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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Lore: High Realm of Teutonia (Part 8)

Cont'd from Part 7...

The Seelie will always rank their own by seniority, for everyone is an Earl without specific boundaries in power. However, they tend to have major leverage on trade and diplomacy. Trade because the Seelie are better in business dealing, diplomacy because of their learning with words. At the same time, they are able to recommend any individual for the Grand Administrator post.

Grand Administrators
This is a post in charge of overseeing municipal affairs on daily basis. If the Baron is tasked with protecting his fief, then the Grand Administrator has to look after his people. By appointing prefects to assist him, an eye for capable people is imperative. Depending on the fief's size, the Grand Administrator can choose any number of prefects.

Like their Seelie counterpart, the Unseelie also place importance on seniority. Yet, they are more accomodating towards younger members so long as they have exceptional talent in decision making. In terms of recommendation, the Unseelie are able to make decisions on which individual should be made a General or even War Commandant.

A General is an unique title in the sense that there can be no two Generals of identical naming. Indeed the nature of a General's title will suggest the type of military power involved. At the same time, any General title can be conferred to any exceptional military man. Hence, this is the only way for commoners to stake any claim on noble status. Generals are considered knights, no matter what.

War Commandant
The War Commandant is only appointed during times of war, only the Unseelie reserve the unfettered right to appoint whoever chosen. As the War Commandant, the appointee will have total power of command in terms of deployment and delegation. At the same time, this is a post having the undisputed say in deciding the number of any troops allocated. However, this post will cease with immediate effect once the conflict ended. This is why no War Commandant should be addressed Ser, i.e. prefix title for every knight.

Marquis Warden
This is arguably the highest post of military power even though a Marquis Warden can only command the forces in the name of defence. This is down to a combination of repelling external invasions and quelling any inner unrest raised by treacherous Barons should word escape the Schattengarde (which is something yet to happen). Unlike the War Commandant, Marquis Warden is a permanent title passed down from father to son bar exceptional circumstances. Total command in terms of man deployment is the key, the Marquis Warden must also assume responsibility of sending supplies and reinforcement during war.

A/N: Currently, the incumbent Marquis Warden is Ser Jon Wood the Young.

Note: The Marquis Warden is NOT considered part of Unseelie.


Boliao note: Have this funny paranoia that Running Man is the reason why my sis and laobu want to go Seoul. 18-25th Oct 2013=me go thru this