: One handed melee
Speed: Minimum Rank-B, Maximum Rank-S
Piercing Damage: Minimum Rank-C, Maximum Rank-A
Slashing Damage: Minimum Rank-D, Maximum Rank-A
Reach: Minimum Rank-D, Maximum Rank-C
Armour limit: Rank S

Broadsword, Longsword, Dagger, Short Sword

An all rounder weapon type, this is the most ideal weapon for characters both heavily and lightly armoured. In fact adventurers do have a certain tendency to arm themselves with blade weapons while wearing no armour.

Applicable Expertise: Lancer
Classification: Two handed
Speed: Minimum Rank-B, Maximum Rank-A
Slashing Damage: Rank D
Piercing Damage: Rank S
Reach: Minimum Rank-B, Maximum Rank-A
Armour limit: Rank C

Spear, Pike

A weapon type used either for tactical purposes or one versus one, characters using such weapons tend to wear light to no armour.

Applicable Expertise: Archer
Classification: Two handed
Speed: Minimum Rank-D, Maximum Rank-B
Piercing Damage: Minimum Rank-D, Maximum Rank-C
Reach: Rank S
Armour limit: Rank D

Long Bow, Crossbow

A tactical weapon incapable of executing melee attack/defence, it's mainly used during War mode. However, there are characters so well versed in archery, it's possible for them to use their bows during Solo mode.

Applicable Expertise: Fencer, Berserker
Classification: One handed, Two handed
Speed: Minimum Rank-D, Maximum Rank-B
Slashing Damage: Minimum Rank-A, Maximum Rank-S
Trauma Damage: Minimum Rank-B, Maximum Rank-S
Reach: Minimum Rank-C, Maximum Rank-A
Armour limit: Rank S

Great Sword, Axe, Halberd, Hammer, Mace

A weapon friendly for characters possessing great strength, heavy weapons are known for offensive focused while lacking in defence.

Applicable Expertise: ???
Classification: ???
Speed: ???
Damage: ???
Reach: ???
Armour limit: ???

Yedo, Elven Sabre, Glaive, Scythe, Whip, Gun

Arms unique in nature, only specific cultures will boast of such weapons. Hence, these weapons can confer special properties under normal circumstances without the use of Magic.

And lastly, we got Grail...
Although Grail is accounted as Magic, it's also counted as a Weapon. Certain PCs/NPCs will possess such Weapons where each Grail's effect is truly unique. There are two aspects of activating a Grail.
1. Given condition(s) for activation
2. Nature of effect

Coming up next: Magic segment. Moral of the story? ITE=It's The Entrance. Yay! I Not Stupid!

Aeranath: What is the meaning of that photo, blue bitch?

Aozaki Aoko: Oh, you mean that one! Remember that nice little bet we had a week back?

Aeranath: No... just fuck no... blue bitch, that's my final...

Aozaki Aoko: Warning? My, oh my... are you still so besotted over my rack? That's why you lost the bet, that's why you became my sweetest butler for the week.

Aeranath: By wearing a bikini during that retarded Okinawa trip?

Aozaki Aoko: That's why I won our wager! But you do look cute in this photo cosplaying as True Assassin given your funny identity as the last True Apostle.

Aeranath: Stop your bullshitting, whore... NOW!

Aozaki Aoko: Oh, my Aera... why can't you admit to liking your dearest sensei's boobs? Notice the angle of your bow, my dearest hentai-yarou?
Note: This=Aera's True Ending
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