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Monday, 30 December 2013

Onto 2014... (Part 3)

Let's see if I can continue writing this mini series lol! Either that or I might finish my Trinity Blood post(s) next. Before I start, however, I suddenly realised that certain East Asian nation below managed to stoke my inner fiery muse.
Note-That was like 2-4 days ago lol!

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Lara von Dirkwind
Word of Creator:
I'll have to admit I'm guilty of creating many a whim character. Since I enjoy doing pointless inspiration, might as well make the most out of nothing, ne? Apparently, I seem to enjoy creating seductresses. After Sarel Aphros, we have Lara von Dirkwind. tbh I actually enjoy creating such characters compared to the spoilt bratty ones (sorry, Joenne) since it's really fun to create strong female characters defying the standard heroine cliche.

Value Factor:
A vital side character come A Sea of Arms and Craft? I believe I did promise an unbelievable promise that I will pull off something like this one below:
Trolling(?) aside, one interesting add-on I did on Lara is her ability to blink/warp/teleport/whatever you call that. This is something unique to Rangers, so does it mean Aeranath have a hand in this? Well, given his heck-care attitude, I doubt so. Yet, it must also be added that Moggray knew her. Not in a romantic sense ofc, but from how a fellow warrior knows another. Case in point: I doubt Moggray actually knew Lara that well.

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Joenne Nances
I find it quite interesting to create and try fleshing out a bisexual. Not many fantasy works actually touched on that despite my perception that bisexuality is perfectly fine when it comes to romantic novels. In particular, Joenne's small bust actually *compliments* Lara's *assets* finely. Not in an erotic sense (although the erotic factor is indeed there), but rather a symbol of her sexuality. Yes, I know guys enjoy drooling over two lesbians blessed with hourglass figure, but forgive me when I say reality is my BFF.

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Guy Cody
In spite of confidence and maturity newly found, it seems that our resident lion will forever be a cub before the fairer sex. Not that Lara should be considered "fairer sex" though since this is a character not above in using sex to further whatever agenda or aim. Then again, I blame not anyone invoking the word "nymphomaniac".

A redhead blessed with an hourglass figure, it's quite clear on where I intend to take this. Her general look is based on how I'd envision a female Half-Elven pirate on generic basis. The fact that I used an eye cloth/bandage instead an eye patch was pretty much because I really like a particular artwork of Xiahou Dun for Sega's Sangokushi Taisen series (the artist in question was Mashima Hiro whose claim to fame is Rave and Fairy Tail). In fact, I realised that if Kiera Knightly was a real pirate, this should be how she looked like.

Banphrionsa parallel: Rán
Visual anime: Revy (Black Lagoon)

Yes, I know the persona doesn't tally up, but somehow that's what I can find.

Sarel Aphros
Word of Creator:
Inspired by Sally Whitemane, the intent was to create a strong female character who is capable of anything and everything to get her way. Interestingly though, Sally Whitemane's status as my visual muse only stepped in during the second draft (which to be fair, the first version nvr got this far anyway). A bisexual like Lara, Sarel was the one character convincing me to go full throttle in this area.

Value Factor:
'Tis a no-brainer to say that she's the second most vital female character after Ales. Quite obviously one of, if not the most broken female characters thus far. Like Lara, she won't hesitate to use sex as a tool (case in point: Guy Cody). However, one could also say she's much more of a certified nymphomaniac compared to Lara due to blatant in-plot evidence.

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Guy Cody
In the first arc, we all knew what happened (although to be fair, I realised I can't do graphic scenes even just to save my own life). It's apparent that she wanted to make use of Guy and what's the best way to do it? Even though her plan was considered a failure in terms of letting him got away, we must also understand that her initial plan all the while was arranging a fatal duel between him and Aera. This is one hell of an interesting area to flesh out especially since this involves Guy Cody's future as a vital player. 

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Aeranath
Only exposed towards the end of The Wolf, the Boy, the Maiden Fair arc, we can see from a bloody mile away that she really has case of hopeless infatuation. Interestingly, it seems that said affection might have been tampered by her own joyful past. With Hyo'Ah, Lars, and of course Aera himself. In fact, I might be trying some stunt(s) on her original name, Nanaya no Geun'Jin, in the future due to whatever superstitious implication(?) behind this name.  

White hair reaching till her shoulders, an hourglass figure, a seductive pose 24/7... all these point to the femme fatale trope. Also, her crimson red eyes was also something taken (pardon my pun pls) from Sally Whitemane as well. iirc what truly sealed th deal was Sally Whitemane being every Warcraft fanboy's greatest (wet)dream. 
Source: WoW Wiki

Banphrionsa parallel: Clíodhna
Visual anime: Canaan (CANAAN)

Again a mismatch on many factors, yes I know that.

