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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Moustachi ji-san sure say (tak) sugoi!!!!! (Pt 8)

Just tying up some loose ends...
Firstly, Items are basically stuff not classified as Weapons or Magic, but guess it's alrdy a no-brainer. Basically, some intro on the basic Items.

1. Potions are consumed during the Conclusion phase. Effects will last for at least 1 turn. Potions will only take up 1 slot. Potions can give various/varying effects. Potion Items are basically ranked D to B. Potion effects will be resolved during the Conclusion phase.

2. Throwing weapons are treated as Items taking up at least 2 slots, at most 3 slots. Examples of 2 slot throwing weapons include throwing knives, darts, tomahawks, throwing hammers, etc. 3 slot variation include javelins, slings, and combustibles (yes, Molotov cocktails DO exist in The Known World!). 3 slot throwing weapons deal greater damage so as to speak, hence they are generally higher in rank, i.e. Rank B to Rank S for the 3 slots with 2 slots ranked D to B. Using throwing weapons constitute to an Action during combat, i.e. priority of selected Action applies.

3. Additional hand Weapons will take up 2 Item slots. However, such Items can only be treated as normal Weapons, i.e. permanent once equipped. Additional hand Weapons will confer one extra hit automatically whenever the Character attacks. The higher the Rank of such Items, the more effective that one additional hit will be in any way or form.

4. Herbs will also take up only 1 slot with a higher healing value. At least of Rank C even unto Rank A at maximum, hence rarer than Potions. Herbs are only consumed during Conclusion phase. Herb effect is one shot in nature.

Appraisal Shop
There are 2 purposes for Appraisal shops:
1. The only means to cash in your Gems
2. Assess the selling worth of any selected Item/Weapon/Armour.

At the same time, certain Appraisers will end up looking like Elves because... well, they are Elves lol! They call themselves Scryers and seeing such an Appraiser will mean he/she is able to identify the nature of any Item/Weapon/Armour labeled with a ???
P.S: Scryers are extremely rare to encounter, so take careful note here since killing monsters/enemies is the only way in gaining loot.

In short, we're talking abt equipment of unknown nature rather than unknown value. However, Scryers will also appraise the selling worth together with whatever nature of effect. Simply put, they will charge a much higher fee.

Note: Rank S Armour can only be obtained via appraisal by Scryers.

Provision Store
Chances are that you'll be greeted by a Halfling, but meh. This is where you can buy D ranked Potions and Herbs while also able to sell any Potions/Herbs of any Rank. There will be an option to haggle where you can up your selling price, but try not to use it too often as it will accumulate chances of failure or even force to sell your stuff at lower prices.

Buying and selling of Weapons and Armour will go here. Loot will always include such equipment, so this will be your best bet in getting rid of all the dead wood.

However, you will also end up meeting a Dwarven Smith on an equally rare chance as any Elven Scryer. Such Smiths can upgrade your Weapons and Armour where their various attributes will exceed the normal standards by one Rank, e.g. a normal Rank C Armour can be upgraded to Rank B while a Sword can be upgraded from Rank A to S in terms of slashing damage. If the base Rank is S, then relevant bonus will be conferred instead, e.g. 40% less damage taken/dealt.

Note: Dwarves have an innate dislike/animosity towards Elves, hence Dwarven Smiths will charge exorbitant prices for upgrading any equipment identified by Scryers unless it's anything Dwarven made. If it's anything Elven made though, be very sure that they will refuse the job.

Settlements can be separated into 3 categories: Village, Town, City.
Village will only offer Rank D Items/Rank C Armour. Village also do NOT have Appraisal Shops. Weapons sold will be of a lower quality overall wise.
Town will offer Rank D-B Items/Rank C-B Armour together with Appraisal Shops. Weapons sold will be of a higher quality.
City will give you the option of purchasing Rank A Items and Armour while being the only Settlement where you can stand any chances of meeting a Scryer. Weapons sold will be of highest grade.

How Ranking system affects different factors of gameplay...
1: Duration, nature, and extent of Potion's effect.
2: Extent and nature of Herb's effect.
3: Durability of Armour.
4: Individual Weapon's damage, reach, and speed.
5: Effectiveness of Magic.
6: Damage/reach of any throwing weapons classified under Items. Take note that any Rank in throwing weapon's reach should be seen differently to the standard for Weapons.

Armour durability
In short, it's all about how much punishment your Armour can take before rendered useless. Any Armour considered useless cannot be used, fixed, let alone sold. Such Armour will be automatically removed from the game. However, Armour can be fixed before this worst case scenario happen. Only Smiths can offer such services. You can assess the extent of damage free of charge once you reach any Smithy. Even those owned by Dwarves. ;)

Two types of Quests are available: Task and Mission. You can only unlock Quests in Settlements although there might be certain exceptions.

Tasks are basically of non-significance due an inability to progress the game. However, this is good for building up your Characters' Exp and gaining some much needed loot. Every Task Quest can either be accepted or refused by your own choice. Task Quests will always take place in Wilderness Exploration.

Mission is something 100% vital in a sense that you cannot refuse it and only by completing it can the game truly progress plot-wise. Missions can be executed either in Settlements or Wilderness.

In The Known World, currency is something based on bronze, silver, and gold. For convenience sake, the only money used in-game will be Gold. Gold can be gained in either three ways: loot, Gem trading, equipment selling. Gold is also every informant's only friend, so depending on the situation, you will need bribery as a mean.

Gems are inter-usable with Gold. However, you must either sell them at Appraisal Shops (refer back to the Appraisal Shop section) for a fee or use them straightaway. Because Gems are counted by numbers instead of money value, you can only use/sell Gems like any other Item. Gems will NOT take up any slot.

Note: People aren't necessarily honest upon getting bribed, so you catch the drift...

Generic NPCs who will offer you their armed services. The higher their calling price, the more valuable they are most likely to be. However, you cannot haggle this time round. They call the shots, their call is final. They will be armed with a starting Weapon with/without Armour. Items will only be of the lowest Rank possible. During Engagement, they will be controlled by the AI. Within the map, you can control their movement. (Note: Sellswords are only applicable for Solo mode)

Perhaps the biggest difference between NPC Sellswords and PCs? PCs are able to execute their respective Bond, Sellswords can't. Additionally, PCs do have certain Items/Weapons/Armour which can NEVER be sold/damaged/lost. Grail is definitely part of the order, but there might be others included as well.

Next: This stupidest planner has now failed on his promise to explain Magic... now I shall go one corner and flog myself a thousand times over. If only I can have my dream (?) girl...