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Sunday, 8 September 2013


Focus now a bit in sixes and sevens, but at least I now try see anything can do or not...

Unrelated P.S: After Hodgson's 4-3-3, we now have Jogi's 4-5-1. Western Europe now spiraling into hell, siao liao... also I think I might have trollolol'ed Di Canio on FB early this afternoon... :o

Nathan Summers, you've alrdy been warned...

But let me clean up some shit first...
Realised the turn aspect is quite messed up (again!). Therefore in order to repent, I decided to fine tune the whole thing:
1. You still get to decide the turn order.
2. This time round, you can only control ONE character during combat, i.e combat is conducted in real time.
3.The first character you select during your turn order will be the one controlled manually. The rest will quintessentially assume auto-pilot mode so as to speak.
4. Enemies will still have their turn after yours ofc.
5. This will NOT restrict your freedom in terms of choosing any character's Technique, Magic, and items.
6. I'm gonna have fun with this lol... hold your breath, guys and gals... 4 PLAYER CO OP IS NOW POSSIBLE!!!! In short, while default party size remains as five, 4 player co op will increase the maximum number to six, i.e. the two sellswords rule still applies.
7. Ofc if you control a character, it means you can control him/her freely in combat.
8. How you move your character about during combat will decided his/her position on the battlefield once combat ended. In short, you need wits and brains to remain 100% alive.
9. I don't profess to pull off a Shinobi b/c I will end up making a lot of gamers feel like lame losers once game over. Joe Musashi will hunt me down like a dog if I tried anyway.

Magic system
Comprising of twelve elements, Magic can be classified into four categories:
1. Base elements-Fire, Earth, Air, Water
2. Affinity elements-Lightning, Steel, Life, Ice
3. Seasonal elements-Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Breakdown on vital specifics
1. Any effect caused by Magic WILL ignore any physical factors, i.e. so long as it's not related to Magic.
2. Damage caused by Magic will also damage armour.
3. Feat is considered Magic while the same goes for Drive.
4. Different Expertise will have different key Elements. However, only base elements apply to this rule.
5. PCs and allies alike will have their own seasonal elements, but only enemy boss and Demons will have them.
6. Individual elements will have their own trigger effect.
7. Trigger effects cannot self-stack.
8. Seasonal Magic do not have any trigger effect. Instead, they have passive effects conferring certain default bonus.
9. Characters will have their own affinity and seasonal elements, ditto for enemies.

Base elements
Fire-Considered the most destructive base element, Fire Magic focuses on damage dealing.
[Trigger effect]-Targets damaged by Fire will have their Strength, Speed, Dexterity, and Fortitude reduced unless healed.
Earth-Most resilient out of the four,  Earth Magic deals with physical buffing and protection.
[Trigger effect]-Those targeted will gain +X% resistance to any Magic until the next turn, i.e. X=target's current Rank x 5.
Air-Associated with swiftness and abrupt nature, Air Magic covers movement augmenting and dealing damage.
[Trigger effect]-Caster will receive +X% chance of Evasion until the next turn where X=user's current Rank calculated in numbers x 4.
Water-known for every kind of debuffing, Water Magic is all about affecting the enemy rather than dishing out direct damage
[Trigger effect]-Caster will receive X% chance of nullifying enemy's Magic until the next turn where X=user's current Rank calculated in numbers x 8.

Expertise bonus
Expertise bonus will always apply whenever the character is targeted by enemy Magic.

Fire-+20% critical damage (Berserker)
Earth-Slow down enemy upon every successful ranged attack (Archer)
Air-12% chance of preempting any melee attack (Fencer)
Water-+15% chance to hit (Lancer)

Affinity elements
This is where critical hit comes in (read: this is the only way to trigger the affinity element)

Lightning [Fire+Air]-Fast, sudden, devastating, such is the Lightning affinity.
[Trigger effect: Damage]-Combining aspects of Fire and Air, targets damaged by Lightning will have their Strength, Speed, Dexterity, and Fortitude reduced unless healed. Character will also receive +1 Speed until starting of next turn.

Steel [Earth+Fire]-Raising the bar for strengthening, this is the Steel affinity.
[Trigger effect: Buff]-Steel affinity will grant the character +X% resistance to all damage effects, i.e. X=character's current Rank, and +1 Strength until next turn.

Life [Water+Earth]-The affinity element which heals and cleanses, Life bestows hope when all seems lost.
[Trigger effect: Heal]-Life will regenerate the character's HP and SP for three turns with +1 Fortitude until next turn.

Ice [Air+Water]-Frigid cold and frost beckons, Ice halts all things.
[Trigger effect: Debuff]-Nearby enemies will suffer -10% chance to hit and -12% chance of Evasion for 3 secs whenever any enemy takes damage.

Seasonal elements
Spring-Symbol of rebirth, all begin from here.
[Passive effect]-Every healing effect, be it via Magic or otherwise, is doubled.
Summer-Beacon of passion, bravery extolled.
[Passive effect]-Every subsequent turn after the first will regenerate SP.
Autumn-Waning tide, reddish gold.
[Passive effect]-+15% physical damage to any enemy suffering from any debuff effect.
Winter-Biting cold, desolation is coming.
[Passive effect]-+X% chance of critical hit to any enemy with lower Rank where X=difference in Rank.

Elemental counter
Seasonal Magic do have its own counter system where individual Seasons can counter each other. Basically, the order goes like this:
Spring counters Winter [Winter characters deal -15% physical damage], Summer counters Spring [Summer characters gain +12% physical damage], Autumn counters Summer [Summer characters suffer -10% chance to hit], Winter counters Autumn [Winter characters gain immunity to any Autumn character's passive effect]

To be continued... (srsly some more? wth???)