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Saturday, 18 May 2013


Guys, we now have the confirmed PC list:


Expertise: Fencer
Expertise skill:
Footwork (+4% Evasion)

Class: Ranger
No penalty in movement through any Terrain. All units under Aeranath during War mode will have Assault property by default.
Class skills:
Warping (deals melee damage for X number of times where X is the number of slots reserved for Technique Action(s). Cannot target any opponent of Rank B and above)
Assimilation (Can opt to skip Movement phase during Preparation. Aeranath cannot be targeted by non-Demon opponents below Rank B in any way)
Martial Zenith (normal attacks can damage Demons fully)

Truth: Wolf
-10% damage suffered so long as HP remains below 60%.


Elemental Affinity:

Default equipment:
Leather Armour (Armour)
Rank: C

Fragarach (Weapon/Grail)
Weapon type: Blade; Longsword
Speed: A
Piercing Damage: B
Slashing Damage: B
Reach: C
Grail property: Ride the Lightning
All Focus Technique attacks will count as Rank D Lightning damage.
Aeranath can reserve 1 slot in exchange for a ranged attack amounting to Rank D Lightning damage. Slot reserved this way is counted as a 1st priority Focus Action.

Slash (deals normal slashing attack. Number of slots reserved will decide the number of attacks dealt per execution)
Thrust (deals normal piercing attack. Number of slots reserved will decide the number of attacks dealt per execution)
Hack (higher damage slashing attack with higher chances of failure. Number of slots reserved will decide chances of critical hit)
Full Thrust (deals higher piercing damage with higher chances of failure. Number of slots reserved will decide chances of critical hit)
Feint (next attack dealt after a successful Evasion/Parrying will count as 1st priority Action. Number of slots reserved will decide chances of hitting opponent)
Bladesong (Increase number of melee attacks dealt per execution with +6% Evasion. Number of slots reserved will affect Evasion)

Firestorm (Fire, Anti-Area. Effect: damage enemies in surrounding circle area)
Turbulent Cut (Air, Anti-Area. Effect: Moving around within the next 5 seconds will damage nearby enemies)
Stone Skin (Earth, Pro-Target/Self. Effect: -70% normal damage suffered during the next enemy attack, Rank status affects duration)
Blood Freeze (Water. Anti-Target. Effect: Target enemy takes damage and -40% to hit. Rank status affects target's hit penalty)
Storm Chaser (Lightning. Pro-Target/Self. Effect: Immune to normal attacks and Magic effects dealt by enemies so long as user is moving continually while all non-Magic damage dealt is counted as Lightning damage. Rank status affects damage dealt per hit)

[when Aeranath is within Forest Terrain]
Deals one shot critical damage to the highest ranked enemy during the start of any character's Engagement phase. Aeranath cannot be attacked back this way.

[perform command during Engagement]
Attacking under Vánagandr status is possible. Focus melee damage can only be evaded.

Die Schrei
[perform command during Engagement]
Executes a melee attack with +30% to hit.

Chaos Incarnate
Die Schrei effect lasts 4 turns. All melee damage is counted as under Vánagandr status.

Chant of the Answerer
[Command executed as a Parry]
All non-Boss enemies/Demons below Rank B are killed straightaway. Demons above Rank B will suffer 50% HP damage and -40% Max HP.

Guy Cody

Expertise: Lancer
Expertise skill:
Duelist's Guile (+5% to hit)

Class: Soldier
+10% damage dealt so long as HP remains above 50%. All units under Guy Cody during War mode will reflect back 30% non-Magic melee damage dealt by any attacking enemy unit whenever choosing Hold.
Class skills:
Courage's Call (+8% damage dealt by surrounding friendly units during their next turn for every enemy unit defeated)

Truth: Lion
+10% damage dealt whenever fighting against opponents of higher Rank.


Elemental Affinity:

Default equipment:
Scale Mail (Armour)
Rank: C
-20% non-Magic damage suffered

Gae Buidhe (Weapon/Grail)
Weapon type: Pole; Hunting Spear
Speed: A
Piercing Damage: S
Slashing Damage: D
Reach: B
Grail property: Golden Barb of Mortality
Damage inflicted cannot be healed

Gae Dearg (Weapon/Grail)
Weapon type: Pole; Hunting Spear
Speed: A
Piercing Damage: S
Slashing Damage: D
Reach: B
Grail property: Crimson Thorn of Fatality

