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Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Ranger's Ramble... (Aeranath)

9th of Aug, National Day. Tomorrow, have to go back to work again. Thankfully, today I off day, today I hope to have good dinner also... b4 I start talking cock however...
Yes, I tend to plug all the incorrect ppl lol! Problem, mainstream?

'Tis nothing formal, I think I'll be going random in terms of words. fyi, this post will cover whatever A Song of Ice and Fire parallels available for the character listed here.

Aeranath: A Tale of Winter and Wolves
Winter is a sign of desolation, wolves are generally ill-represented. Never mind the fact that the Bible is supposed to be seen as figurative 90% of the time, I really enjoy making wolves as the mirror of human beings. When we say "greedy as a wolf", we are actually speaking about ourselves unwittingly. I've seen enough of human greed to tell all of you this cold hard truth-that there's a wolf in all of us, we can only choose to tame it or ignore it.

As for winter, snow is good to appreciate, please don't misinterpret my words into something totally unrelated, i.e. we already got a queen of bloggers who's very likely far less controversial than this upstart of all bloggers. So what am I trying to say apart from all things bad about winter? Winter is also a prelude to spring, but will Aeranath find his own?

I suddenly find it interesting to see how judgmental is Ned. Granted Jaime isn't the best of men, but who is the Hand that he must judge the Kingslayer so harshly? The same goes for Aeranath where people's opinion is concerned. Both are reviled for their actions, said actions ended up making demons out of perfectly humane characters.

Initially, such a plan wasn't planned in advance (pardon the pun please). But like a certain section in the NDP had said, life is all about falling down and getting back up again. Harsh criticism will never feel nice, I never say life is a bed of roses, no matter how poor or rich you are. Interestingly enough, I only got into ASoIaF AFTER I started blogging. Which is a damned big miracle given how far I've reached within this 1 year plus.

Now does Jaime like to kill? Yes. Does Jaime like to have sex? Yes. Same goes for Aeranath also, I believe my biggest challenge yet is not to make my Jaime Lannister into an actual Jaime Lannister (and that's being me giving a figure of speech). Thankfully, Aeranath doesn't believe in incest, I think this is the only moral feat he accomplished over Jaime.

Did Jaime have a life direction in the beginning? Initially no. However, we all know that's fake since said direction was already in place ever since Ser Arthur Dayne knighted him on the battlefield.

Does Aeranath have a direction in life? Yes right from the start. His goal is 100% definite compared to Jaime's 50-50, yet is it really what he wants? Last question IS exactly what separates Aeranath from Jaime. In short, Jaime didn't have a clear cut goal, Aeranath has it. Jaime KNEW what he wanted from the start, can't say the same for Aeranath. In this sense, a certain BoA inspired character killed off-screen serves to hammer this point home. And to make things worse, we got a Park Shin Hye inspired character playing the wild card. Is this me self plugging shamelessly in front of global Korean entertainment? Sorry, but NO. Either you believe me to be politically incorrect or you can call me a liar.

Witty response wise, I prefer to see Aeranath along the same scale, but that would be insulting a true blue talent named George R.R Martin. However, I must also say that bloke is really vulgar in his words, the only thing separating a Ranger from a Lannister Kingsguard is official status. After all, money is not an issue since every Lannister shits gold while Aeranath only kills shit for fun. It's just like comparing some guy doing one night stand with random hot girls and some married bloke having extra marital affairs. Both are equally bad just how the pot and kettle are equally black.

Wow, did I say Aeranath is fast becoming Ser Kingslayer II? I won't blame you guys for thinking this way. Have I created a sticky situation? There's no harm in saying "possibly yes" although that will be a politically correct answer. Do I have a challenge up in my hands? Aeranath is born to be challenger quite obviously because...

Challenger-someone who challenges.
Challenge-a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc/a call to fight, as a battle, a duel, etc.

Note that if you're a challenger, it doesn't mean you're a victor by default. Challenging something/somebody only means you got the balls to do so, never mind whether well-calculated or vice versa. There's a certain twisted joy in creating a rotten character capable of challenging whatever things acceptable. In short, I call this one sinner versus all moral norms. This is not somebody incapable of doing good, just someone incapable of hypocrisy.

Simply put, Aeranath has never called himself good, he merely sees himself as rotten, hence acting in a rotten manner 24/7. Is this an attitude 100% personal? Can't say for sure, but when Aeranath calls you stupid, it means that you ARE really stupid. Demeaning intelligence of others is also my pet habit, something which I do instinctively at times.

P.S: Yes, I know this year's NDP is, by far, the best NDP ever. I hate to be this cynical for this post even though whatever said has nothing to do with anything real. You see, I did up a status complimenting our ex-Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew where I noted he's having a better life without stress and burden. See, I not ungrateful what! :)

A/N: If you think this particular sub-section is only about A Song of Ice and Fire, then you're wrong big time. There will be many things for me to ramble, Aeranath is not the only fella available. Now if only I can do something about my time management... maybe having my 1st gf will help? After all, my sis also no 1st bf, but she now enjoying shopping with my mother at KL b/c my dad don't see any reason to follow them. Read:  Eh, I still a responsible son despite got 5 Ns* instead of 5 Cs*, okay?
*5Ns: No $$$, no status, no appeal, no degree, no gf. 5 Cs=no need to explain. But at least Marvel Avengers Alliance gave me 100 Command Points as NDP present. :D