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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

It all started with Bournemouth and an office joke.

Dun like to waste any breath for now, so here's what I mean by office joke. Yeo Ho-nam, White Lotus temple sure got meh?
Yes, the North remembers. So any possibility of Ygritte cosplay? :P

Every historian in all things Chinese history will tell you that China has 24 official historical texts with the rest considered either of secondary importance (e.g. Chronicles of Hua Yang by Chang Qu) or additional reference (e.g. Zi Zhi Tong Jian by Sima Guang). Note that while Pei Songzhi's annotations should be counted as such, said inclusion actually involves cross referencing and intellectual debate, i.e. this counted as canon.

So what's so special about GCZ (i.e. Great Commander Zhou)? Firstly, this is a much maligned character in reality. I can understand why Cao Cao got PC smeared (well, he's responsible for the Xu Province massacre after all, let alone how Xun Yu became that blood spewing Merlion at Shouchun). But what crime did Zhou Yu commit to warrant an unwanted smear warrant?

To understand how human stupidity works, we must understand that whatever Luo Guanzhong wrote was pure bullshitting. Granted Romance of the Three Kingdoms is considered one of the Four Great Chinese Classics, but we're talking about fiction vs history, idealism vs realism.

Do you think Guan Yu is a righteous son of a gun? Well, he's some son of a gun, but he's anything but righteous.

Do you think Liu Bei is some poor benevolent bastard? Well, he's a bastard alright, but a conniving one.

Do you think Zhao Yun and Zhuge Liang are upright characters? Erm, actually the answer is yes, might as well call one Jon Arryn and the other Eddard Stark.

We must understand that everything in this world starts with supply=demand. The Chinese are quite well versed in $$$ sense, there has always been a massive demand for romanticism. Quite a bit like $$$ grubbing Jews, but idealism wise, we're actually much closer to the Western civilisation, e.g. Arthurian legends and Old Irish mythology. Back during Luo Guanzhong's time, everything was under the Yuan dynasty rule. In Chinese history, there are two specific eras where the big brother upstairs is anything but Chinese. The last imperial age called Qing dynasty (ruled by Manchurians) and the Yuan dynasty (ruled by Mongolians).

Me: Mooncake festival is something started by the rebels in a bid to overthrow the Yuan government lah!

Yeo Ho-nam: You PRC, of course you know one lah!

Me: Eh uncle Yeo, I'm Singaporean lah!

Yeo Ho-nam: Ya lah! I know you everything also know one!

Me: ......

Take note that while this seems like a skit, said event is really true (although I can only remember the overall picture since it's like N months ago). While I'm somewhat incapable of being subtle, the key point is Yuan dynasty. You see, the people were under foreign ownership back then, it's only natural for them to wank on past glory. In short, romanticism on all things loyalty and positive merit became the vogue, no one gave a shit on how someone like Ned can easily roll his head on the ground. To be fair, we cannot judge them and call them stupid. Not because whether PRC or no PRC, but an absolute sense of helplessness caused by prior invasion years ago. In fact, East Asians DO have their bitter history of getting invaded left, right, and centre (although Japan's situation is a bit 50-50 due to military incursions not only into China, but the unified Korea before nation kenna chee).

In short, every race must have some heroes, the Shu Han faction became the tragic blokes (since only God can do this). Wei faction became the primary villain due to Cao Cao's political decision involving the waning Han royalty, Zhou Yu became the primary antagonist in order to make Zhuge Liang sibeh imba.

WTF? That's all? So that means we all kenna bluff by PRC liao lah!
At the risk of sounding anti-PC, my answer is yes. Every person's hero is another's butcher, every man's foe the other party's idol. If you care to understand to how human civilisation works, you'll definitely agree with me. Perhaps Prof Yi Zhongtian sums this up the best:

If the enemy uses trickery to obtain victory, it's called treachery. If the hero uses the same method, it's called being intelligent. In actuality, both are the same.

Thus we must understand the dangers of judging another person. Enough of pseudo-preaching, let's get back on track. Have you ever imagined yourself calling another guy that enviable son of a bitch? Such reaction will surely mean outright jealousy. To quote some explicit examples, maybe just see things this way:


So what makes Zhou Yu that most enviable S.O.B?


