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Sunday, 8 September 2013

ARGH!!!!! boh way gong...

One of my ex-superiors melayu once commented that back during his NSF days, he got one platoon mate by the name of Mike Kong. Whenever platoon sergeant (or whoever) asked what's his name, his reply was: "mai gong". Ah well, at least this is better than last time round where Seah "die Schlange" Weijie managed to coax a vulgarity from an uncle Neo. Goes something like...

Die Schlange: Ok, ok! Close shop, close shop!

Die Neo: What? *censored*???!!!

P.S to all you kentang ppl in (now defunct) 32 SIB: Certain things will stay up there forever, sucks to know that I'm no Stark bannerman.
To Steve "ang soon hock" Ang-Remember the dumb kid who always (and still support) Boro?
Yes, I still remember you as a Kop faithful and my ex-AS1.
La venganza es dulce, amigo!!!!
P.S to Mr Jason Johnson: I do not know you personally, but I know what you wrote in today's TNP. :P

A/N-Minor tweak done for the Archer Expertise. Also forgot to explain the Stance part last time round.
In short, Stance will confer certain bonus so long as your character remains in it. You can cancel it via any button pressed/damage taken.

Coin and gems
Coin and gems are your party's source of income. Coin is separated into three types, namely copper, silver, and gold. A silver coin is worth ten copper coins with one gold coin in turn worth a hundred. Yet, in order to discern the actual value of whatever gems obtained, you must visit an Appraiser. For a fee, of course...

Notes on different weapon type
Blade (Fencer/Archer)
Applicable damage bonus:
Slashing (nil)
Piercing (+5% chance of critical hit)
Damage level: Normal
Durability: Normal

Pole (Lancer)
Applicable damage bonus:
Slashing (5% chance of follow up attack)
Piercing (+10% critical damage)
Damage level: Low
Durability: Low

Ranged (Archer)
Applicable damage bonus:
Piercing (+10% critical damage, +12% chance of critical hit)
Damage level: Low
Durability: Low

Heavy (Berserker)
Applicable damage bonus:
Slashing/Blunt (+50% damage, -40% chance of Evasion, -20% chance to hit)
Damage: High
Durability: High

And limpeh should have done this earlier...
Strength-Affect melee damage and maximum HP.
Speed-Affect critical damage and number of standard attacks dealt per execution.
Dexterity-Affect the chances of successful Evasion.
Fortitude-Affect the duration allowed for real time combat and resistance to harmful status.
Intelligence-Affect maximum SP and amount of SP regained through Parry.

How +1 system works
+1 to any stat basically means adding one + sign to the respective stat(s), e.g. Strength A +1=A+, Strength A +2=A++. This is strictly not a numbers game, but rather an indication of how much target stat is increased, i.e. +1=+50%, +2=+100%, +3=+150%. Note that you can only stack this effect three times.

On the other hand, -1 means -25%, -2=-50%, and -3=-75%. Likewise, this rule can only be stacked three times.

Harmful status
There are quite a few number of such duration effects where this is something made possible via Technique and Magic. Do take note that harmful status caused by Magic will have a higher level of effect, hence harder for character's Fortitude to overcome.

Bleeding-Gradual HP loss after damage. Can be stacked three times.
Poisoned-All stats -1. Can be stacked two times.
Crippled-Speed and Dexterity -1. Can be stacked three times.
Stunned-100% damage on enemy's next attack with 20% chance of critical hit. Will be removed immediately after taking damage.
Winded-Can only Block/Parry with SP reduced. Will be removed after two attacks.
Pinpoint-Will always take damage from enemies no matter what. Lasts for three bouts.

Character Rank
Quintessentially your character's experience level. The higher a character's Rank, the higher his/her maximum HP and SP. At the same time, higher Rank means a shorter cooldown period for whatever Magic and Technique used in the previous bout, i.e. cooldown only occurs AFTER the bout. Once your characters reach Epic Rank, their Magic and Technique will also improve accordingly.

No, I'm not talking abt duration, but another d-word
Reality can be everyone's biggest douche and the same goes for non-living things. Armour will degrade with wear and tear, ditto for armour. Every equipment has a Rank, i.e. D, C, B, A, S, assigned to it where this will indicate how durable is that weapon/armour. The higher its Rank, the more durable and better in quality.

Repairing equipment and raw loot
Equipment can only be repaired if you have the correct raw loot available at the Smithy. Raw loot can be obtained in random encounters, be they against enemies or mere conversation with others. Raw loot can also be sold at any Smithy while you can also request certain equipment to be made from them rather than just spending coin to buy.

To be continued...
(huh? simisai? Again???!!!)