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Friday, 6 September 2013


Therefore, I must exercise my brain also, if not will become stupid like 90% of the world population. Am I being a cynic? You guys haven't seen the worst...

Black humour aside, let's see where this post will go... will it still continue for now? Before that, allow me to show Don Ralph Lauren what is Kuroshitsuji...

Don Ralph, go find the lyrics and you''ll know why I say Black Butler is all about dark drama...

Every character's Technique set is decided by his/her Expertise, namely Fencer (wielder of blade), Lancer (wielder of spear), Archer (wielder of range), Berserker (wielder of rage). At the same time, not every character of the same Expertise possesses the exact set of Technique, for human beings are unique by nature, no? ;)

Weapon type usable-blade (e.g. longsword, dirk, dagger)
Skill-Footwork (+X% chance of Evasion where X=character's Rank; +2% SP regained upon successful Parry; +1% bonus chance to both when wearing medium armour; +3% bonus chance of Evasion if wearing light/no armour)

Stat parameters

Key notes:
1. Can equip heavy armour, shield, and two handed weapon.
2. Successful Parry against melee attack results in automatic Counter (equipped with shield only)

Weapon type usable-pole (e.g. spear, glaive, halberd)
Skill-Duelist's Guile (+X% chance of hitting enemy where X=character's Rank; +1% chance of critical hit for every two Ranks gained; +2% critical damage for every three Ranks gained)

Stat parameters

Key notes:
1. -10% chance of Evasion (when wearing heavy armour).
2. +5% chance of critical hit and +10% critical damage (when wearing light/no armour).
3. Cannot equip shield.
4. Only Expertise who can use javelin (item usage).

Weapon type usable-ranged (e.g. longbow, crossbow, gun), blade (only dirk and dagger), exotic (e.g. whip, sickle, scythe)
Skill-Survival Artist (select one out of four options at the beginning of character's turn-create a bounded field on any target [effect varies according to whether target is an enemy or friendly character]; increase attack range; increase ranged damage and attacking speed with reduced reach; restore 15% SP and increase character's real time combat duration).

Stat parameters

Key notes:
1. Cannot equip heavy armour and shield.
2. Throwing knives have +10% chance of critical hit.
3. Only Expertise allowed to use Sling.

Weapon usable-any two handed weapons, axe, hammer
Skill-Frenzy (decrease enemy's Fortitude by 80% and +30% chance of critical hit; immune to debuff with 0% Evasion, cannot use Magic, suffer -70% chance to hit, successful Parry won't recover SP, enemy gain +60% chance to hit; -60% damage taken from any source including Magic)

Stat parameters

Key notes:
1. Frenzy will always be active 100% of the time during combat.

to be continued...