[Yu was blessed with good looks.]
《Record of the Three Kingdoms: Account of Zhou Yu》

Fiction-Zhou Yu was born a handsome guy.
Fact-Same as fiction, everything has undergone popular evolution.


[Jian's son Ce was of Yu's age, both being close as brothers. Yu allowed Ce to live in his residence at Daonan while paying respect to his (Yu's) mother, no differences were seen between the two.]
《Record of the Three Kingdoms: Account of Zhou Yu》

Fiction-Just like the Shu Han 3 amigos, Zhou Yu and Sun Ce are technically brothers.
Fact-We Chinese have this saying: It takes one hero to values another [英雄惜英雄]. The Japanese actually went one up better [断金の交].


[Hengjiang and Dangli were conquered with ease via Zhou Yu's military assistance. Hence after, Zhou Yu crossed the river to attack Moling, Ze Rong and Xue Li were routed as a result. Travelling downwards to Hushu and Jiangcheng immediately, Zhou Yu managed to enter Qu'e. Liu Yao escaped in defeat, (Sun) Ce's forces by then had amassed till scores of thousand.]
《Record of the Three Kingdoms: Account of Zhou Yu》

Fiction-Srsly buay chap-siao over whether Luo Guanzhong wrote anything srs on this.
Fact-Having a hand in taking down two major settlements=badass. Took down yet another important settlement while pwning a 2 by 1 handicap=lagi garang. Conquered two more territories=sibeh siao-on. Liu Yao pwned, Sun Ce now a military superpower=LMFAO!!!!!




[Ce welcomed Yu personally, making him the Central General Who Builds The Might. Yu was promptly given two thousand soldiers and fifty cavalry.

{Account of Jiangbiao: Ce also elevated Yu further in order to administer his household, whatever rewards given was more than any other officials. Ce announced thus: "Zhou Gongjin (Gongjin=Zhou Yu's style name) is indeed a perfect talent, he is always close to me like bone to flesh. At Danyang, he sent soldiers and supplies to reinforce our noble cause, whatever bestowed can never equal all he had accomplished for me."}

Yu at that time was twenty four, all in the lands of Wu called him "Youthful Zhou". Via revered repute in his hometown, Lujiang, Zhou Yu set off for Niuzhu, after which he assumed the Chief of Chungu. In order to seize the Jing Province, Sun Ce made Yu Central Protector of the Army while assuming the Governor post for Jiangxia. By assisting Sun Ce, the area of Huan was conquered without difficulty.]
《Record of the Three Kingdoms: Account of Zhou Yu》

Fiction-Same as previous answer.
Fact-People, let us eat our hearts out. Figuratively ofc.



[At that time, Master Qiao married off his two daughters, both of them beauties without peer. Ce chose Da Qiao with Yu marrying Xiao Qiao.

{Account of Jiangbiao: Joking casually with Yu, Ce said: "Master Qiao's two daughters might have forced into exile due to war, yet he's truly blessed to have us as his sons-in-law."}]
《Record of the Three Kingdoms: Account of Zhou Yu》

Fiction-Luo Guanzhong=I buat bodoh
Fact-Eh, musibot Ce! Why u troll every perfectly functioning man?


[After advancing to Xunyang and vanquishing Liu Xun, Zhou Yu managed to pacify Jiangxia and Luling. Afterwards, he held fort at Baqiu.]
《Record of the Three Kingdoms: Account of Zhou Yu》

Fiction-Luo Guanzhong would rather die than to write down the truth.
Fact-What I've said above serves to reinforce that-which-is-no-contest: Why would Zhou Yu be jealous of others? More likely others were jealous of him.

To be cont'd... (b/c need to kun liao, I need help to curb my potential OCD from 18th Oct to 25th Oct. WHY I CAN'T GO SEOUL WITH LAOBU AND SISTER????? B/C I BOLUI MEH????? I KNO I BLESSED W/POKKAI FACE, WANT TO RELAX A BIT ALSO TAK BOLEH, HAPPY!!!!????)