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Monday, 12 August 2013

G-lecture (no, nothing to do with G-string or G-spot, I sumpah...)

I really need to kick start my Rogue Economist engine. Procrastination=lazier day by day. :S

I discovered I've done something lagi bodoh this morning, shit might just change my life the way I want...

Grail: Capt Picard got something to tell me (?)

Self reminder to try getting 1st gf aside, allow me to re-emphasis this first. However, Grails are not meant to be physical symbols of individual identity. Rather, you can call them magic weapons on an epic level. Just like there can be only one Excalibur/Caliburn/Gae Bolg/*insert whatever famous weapon's name here*, likewise every Grail should be seen as unique.

Known Grail 1-Fragarach
One of the most common fixtures in Irish mythology, Aeranath's Grail retains the original's counterattacking property. Or rather, you can call it the only absolute form of counterattack.

Given how far (?) the plot has gone, I guess you all know how Aeranath activates Fragarach. One thing planned and implemented on the spot is the concept of suffering in exchange for total victory. Call it a trade off system if you must, but I'm not gonna pull off a deus ex machina bs.

Appearance wise, I decided to go against the norm and give it a mundane look. Try visualising the typical longsword, you'll get the actual picture. In this sense, it serves to compliment Aeranath's rugged character design in my mind. After all, he's a Ranger, Rangers don't earn much money. Unless you're used to seeing Drizzt do'Urden wielding Twinkle and Icingdeath, then you should be fine with this concept. Hopefully that is...

P.S: Ofc due to rule 1 of global selling, I can only pull this off once or twice. Supply and demand ftmfw.

A/N: Original plan-include Gae Buidhe and Gae Dearg also, have to quit halfway. Monday blues ftw... oh wait! 'Tis midnight liao!!!! :o

Unrelated bs satu: Mogga now go on holiday trip across the Channel, hopefully we can start having new Boro blokes asap. Oh wait! Shouldn't he be doing that one week ago? I swear something is wrong somewhere... >.<

Unrelated bs dua: Boro won 1-0 against Charlton at the Valley, I swear punters longzong lugi big. Limpeh's only reaction?