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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Just some random dialogue/quotes... (Alestrial Eliaden)

Will my life suck forever? Will I die forever alone and without $$$? Apparently, it's not good being a profound thinker. Mr Eric Soh, I know you once said I've got a profound mind, but you might as well now call it profound sadness. She-Hulk might be right when she said my past life was a drug addict... O.o

Further references (b/c I do things for teh lulz, shit went nuclear*)
*Me not bullshitting-my sis+mom will be flying to Seoul come 18-25th Oct even tho I thought they both neutrals in K.culture...
Double confirm I put this link for teh lulz
Another candidate to play Guy Cody
Another candidate to play Aeranath...

"Once, I tried asking my tutor why learning etiquette is a must. I can never forget that stinging slap nor my classmates' sneer."

"His eyes, the azure moon, and a bloodied sword... I tried asking his name, he retreated into darkness instead. Did he save me due to chivalry or out of pity? Mayhap 'tis only down to some whimsical want, I care not even till now. I only understand one truth about him, that he's merely a wounded beast crying for a home."

"This was someone I could save, a boy around my age. I knew the victim suffering his torture, he was a murderer cloaked in ignorance. This isn't right, I tried reasoning to myself. No, a thug deserves his rightful wage, argued my other side. Then I discovered his sapphire gaze, my hands holding a muscular arm back. His name uttered like a boy his age, Guy Cody finally became my finest friend."

"I never realised how beautiful I am until you told me, Guy. Oh, and please don't give me this expression. You look like a fish out of water. Others may lie to me, but definitely not you."

"Whose love should I desire more? A lion's affection or a wolf's enduring hurt? Kagetsu no Hyo'Ah, if you are indeed real despite death, please grant me a reply. Just any answer will do..."

"What exactly is a Dragon? Why do you fill me with venomous questions, O'Grand Damsel of the Quintet Church? Why must I live a life where my choices will save many, yet destroying many more?"

Dialogue I

Alestrial Eliaden: Father! I don't want to get married when I grow up!

Louthes Eliaden: What do you want then? What manner of life do you want?

Alestrial Eliaden: I only want to be free, father. Free to ride, free to sail, free to love...

Louthes Eliaden: Enough!

Alestrial Eliaden: And lastly, free to be a filial daughter even without merit of birth.

Dialogue II

Eliador de Lioncourt: A good game of chess...

Alestrial Eliaden: Only because you won, Serpent.

Eliador de Lioncourt: Fairest Alestrial Eliaden, do you still perceive yourself as a harlot meant to please kingdoms of men? Surely not.

Alestrial Eliaden: Spare me your lies, for hungry Dwarves under your gold had devoured my chastity with glee.

Eliador de Lioncourt: But not your inner fire, not your unique talent waiting to be freed. I have two keen eyes for capable people instead of one, mind you...

Final words

"Ales, you are merely my daughter in name, I love you like one in blood. I won't live beyond the end of winter, I won't live to accompany you come spring. Summer now belongs to you, autumn is now imminent. Therefore, be free to chart your voyage, be brave enough to fight. Remember who you are, the only child belonging to Lord Louthes of House Eliaden and Lady Emma of House Watts."
~Emma Watts-Eliaden, Lady Consort of Louthes Eliaden