Feint Slash (deals minimal slashing attack. Number of slots reserved will decide chances of scoring the next attack)
Thrust (deals normal piercing attack. Number of slots reserved will affect additional damage dealt against Armour wearing opponents)
Full Thrust (deals higher piercing damage with higher chances of failure. Number of slots reserved affects chances and damage of critical hit)
Spear Storm (immune to non-Magic melee attacks lasting for 6 seconds. Number of slots reserved affects chances and amount of damage dealt back)
Dolorous Stroke (Remains stationary for 3 seconds. Any opponent within melee striking reach will immediately receive critical damage and knocked back. Number of slots reserved affects amount of critical damage dealt)

Vanir's Luck (Pro-Area. Effect: Character can never use Magic. However, positive status Magic targeting him will have an increased duration and negative status Magic targeting him will have a reduced duration. Damage Magic targeting him will deal lesser damage. Rank status affects duration/effect)

Red Lions' Pride
Affected character takes 6% less damage through any means, be the source Magic or non-Magic.
[during any friendly character's Movement phase]
Affected character gains +1 Movement whenever leaving Guy Cody.

[perform command during Engagement]
Unable to move around. -35% non-Magic damage suffered while still able to attack under Invictus.

[perform command anytime during Movement]
-40% to hit for all enemies in screen. Lasts 2 turns and cannot be cancelled.

Lion of Teesside
Aurelius effect lasts 3 turns while Guy Cody can move under Invictus status.


Alestrial Eliaden

Expertise: ???
Expertise skill: ???

Class: Noble
Hiring Sellswords will be cheaper. Appraisal Shops, Provision Stores, and Smithies will charge your entire party lesser fees.
Class skills:
Bound under Oath (after agreeing to a fee, any informant can only tell the truth)
Nobility Aura (Nearby friendly units choosing Hold are immune to non-Magic damage)

Truth: ???


Elemental Affinity:

Default equipment:

Brísingamen (Armour)
Rank: S
Immune to enemies' Magic



Character is immune to attack, both Magic and non-Magic, so long as Alestrial Eliaden's HP remains below 50%.

[during Preparation]
Effects of Herbs and Potions consumed during current turn will increase according to duration of Talent. Maximum duration decided by current HP.

[perform command after successful Parry]
Enemy will receive one shot B Rank Fire Magic damage without losing HP.

Étaín lasts 5 turns. Damage from Scáthach will be A Rank instead of B.


P.S: Any of the rest can wait for now b/c firstly, my head is feeling heavy atm. Secondly, a lot of things in terms of the actual A Ranger's Tale are still in planning/transition. However, there's such a thing called DLC, below characters are my ideal DLC characters (PCs ofc lah! DLC means playable, don't play play hor! Dearest Chan Ho-nam, I learn very fast one hor!)

Liao Yuanhuo/Zhao Yun
(Ravages of Time)
Kaim Argonar
(Lost Odyssey)
Seung Mina
(Soul Calibur 3)
Aozaki Aoko
(Mahou Tsukai no Yoru)

A/N: Yesh, you're all seeing direct mythological references here.
Vánagandr (Old Norse: "the monster of the river Ván") is another name for Fenrir, an infamous monstrous wolf in Norse mythology.
Die Schrei means The Howl in German. Or rather this is something patched up by this lobo obsessed in longzong minkia tan-boh-jiak.
Invictus is a short Victorian poem written by William Ernest Henley, an English poet.
Aurelius is a reference to Marcus Aurelius, last of the Five Good Emperors in Roman history.
Dolorous Stroke is an integral trope in Arthurian legends where an attack struck by Sir Balin against the Grail King, Pellam managed to maim him and doom his entire Grail kingdom into a Wasteland. The weapon used was incidentally the Spear of Longinus, better known as the lance piercing Jesus' side according to the Gospel of John (Note: the lance was basically an ordinary weapon, just that Arthurian legends enjoy playing tons of mystical tropes).
Brísingamen (from Old Norse brisinga "flaming, glowing" and men "jewellery, ornament") is the necklace owned by the Norse goddess, Freyja
Brynhildr is a shieldmaiden/valkyrie in Norse mythology playing a prominent role in the Völsungasaga (i.e. the tale which made Siegfried/Sigurd into a modern day icon for mythology)
Étaín is an important female character in Irish mythology best known as the heroine of Tochmarc Étaíne (English: The Wooing Of Étaín).
Scáthach is a female figure in the Ulster Cycle most famous for being Cú Chulainn's battle instructor. Incidentally, she is also the original owner of Cú Chulainn's famous spear, Gáe Bolg.
Mórrígan ("great queen") is another female icon in Irish mythology well known for her role in Cú Chulainn's life and his imminent death.

Might as well end this post with a song since I now got one in mind