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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Lore: High Realm of Teutonia (Part 7)

Cont'd from Part 6...


Der Langriess... a people filled with ancient heritage nobody knows of. It's been whispered that when the Causaceans first settled in the Greater North, der Langriess were already there. Held in awe and admiration, these are a people fair and strong, yet looking just like every Human. Although their pride perished in the subsequent conflict, the Teutonians argue that it was down to their other two Causacean brothers, the Kalarans and Slarveans. Claiming to be der Langriess' saviours, the Teutonians nevertheless dare not rile up this broken race. Ages passed by and no one could ever call himself a pure der Langriess. However, it seems that there will always be bastards held in highest esteem...

The Green Branch

In terms of light cavalry, the Reivers are feared rightfully for their lightning quick raids and armour piercing crossbows. At the same time, those living in uncharted forests are required to take up arms. These are the woodsmen armed with axes, otherwise known as the Tragen. Despising usage of artillery, no Teutonian noble will ever desire a rangesman's path. Yet, the Aegil Orden choose to rebel against this norm, these are bands of hunter-warriors providing vital tactical support within forest terrain. Last but mayhap the most fearsome of them all are the enigmatic Fianna. Only closest allies and enemies already dead have seen them face to face, it is rumoured that only the High Lord can request for an audience without prior notice.
Also it's noteworthy to say that every man and woman relevant is obligated to serve the Green Branch, something confounding even the Old Ways' finest scholars.

Hailing from the endless swathes of Middle Plains, the Reivers are a proud and warlike people. Many a time, folks would question whether the Pferdin are descendants of their hated northern foe, the Slarveans. Yet, there is no question on where the Pferdin's loyalty lies.

Arms and armour
With brigandine and open faced conical helm made from steel, the Reivers favour speed and mobility over protection. Every Reiver must have three weapons prepared: lance, crossbow, dirk. While it is noteworthy that apart from the knights, only Reivers are allowed to use a lance, a Reiver lance is made differently from a knight's lance. Lances used by knights tend to be heavier with the handguard being more prominent. Reviers on the other hand prefer their lances to resemble the shape of a long spear. However, death follows folly should one see it as just a spear. The tip is sharp, yet its form is that of a spike. Simply put, the thrusting impact will still be greater due to a wider base diametre. The dirk is perhaps the most interesting out of the three. Whilst 'tis true that a dirk must be the least requirement, there are also those with major repute wielding long swords instead.

Steeds ridden by the Reivers are extremely prized by nobles and the High Lord alike. Indeed 'tis oft said that a Reiver's foal can outrun the finest stallion. Whether it is true or sheer exaggeration remains a question, yet only a fool will question this. As a people used to nomadic lifestyle, the Pferdin always boast greatly about their riding skills, claiming that every rider is born from the mother's womb.

Thriving on flat terrain and gullies, the Reivers will never fight a war of attrition. Before initiating a charge, the first line of riders must prepare their crossbows beforehand. Riding just behind are those preparing to skewer the enemy, a loose formation adopted due to tactical want. In order to maximise this tactic's potential, the first wave must form a compact line with the latter wave close behind. Once the first volley is released, the foremost riders will split their numbers in half in order to facilitate the follow up charge. This is for frontal charging. However, Reivers are known to split their numbers efficiently, so that the enemy can be easily charged from the rear or flank.

Teutonia is a realm filled with diverse terrain. From fertile plains protected by the Inner Circle to dense forest and rocky high ground forming much of its borders, it is no wonder to see this proud kingdom retaining a fortress' bragging rights. If Reivers are warriors of the plains, then the Tragen are surely infantry of the woods. Rumoured to be the ones most akin to der Langriess, the Tragen had ended more than their fair share of unwitting fools through axe and ambush.

Arms and armour
Wearing only simple hunting garb and leather jerkin as protection, a Tragen is still nonetheless more than a knight's match. What is truly fearsome about this people is their axe mastery. There are two types of axes used, every Tragen must be a master of both. The first is a typical woodsman axe, simple in make, deadly in force. The second is the lighter variety, a throwing axe. No matter what, a Tragen's axe is the sharpest axe. Reasons behind such supreme craftsmanship remains undivulged, for this is the Tragen's only art.

Never one to ride steeds in battle, the Tragen are masters of ambush tactics. Navigating through forests is like walking on flat ground, they can stay unmoving for hours or even couple of days. Their ambush will always be swift and brutal, their keenest arms cleaving through steel, flesh, and bones.

The Aegil Orden
If the Tragen are known to be bears of Teutonia, then the Aegil Orden must surely be the hawks and eagles. Living in harmony with their hulking cousins, the Orden (as they're commonly called) are not considered as merely descendants of der Langriess. Rather, they also accept others having nowhere to go.

Arms and armour
Dressed in forest green and wearing wooden mask, those of the Aegil Orden can only count upon their famed longbow as the only mean. Unlike the militia rangesmen, the Orden will only arm themselves with the finest. Experts in bow crafting, a member's longbow is technically a flat bow made from yew. Their only armour available is a leather suit dyed green.

Relying on sniping and baiting alone is not enough for an ordinary bowman, but the Orden are anything but that. Living in the wilds with only bow and arrows for arms, these hunters have refined another aspect of war: setting traps. Be it baiting enemy forces to unwitting death or lethal sniping, not even the nobility dare to deride them. At least not in the open where every tree has its ears.

The Fianna
Everything about the Fianna is a shrouding mist of obscurity. However, they are known to reverse the tide of battles whenever called upon. Their numbers may seem to be the least out of the Green Branch, but it's also rumoured that for every one Fianna killed, five enemies will serve as company.

Arms and armour
Dressed in green and grey, whatever sightings seem to suggest their armour is made of chainmail, brigandine, or scale mail. Even then, such gear only covers the upper body with either short sleeves or sleeveless. With their heads hooded during conflict, lack of clarity only serves to heighten every opponent's fear. As for weapons, word has it that not only do they wield hunting bows and spears, but also swords despite none of them proven as knights.

Nothing is known about their steeds or how they are reared. One thing for sure though is this: Steeds belonging to the Fianna are not considered normal. This is because the Fianna are capable of navigating the most difficult terrain by horse. Or so 'tis what every folk says.

No one has ever seen the Fianna in war, but military commanders believe their tactics to be some form of enemy disruption rather than annihilation. Indeed it is always said that "the more men you have, the more men will die".

To be cont'd...