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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Lore: The High Realm of Teutonia (Part 6)

Cont'd from Part 5...

The Purple Branch

Anglsax, capital city of Teutonia. This is a place of greatest splendour, only the finest are allowed to ply their trade. Here, not only do we see the Seat of Kings, but also the Sidhe Court. Separating itself into the Seelie and Unseelie, the former is tasked with administrative supervision while the Unseelie is in charge of military decisions. Hence, only the best soldiers will do in defending not only Anglsax's security, but the Teutonian pride as well.

Finest of the best, these are knights picked from their respective Houses. Age is never an issue, only innate martial talent counts. Their armour is the same as normal knights, only two things they lack are a shield and helm. Every Weissgarde must have a greatsword by his side, this is the only sign of office. In short, this is also a weapon reserved for the Weissgarde.

Used as guardians and war champions, a Weissgarde must never leave any General's side. Deployment is at the Captain's discretion, every lord commanding an army must be protected nonetheless. Should a challenge for single duel arises, one of their numbers must answer the call.

Clad in steel hauberk and leather, the Kreutzwacht are Barons stripped of their lands. However, this is proof of glory, not humiliation. For every Baron's duty is to his people firstly, only those without inheritance are able to serve Anglsax without distraction. Hence, every member must retain his Baron title with the second in line possessing all, but the rightful title. The choice of weapons vary, but every Kreutzwacht must have a dirk with a cross shaped pommel.

Tasked with maintaining law and order in Anglsax, the Kreutzwacht is also in charge of leading infantry defences. Known as capable field tacticians, hence every battalion will always have two Kreutzwcht present, one as the main leader and the other his assistant.

Wearing only grey and black, the Schattengarde are those without honour, yet granted undeserved grace from the High Lord. Every year, recruiters known as les corneille scour the entire Teutonia in search for new members. Only newborn infants are selected, for training is extremely intense to say the least, absolutely brutal more likely. Indeed 'tis said that out of a million babies taken, less than one tenth managed to survive. Needless to say, no parent has ever asked second questions once agreeing to give up the child. In particular, rumours has it that many such infant recruits are bastards born with noble blood, but with no title or name. Weapons wise, every Schattengarde must know how to improvise with whatever they have in hand, be it light or heavy, sword or any others.

The Schattengarde can never show themselves in open, theirs is a life of anonymity and death. If the Weissgarde are in charge of protecting military commanders in times of war, then the Schattengarde are burdened with the duty to guard the High Lord and his entire family. 'Tis not a matter of peace or conflict, for any substantial word of treachery will always be dealt with swiftly and without even nary a whisper. This is exactly why these assassins are rightly feared, a capable High Lord can even deploy them behind the enemy lines.

to be cont'd...

P.S: Suddenly developed ideas on the Sidhe Court, now have to think how to accommodate space for that.