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Thursday, 5 September 2013


Am I deluded or just plain crazy? Server cock up? Check. Best FB game are Marvel Avengers Alliance and Game of Thrones: Ascent? You got it. Sucks the most in Online Football Manager? I wanted to say I only lose badly to human opponents in my friend's private league, but I know that's just plain BS.

Moral of the story:
'Tis good to play games you enjoy, but even better to design your own ideal game(s).

Me no iPhone, me kenna arrowed by cikgu Jobs.
Any pretty rich girl stupid enough to take up this bait?

A bit of all...
A fire crackles merrily in the hearth, what do you see? Barmaids with enviable bosoms, rowdy fights set off by merest slight. Mayhap also an impoverished bard singing heroic tales with children and young maids alike enamoured. Yea, my lad, welcome to a place like never before, a place ever present. Some call it an "inn", I prefer "tavern" as a name. Take heed though, for 'tis a haven for sellswords and a hungry purse. Do you have what it takes to buy their service in arms? Loyalty means nothing, lust, greed, and blood is everything. Lust for the finest women, greed for glittering gold, shedding blood as proof of strength...
Taverns are present in every settlement in Adventurer and Wanderer mode. Once you enter the door, you have three options available.

1. Seek info
2. Seek pleasure
3. Seek service
4. Seek a roof

Seeking info is a must in order to progress, seeking pleasure replenishes your character's HP and SP fully. Seeking service means hiring sellswords at a fixed price. First two choices are subjected to possible haggling, sellswords will settle for nothing less. Haggling will not have a vital impact on information (since you might be led on a wild goose chase) or pleasure (although that might limit the HP and SP restored). Yet, every sellsword has his/her own pride and such pride is only placed upon skill and guile. As the infamous saying goes:
Every slice of merit is worth a silver coin, every sliver of pride a bag of gold.

Note on choosing option 4-this will require the second highest amount of coin. However, not only will your party depart with full HP and SP, the next battle will NOT cost your characters any SP.

Note on swindlers-those lowlifes will stop at nothing to gain profit, I dare say. Informants will demand just about anything and the most honest ones can even ask for a merry night if you happen to catch their fancy. Simply put, don't trust anybody for free. I've seen a good number of tragic cases either dead in a gutter or earning their keep in a whorehouse.

Provisions, potions, herbs... is it a halfling at the desk I'm seeing here? Why, my lass, you're asking me a foolish question! Have you ever seen a beardless half-man bar a bloody dead stump? Of course not! Well mannered, yes. A limit to every person's patience, most obviously. See that bald little midget there? Pesky kobolds, what with their constant chatter and annoying pitch.
Like Taverns, Stores are present in every settlement. There, you can purchase potions, herbs, and supply. Potions grant the user specific effects while herbs are meant for healing after every battle. Supply is something every party needs in order to survive. Using one unit of supply will restore your entire party's HP and SP fully at the cost of one cycle, i.e. one day. Take note though, for certain stages require decisive haste rather than cowardly caution.

Note-bargaining is allowed in stores and Taverns.

Ah, the music of ringing steel and roaring flames, who can deny such an alluring place? You want weapons, lad, here you have a bundle. Any armour can be yours if the price the right, throwing knives and the like are displayed everywhere. If the Holy Quintet or whichever gods are smiling on you, who knows you might see a Dwarf wielding hammer not for battle?
Smithy is a place where you'll purchase equipment for war. In short, it's weapons, shields, armour, and related items. Apart from buying, your party can also require the smith to manufacture relevant equipment via raw loot dropped from battles. Last but not least, only at the Smithy can your characters require their weapons and armour to be repaired.

Note-there will be rare moments where you will meet a Dwarven smith. Higher charges will be demanded in exchange for much better weapons and armour. At the same time, only Dwarves are able to repair destroyed weapons and armour back to their original state provided your party has the required raw loot.

It takes a sharp eye to identify things of value, a discerning mind to weed out any red herring. Welcome to the Appraiser where skillful eyes can spare you the bane of swindlers. Who knows when the Elven gods will smile on you? For 'tis every lad's wildest dream to behold an Elven maiden and every lass' greatest wish to embrace an Elven youth.
An Appraiser is one who judges how much a specific item is worth for a fee. Due to high standards of professionalism, no Appraiser should be allowed to swindle his/her customers. Where there are Appraisers, there will be an Appraisers' guild somewhere nearby.

Note-there will be rare chances of you meeting an Elven Appraiser instead. Such individuals will demand a higher payment, but they are also the only Appraisers capable of identifying mysterious loot dropped.

Village, Town, City
A Village has its innocence, a Town or City its shimmering wealth. A Village offers little, a Town so much more. Every City is a seeker's dream, where will you go first?
Available features-Tavern, Store, Smithy
Pros-the only settlement where your party can undertake tasks to gain XP, coin, and loot; probability of getting false information is near to nil; cheaper cost when it comes to purchasing items and staying at a Tavern.
Cons-items bought will be of inferior quality; folks don't take too well to bargaining; no Appraiser.

Available features-Tavern, Store, Smithy, Appraiser
Pros-have Appraiser; better items available; easier to bargain when it comes to seeking pleasure in any Tavern.
Cons-swindlers will appear in Taverns; a higher price for any item

Available features-Tavern, Store, Smithy, Appraiser
Pros-the only settlement where Dwarven smiths and Elven Appraisers reside; items on sale are of finest quality; better chances of hiring high level sellswords.
Cons-items available will be most expensive out of the three settlement types; highest chances of encountering swindlers.

To be continued...
(Uneducated parents, you've been warned!!!!)

Note-above clip has got nothing next to shit to do with me or myself... I do this for teh lolz.