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Monday, 19 August 2013

A Soldier's Muse... (Guy Cody)

Life goes on as normal, let's see whether I'll truly die lonely and penniless. :P
Meanwhile, allow me to live my life to the max before dying. :D

P.S: Last part on latest Rogue Economist post will be on temp rest due to me not having the drive to go 200%.

Guy Cody: A Roar of Fire and Pride
Fire, a sign of destruction and passion. Pride, a symbol of honour and stubborn nature. I do feel that this is quite apt with Guy Cody's personality especially given the nature of The Wolf, the Boy, the Maiden Fair. If A Sea of Arms and Craft should be Alestrial's BSOD arc, then this first part would belong to Guy. Can passion tamper destruction, honour justifying stubborn character?

I used to see Guy Cody as a what-if Robert Baratheon. Yet, after knowing Robb Stark better, I ended up seeing more of the Young Wolf in this young lion. Firstly, both Robb and Guy had lost their loved ones. Robb lost his father while Guy lost his buddies in arms (especially a certain Catterm Leen). However, there is still a marked difference between the two: Robb was already a potential conqueror even while young, Guy Cody didn't know a shit about what he should do with his life.

So what kind of character is Guy within the warfare context? I believe like Robb, he has the capacity to lead men into battles and making boys into men. But we must also take heed that Guy remains an unfinished article unlike Robb, so how should I go about shaping his part of the plot will constitute a certain challenge.

I enjoy contemplating Robb's ceiling of growth compared to Guy. Robb might have won many battles, but he lost the war. Why? Because he had his own pride, he was being too stubborn. Ditto for Guy also, which makes whatever possible paths much more interesting to map out. Robb failed to learn from his character flaws, Guy will do well not to follow his own blueprint's road. Yet, this is not to say Guy can/will just forsake his principles just like that. You see, the finest fallacy in House Stark lies in an OCD tendency for honour and truthfulness. Guy can never escape cleanly, he can only learn how/when to bend and stay rigid. Scariest fact? I haven't got an inkling of an idea on where to start this advanced character development.

One interesting flashpoint would be his interaction with Aeranath. The above clip is how I'd describe things in parallel. Given the difference in House ethos, I know it will seem utterly ironic to see a wolf (i.e. Aeranath) standing off with a lion (i.e. Guy Cody). Yet, whatever beef shown thus far is all about how Guy Cody was terribly close in being the monster he hated most. I particularly enjoyed how R.A Salvatore managed to humanise Artemis Entreri during the Sellswords trilogy. This is where I ripped off the idea and slightly modded the shit. At the same time, the Warcraft art book once asked this question: when a monster sees itself in a mirror, does it see a monster? This is pertaining to the Orc faction for Warcraft III, I do enjoy asking myself this hypothetical question. Keeps me grounded and reminding me not to stray from my self-humility.

I won't say whether Guy managed to triumph over this battle, but it seems that there are certain things left unresolved...

I remembered something being said on Jon Snow idolising Daemon Blackfyre (forgot where I found that quote though). Like Jon Snow in the clip above, Guy Cody also wanted to be a hero. So now the biggest question-who granted Guy this dream? On the first glance, it's Aeranath. Yet, we can't discount any other characters playing far bigger roles in the whole picture...

P.S: 30 should be that age where every decent man must consider where he stands. However, my attitude is still like "lol! no sweat!" Does that mean I'm totally loopy? Or maybe my Christian faith had taught me how to sit back and relax?