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Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Lady's Life... (Alestrial Eliaden)

Apparently, there some things I'm capable of doing while I suck plainly at the rest. Come to think of it, I truly doubt I'll do any more of this post unless I know the correct timing (hey, I don't spoil shit for ppl, okay! I tak jahat, I lagi baik one hor!).

Foreword (b/c ppl say I enjoy talking cock and it's true)
One thing I enjoy writing in ART is this: the paradox of humanity. I don't know how to phrase it, but what I can tell you is that Ales isn't some dumb prissy bitch. Whenever we start talking about female nobility, chicks like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Kim Kardashian comes to mind (and no, this is only me talking within relevant context here). Negative stereotypes can be so fun to laugh at, it's not even funny to certain people (not me though).

Note: Anyone who understands how the Korean social values work will know that there's very little separating it from the Singaporean society. In short, I could be pulling off a daring stunt in the name of creativity. So do I care about that MOGEF banhammer?

Alestrial Eliaden: A Lament of Ideals and Cynicism
Ideals, we all have it. Cynicism, this is where we will stand once our fanciful dreams reach the end. If there's anybody eligible to be Emiya Shirou ver. Rule 63, it has to be Alestrial Eliaden. Now before every irate SHyn Corp member starts crying "CRUCIFY HIM!", allow this semi-pro fantasy novelist to say that everything is fictional. Lol if I wanted to be a jerk, I wouldn't have offed Garyth Parkins in-plot while giving Kagetus no Hyo'Ah an off-screen death (read: once a SSB, forever a SSB; once before a BoA fanboy, still technically one).

So what can I say about Ales? At first, my only intention was to create a token damsel. Back then, I had yet to come across works like A Song of Ice and Fire (although to be fair, I didn't read much stuff comparatively). Now while I'm a creationist (and I know this will invite ridicule from evolutionists), I'm still a firm believer in the evolution of humanity. In short, people change, this is what I mean (although whether we have already devolve into apes and monkeys instead remains a 50-50 argument). I'm no more different than the rest (including evolutionists as well since I hate to be a self-righteous prick) and I'm glad to say that my idea on Ales is truly a work of personal evolution. Hopefully, that is...

So are there any similarities between the prototype Ales and modded Ales? Well, there's such a thing called identity, and naive idealism is basically what remains unchanged. See why I referred her as Rule 63 Shirou? This is not internet pr0n, I'm talking up on her character persona. Yet, it must be known that this is where differences start erupting like Mt Vesuvius (credit goes to my secondary school's history curriculum).

And therein comes the real deal...

Now onto Dany and dragons. Initially, both concepts were virtually non-existent due to my planning still at infancy stage. Later on, Dany's character exploration and development played a major part in the sense that her life is all about how a little girl became fierce lady of war. Yet, it must also be known that Ales wasn't a little girl. Idealistic, yes. Hopelessly naive, no. She knew what would happen in the future, that there's no way to fight that monster called destiny. So what made her into the dreamer she could only be?

Without spoiling too much, let's just say that she couldn't let go of whatever she had experienced. Now you guys may remember a certain Erasmus Eliaden. The entire concept is quintessentially that of a humanist having to live with harsh reality. In short, Ales is living the same kind of life. Perhaps if she managed to let go, it might be for the better. Only problem is, she didn't do so.

I believe every one of us has an idealist hidden somewhere beneath, this is why Ales shouldn't be seen as just some token damsel icon. Apart from a fanciful dream, Ales doesn't have anything much to live for. If you people can look back on how she first met Aera and Guy, then you'll understand why I say so. I'm not too sure whether I've done an oversubtle job, but at least I did try.

Interestingly, there's a random female character offed by yours truly and she's really a bitch. Yet, Ales managed to endure Mayweather Luc's endless derision. I really enjoy exploring her character in this aspect since the focal point was all about saving another person, no matter how unworthy. Ironically, Ales knows from the start that her dream was merely an illusion.

From this view, I can liken it to a little girl understanding what she wants twenty years after. We all have ambitions and dreams when young. More specifically between age seven to twelve. Ales is a certified grown-up, but it's apparent that her inner world remains trapped in the past. Cynics call this an unattainable dream without hope, romantics call her attitude as brimming with faith.

Note that faith=/=optimism, this is why the first arc, The Wolf, the Boy, the Maiden Fair, ended up that way. Of course it's shown quite a few times before, but Eliador's presence just tripled the ante. At this moment, we all know Ales is facing an identity crisis (tbh, I've alrdy upped the relevant info via FB status quite a long time ago), and a lot of it has to do with her trust in Hugue Lloris. She knew this bloke couldn't be trusted, she chose to see him as Naran Lloris instead. In case you all have already forgotten, Naran was another character killed off-screen, someone managing to convince Ales of her current path. Is guilt a factor? I think we will all do foolish things once guilt sets in and the same goes for Ales.

On Eliador's impact, I'm keeping my cards close. I've got a good idea on where to carry this, my greatest headache is how I should go about portraying it. In case you ppl haven't noticed yet, Eliador de Lioncourt will play a major role in the entire plot...

Wolf or Lion?
Who will she choose? Every decent fantasy should have a decent romance, mine not excluded. It's quite interesting to realise whatever romance budding between her and Guy started off from that encounter with Aera. Given how much of a sociopathic dick is our titular character, I know many (?) of fans (??) will want a GA pairing rather than AA pairing (whether people will fanwank over Aera-Hyo is not my problem).

I hope this will work out fine since I'm not writing about vampires and werewolves plus some human chick. To this ambitious half-assed novelist here, the onus on me is to show how this complicated/convoluted relationship will shape the entire story and not just 2-3 characters only.

And lastly...

Wait, so you all are expecting me to up something totally different? 괜찮아요.