Kagetsu no Hyo'Ah
Word of Creator:
Inspired by some real life celeb named BoA, I believe any and every K-pop fan knows who she is (even though I've now grown cold over 90% of whatever mainstream stuff). However, it seems that visual inspiration ain't enough, that's where Ned Stark's deceased sister came into the picture.

Value Factor:
It felt surreal to create a female character along Lyanna's archetype, I find it a coincidental irony to note that the Starks' symbol being a dire wolf (note-Aeranath's symbolic animal is a wolf). Freak things happening aside, one could call Hyo'Ah a she-wolf. We all know the mama grizzly trope, why not create a wolf version? Fiercely protective over people around her, I'll have to say she's blessed with a maternal tendency despite single and available. Oh, and did I actually mention this creator here ended up offing her character off-screen?

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Aeranath
'Tis my worst kept secret thus far, that without spilling the beans I've already outed this romance. Yet, I'm still hell bent on creating a vital plot point where this tragic romance is concerned. Ambitious, yes. In fact, seeing G.R.R Martin doing a literal Rhaegar-Lyanna made me wonder whether I can create my own version albeit a figurative variation.

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Lars Alterfate
Same as above, only 'tis no secret to guess Lars was truly a sad lovelorn bastard lol! We all know A Ranger's tale is brimming with potential character rivalry 日本 スタイル, this one ain't no different. Have to admit many an important detail is still lacking, the most notable being what actually caused Lars' self-guilt and Aeranath's hatred towards him. Sounds like Rhaegar-Lyanna-Robert subverted? Sorry hor, I where got so smart one!

Long black hair reaching her upper waist and quite a beautiful girl, the fact that she's a Cinha might have upped the ante (note from limpeh-Cinha=East Asians). She's a good singer (or at least implied to be so), a fine dancer (or at least implied to be so), and a kind hearted lass who somehow would never fit into that cynical world better known as The Known World (wow, is that a multiple pun-job I'm doing here?)

Banphrionsa parallel: Brigid
Visual anime: Rem Saverem (Trigun)

Alestrial Eliaden

Value Factor:
Every drama must have a female lead alongside the male protagonist, Ales is definitely it. Now before people start second guessing what kind of drama, let me kill off any speculation by saying any and all. Jokes aside, I do find it a blast to create yet another character who doesn't really fit in, The Known World wise. Refer back to Hyo'Ah's part and you'll know why I'm saying that. I find it fun to create Alestrial first, then Hyo'Ah. To be honest, Alestrial actually popped up much earlier than her timeline predecessor and it really sounds ironic from a story teller's point of view (read-could I have created Hyo'Ah first in my brain?). The Wolf, the Boy, the Maiden Fair was all about a semi-naive Ales where she knew what's wrong with her surrounding world. Whether such logic extends to anywhere beyond the Kalaran Empire remains to be seen, but I believe deep in her heart, saving people remains a dream still attainable. Of course I don't have to elaborate on what a certain evil gay Elf did to her, the most interesting question right now is whether she's still able to perceive the world by her original standard. Or rather perceiving herself perhaps?

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Guy Cody
First arc was all about her relationship with this dumb sandy blond. Yet, this romance was also intended as a conflict between living in a luxurious prison or running free without actual assurance. The former signifies stability and inner slavery, the latter representing unknown risks and outright liberation. I find this "versus logic" to be quite enjoyable as in this is something every human being has to face 24/7. Note that this portion of my talk should be seen as something abstract, so please don't get me into any trouble if you feel like worshiping the unnamed gods of anarchy.

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Aeranath
This is the black bloke symbolising Ales' only dream. While it's too early to deduce any potential romance (or maybe the lack thereof depending on your guessing), 'tis without a doubt that Aeranath's current predicament is that of an inner hell. We all know the term "living hell", Aeranath is indeed living in hell. It's like a little girl seeing an injured puppy abandoned in the wilds. Despite whatever danger and objections faced, there's no way this little girl would back down. Why? Because she's born this way. Why all the talk on danger and objections? Because said pup was a wolf cub and no one would ever love a wolf (read: Man vs Nature).

Initially a Cinha girl dressed like a lady she was, I decided to create a massive change of sorts come A Sea of Arms and Craft. This is due to plot necessity and character development amounting to outright BSOD. In The Wolf, the Boy, the Maiden Fair, her hair was long and curly/wavy. Come A Sea of Arms and Craft, her hair was cut short. In Eliador de Lioncourt's own words, "a harlot's look". I find it ironically true given what happened on that Dwarven ship. Nearly became a given whore, currently no different from one. Well, I never said I'm guilty of playing nice, 죄송합니다.

Banphrionsa parallel: Áine
Visual anime: Arturia/Sabre (Fate/Zero)

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