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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Note-Certain minor changes made

Still prefer this old ver of Howling Moon. Must be that damned organ.

Henceforth, let's go onto...
Enemies... in short, every enemy will have a specific Rank, i.e. D, C, B, A, S (in ascending order). The higher an enemy's Rank, the better loot gained.

Loot will always be gained after winning every battle. Different enemies will drop different types of raw loot.

Demons basically counts as standard enemies apart from the fact that they are immune to physical damage.

Grail is a form of unique equipment where respective effect is counted as Magic.

Breaking a Grail is all about releasing its aforementioned effect at the cost of HP loss. You can choose this option via selection menu where standard attacks for the current bout will be counted as Magic damage.

All Grails are counted as Rank S equipment.

Damage from a higher Rank source, be it physical or Magic, will deal higher damage and having higher chance of critical hit.

Damage from any source two Ranks lower, be it physical or Magic, will have its damage halved.

Debuffs from a higher Rank Magic will result in longer duration while debuffs from any Magic two Ranks lower will reduce the duration by half.

[+] [+] [+] [+] [+]


Armour mastery:

Default equipment:
Leather Armour [Rank D]
Fragarach [Grail]

Grail effect:
All Focus attacks are counted as ranged attacks with Lightning damage.


Affinity element:

Seasonal element:

Wolf-+40% physical damage once HP drops below 50%.

Infiltrator-Cannot be targeted by non-Demon opponents.

Martial Zenith-Deal maximum damage to Demons. Still counts as physical damage.

Valour-Immune to panic* during combat.
*Panic status reduce damage dealt and increase damage taken.

Feint-Deal follow up attack upon successful Parry/Evasion from defending enemy.

Exposure-Successful Parry/Evasion will create a short invincibility window.
Expertise bonus [Fencer]-Applicable to Blocking as well.
Affinity bonus [Ice]-N/A

Mobility Focus-10% chance of automatic Parry whenever number of enemies is higher.
Expertise bonus [Fencer]-Regain SP after successful Parry/Block/Evasion
Affinity bonus [Lightning]-Martial Insight* triggered upon execution.

*Martial Insight-+15% chance of preventing ranged damage to self.
Expertise bonus [Fencer]-Automatically attack the nearest enemy.
Affinity bonus [Steel]-N/A

Sudden Strike-Every first attack dealt after Parry/Evasion counts as critical hit causing Bleeding with 30% chance of inducing Crippled status.
Expertise bonus [Archer]-N/A
Affinity bonus [Lightning]-Treat every critical hit as Sudden Strike.

Warp-Teleport behind targeted enemy; first attack during any combat bout counts as critical damage; 25% chance of preemptive attack against any enemy targeting anyone from your party.

Die Schrei-Release a primal roar akin to a wolf's feral howl; deal one follow up attack automatically whenever enemy is successfully hit.

Omega's Dare-Ignoring surrounding danger while keep on attacking; +50%  damage and +1 Speed, but cannot Parry/Block. Evasion, however, is still possible.

Rache-Fury unleashed any moment; +2 Fortitude.

Bladesong-A dance of flashing blade and instant death; +2 Dexterity and +5% critical damage.

Firestorm-Deal Fire damage to all enemies [Fire].
Duration: Instant

Turbulent Cut-Deal continuous damage to any enemy within melee contact [Air].
Duration: 6 seconds

Stone Skin-Ignore damage from next physical attack [Earth].

Blood Freeze-Nearest enemy takes damage and -40% to hit [Ice].
Duration: 10 seconds

Storm Chaser-Immune to physical attacks and enemy Magic; regenerate SP [Lightning].
Duration: 5 seconds

Vánagandr-Deal massive melee damage against target enemy. Counts as critical hit.

Chaos Incarnate-Same as Vánagandr, but with all enemies on screen targeted.

To be continued... (b/c I now ambitious mode)

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