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Friday, 20 September 2013

Lore: The High Realm of Teutonia (Part 5)

Cont'd from Part 4...

Military might is the mainstay of Teutonia. Without strength of arms and valour, the Old Ways will cease to fade. Three branches exist for this purpose, namely the Red Branch, Purple Branch, and Green Branch.

The Red Branch consist of armies commanded by the Barons while the Purple Branch is under Anglsax's rule. Forces belonging to the Red Branch comprise of knights and militia, those under the Purple Branch are specialised units capable defeating ten enemy soldiers for every one of their own felled.

The Green Branch is perhaps the most interesting Branch, for those warriors bear no obligations towards any Baron, their loyalty is to the High Lord. Indeed duty to the Seat of Kings is the only reason why they never rebelled right from the start. Hence, 'tis a little wonder hearing local folks whisper word on the Green Branch being descendants of the High Realm's first settlers, der Langriess.

The Red Branch

Every fief must have its own army, knights alone are never enough. The Old Ways will always demand total loyalty from every man and woman, smallborne and nobility. Upon the age of twelve summers, every smallborne male must pledge himself to military service. In peace, two third of the population are allowed to till their farms with the remaining third staying on military standby.

The militia is only allowed to have the simplest arms and armour. Only spears and bows are allowed, armour made from boiled leather stuffed with hemp is the only luxury affordable.

Farm horses are to be the only form of war mounts any militia can afford at most.

The Teutonian militia system quintessentially classifies itself into four castes: rangesmen, spearmen, horsemen, men-at-arms.

Rangesmen-Archery troops comprising of young lads new to war and old folks used to loss, their only weapon is a simple self bow of lowest quality. They will always be the ones chosen on standby, deployment is extremely easy as in placing them on defensive high ground.

Spearmen-Infantry troops comprising of men somewhat hardened if death failed to stake its claim first. With crudely made spears their only pride, every spearman can only choose to advance and not retreating, no matter what. Failure to do so warrants public execution via beheading, this is also the rule for every militia member.

Horsemen-Light cavalry tasked with scouting and being decoys, the horsemen would more oft than not be the first ones to die. Armed with bow and spear, many chose this most perilous path out of their masters' promise to grant their families one year free from tax levy.

Men at arms-Only the fittest young men are worthy of such honour, men-at-arms are every nobility's personal guard. In return, the nobles are required to care for their needs. Far better trained with equally fine equipment, the only regret suffered is a life of eternal service where only death or shame shall break their oath apart.

Core infantry units of the High Realm, halberdiers are always the first line of defense. They are not considered part of any Baron's militia, these are actually formally trained soldiers hailing from the capital city, Anglsax. Conscription is not compulsory, yet many youthful lads heed the call. Deployment is decided by the Marquis Warden. However, a halberdier must remain loyal to whichever Baron he happened to fight for. Indeed serving the realm is the only way to recognition, being slain in battle will result in undying honour and pride, not lamentations nor regret.

Armour: Open helm of conical design is the hallmark of every halberdier, a full chainmail suit completes the gear. No shield is allowed, for only knights are permitted to have them. In short, being a halberdier means being a smallborne, albeit one much better off.

Arms: Only a halberd is permitted, for this is the sole mark of duty tasked upon all.

Revered throughout the realm as paragons of honour, only male members of nobility can be knights. According to tenets of the Old Ways, every Baron's family must set aside his firstborn son for this very calling. Other sons apart from the firstborn are obligated to make a choice on whether they desire to take up arms once they reach fifteen summers.

Armour: Full Teutonian plate armour is quite different from its Kalaran counterpart. Kalaran knights prefer a smooth surfaced version with chainmail suit worn underneath while Teutonians worked their armour painstakingly. The plates are ridged, a full helm completes one single set. A flowing coat of metal scales provides additional protection, every knight must have a kite shield bearing his family's symbol.

Arms: The sword is an important mark of noble station, every knight must have one. While other forms of weaponry are allowed, sword mastery has became synonymous with knighthood. Ranged weapons are banned from usage, only the craven will attack beneath the shadows.

Mount: Every noble's House will have its own stable, this is where steeds are bred and reared. A warhorse is the pride of nobility, quantity and quality alike will define the noble's status amongst his peers. A knight's warhorse must not be seen without its barding once beyond the stable, otherwise the owner will be subjected to contempt, both from his noble peers and all smallborne alike.

To be cont'd*....
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