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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NOW A NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently, the kanji for ninja means "one who endures"... either something unexpectedly good will happen tomorrow or I'll most likely die without $$$ and gf...

Specifics on gameplay

Party system
You can only have 5 PCs at a time, 2 of them sellswords. However as certain characters level up, you'll be able to break the number barrier.

Two different types
Sellswords-Generic characters found in every settlement. More specifically taverns. While sellswords can be purchased at a price, bargaining is not an option. Every sellsword will start off at the same level as your lowest level plot character. Do note that you can only recruit sellswords in Adventurer and Wanderer mode.

Plot characters-PCs integral to the plot. These characters will NOT walk away halfway through if we're talking about Adventurer mode. However, they may end up having their individual scenarios depending on choices made, i.e. you will control said characters independently.

Allies-NPCs who will join in as PCs during any certain point during Adventurer mode. Once you gain acces to them, you can use them in Gladiator, Explorer, and Conqueror mode.

Character turn order
Via the D-pad, you can decide freely which character goes first. During any character's turn, you can choose to activate the selection menu where items can be equipped. More on this later.

Ending a character's turn is basically automatic. Yet, every character will have a turn timer where his/her turn will end once the timer reaches zero.

Combat is done in real time where your characters will first use any item chosen from the selection menu. Every combat is counted as one bout and every bout has a time limit.

Enemy turn order
Basically the same as above apart from zero control over whatever proceedings applicable otherwise (duh!).

Details on relevant controls
Technique-Physical attacks having certain effects once successfully executed. Will consume SP.
Magic-Supernatural effects triggered by consuming caster's HP.
Standard attacks-Physical attacks possessing no special effect. Will not consume SP.
Block-Prevent physical damage. Will not consume SP.
Focus-Confers certain effects once triggered. Every Expertise will have its own specific Focus. Will not consume SP.
Parry-Same as Block, but will recover a small amount of SP once successfully done. Requires certain timing though.
Feat-Something unique to every character in every sense that will consume SP. But if you think this is the only deal, think again...
Drive-Another move/attack unique to every character. However, Drive can only be activated with full SP gauge.

To be continued since this local bastard will most likely take on the black rather than emulating a certain Young Dragon.

And speaking of ninja, we got Shinobi. Or rather, shinobi=ninja.
But srsly, shit was 2002% insanely difficult. You'll feel like a useless lame bum after playing it, I promise you.