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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lore: The High Realm of Teutonia (Part 4)

Cont'd from Part 3...

Teutonia is arguably the only Causacean faction still remaining true to their ancestors' ways. While Kalarans are allowed absolute freedom in individual beliefs and the Slarveans subverting every word into nothing but military brutality, the Teutonians choose to stay their pride. Straying from even a single word constitutes to craven conduct, an offence tantamount to high treason.

There are three aspects of the Old Ways, namely the Common Way, Chaste Way, and Iron Way.

The Common Way
This is every commoner's duty to authority. As Teutonia is a realm ruled by feudal lords swearing fealty to Anglsax and the High Lord, this will always be a two fold system. Crown's Fealty demands all (including feudal lords) to bend the knee before the Seat of Kings, throne of the High Lord. For the commoners, this would be the Common Way. All without Deeds and Title are deemed commoners.

Hear ye, Fellows of mine!
Herein I proclaimest the Common Way.
Greed willn't claimest myselfe, merit be my path.
I shalt not shamest a lady, I shalt be honest true.
I am the wheat of Old Ways, my work hast begun.

The Chaste Way
This is every woman's obligation to traditional values. By this law, all womenfolk must get themselves married once they reach sixteen summers. Failure to do so will invite ridicule and humiliation to an entire family. There are two aspects to the Chaste Way, Fidelity and Piety.

Fidelity: Every wife must remain loyal to her husband, every maiden betrothed must prove herself a virgin once any word of question arises. Before that however, her parents must swear upon her life and their honour that their daughter is indeed one.

Piety: Every son owes his due to the Crown, every daughter to her father and mother. This is not to say sons have the right to disregard their parents, but rather correct priorities placed on the correct pair of shoulders.

Hear ye, Sistren of mine!
Herein I proclaimest the Chaste Way.
Fidelity is my shield, Piety my armour.
I shalt not shamest my bedchamber, my father and mother provest this.
I am the flower of Old Ways, my servitude hast begun.

The Iron Way
Iron, an element associated with steadfast loyalty and unmovable honour. This is every man's oath sworn once knighted. Since only male members of nobility can be knights, 'tis only right to expect a lot more.

Firstly, those subjected under the Iron Way must swear undying devotion to martial excellence. This is the Oath of Arms.

Second comes the Oath of Chivalry where protecting any woman's honour is the only acceptable way. While every Teutonian has to obey the unspoken rule of chivalry, only a knight can have the power to execute any offender on the spot. Indeed every knight is encouraged to do so, for 'tis part of their lofty station.

Last but not least, there is also the Oath of Honour. Every knight should never shirk from a challenge, for challenging a fellow noble means denying his family's ability and/or integrity. Every slight must be repaid, ten times more if necessary. The victor shall decide his terms, the vanquished awaiting his end.

Hear ye, Brethren of mine!
Herein I swearest the Iron Way.
I shalt fightest only the strong, 'tis my Oath of Arms.
I shalt protect all ladies, 'tis my Oath of Chivalry
Knowest no retreat nor be a craven madest, 'tis my Oath of Honour.
I am the Shield of Old Ways, my sword is keen.
My armour nigh unbreakable, 'tis my only fort.
Yea indeed my war hast begun and will never endeth.

To be cont'd....