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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Of Gods and Men (Part 4)/Vessels Intro (Norse)

Apparently, I got many things wrong on why we lost to Brighton at home. Thankfully, I don't have to be a Sad S'porean Bastard till the next match. Unfortunately however, I'll still have to be another SSB for at least one more week or so.

P.S: Shit! 26th Dec coming damned fast!

Add P.S: Now let's see if I'll remain a sad bastard till 2014.

Every Faction will now have a Vessel. Vessels are considered MR status and will assume the role of a Fort in your place. Each player can only choose one Vessel. A match cannot have two or more same Vessels in play, i.e. different Vessels must be played.
A/N-relevant section will go by multi-part post.

+()+  +()+

Vessel of Scandinavia
Esti Refaeli 

I stare in shock and horror as the drunk assaulted him. No one has ever accused me of being some lady saint, but even I'm left speechless. Why? Why doesn't he fight back? If such silence means being a gentleman, then I might as well kick him in the balls once he's finally down. I am supposed to reach Tel Amour by eight, what is it now?!

Eight thirty...

No sooner my watch winked back to me, I tried my damned best getting up. Only to suffer a sharp pain shooting up my leg. Okay, so that one is a sprain ankle. Way to go, Esti. Now let's see if you can survive on one month's worth of savings.

How old is he? Definitely not thirty or late twenties. More like... sixteen? No, it can't be. No sixteen year old can ever possess such an imposing physique. Yet, his somewhat childlike features take me aback. It really feels weirdly like ten years ago where schoolyard bullying was your only way to become a ruler.

A loud commotion snapping me back to the world, my hands found themselves cupped against my lips. Still remaining in gawking mode, the crowd this time round direct their camera phones onto the hulking man. At least one head taller, my unexpected saviour lifted the drunk off his feet. Choking and spluttering without reprieve, the victim is being held in an iron grip strangling his neck. His lashing serving no response, I wince together with the rest upon seeing that stranger's balls kicked. That must ha... wait, he doesn't feel any pain? This is fucking retarded! I swear a forceful kick like would have fell even the strongest ox!

Then it happened way too fast, yet seemingly slow. Perceiving every scene like some surreal drama show, the youth chuck his prey a good few metres away. Travelling in an arcing flight, everything comes to an abrupt end. Caught in midair, my assailant found himself shooting off like a bloodied bullet as a speeding truck failed to brake in time.

+()+  +()+  +()+  +()+

"Brother! All-Father calls for us," whispered a youthful man, his body a symbol of might and honour. If his sibling had any answer to the call, he merely turned his back.

"Baldr, please don't let me repeat myself again."

"So are you admonishing me, Thor?"

Asgard was supposed to be the finest place ever, the halls of Valhalla offering mead flowing like river and serving maids comelier than the greatest beauties. It was every warrior's dream to stay there forever, yet Badlr would have nothing of that.

"Look at you, my brother," mocked the leaner god twice as fair, "Strong, stoic, strikingly handsome... a lion's golden mane must have been everybody's envy. Unlike me..."

"...who is fairer than every Aesir and Vanir combined, a boy of every maiden's dream," sighed a wistful Thor, "Not to mention..."

"Silence!" snapped Baldr, his show of anger nonetheless unable to faze the mighty Aesir, "Do not ever mention that 'word', get me?"

"Your petulance will get you into trouble, Baldr."

"And what crime has Vidar committed to warrant him exile?" trembling with rage, this was not the Baldr mortal men had came to know. Shoulder length auburn hair suddenly whipping about, a violent gale warped the ambience surrounding Breidablik. It was indeed true to say that fewest baneful runes reside in Baldr's hall, but this was because Breidablik's owner had no need for these dangerous traps.

"Our brother chose to volunteer himself," whispered Thor, his apologetic tone more akin to self-reproach.

"And do you know why, O' Mightiest Thor?" questioned Baldr. Thor could not muster the courage to give an answer, that only answer.

"Because Vidar is never meant to be loved," snarled Baldr, his facial features the surest sign of unbridled ire.

"Nor to love as well," Thor's gaze never wavered before Baldr's raging fire, he could only speak the cold hard truth, "But all can be sure many from the Valhalla would gladly die in our brother's place, let alone taking up arms under the banner of Vidi."

"That's all?" his anger soon reduced to a wary glare, Baldr nevertheless refused to let down his guard, "So what does our All-Father have to say?"

"Nothing, you know him equally well as each one does," frowned Thor as he abruptly departed in a flash of lightning. Baldr only understood too well what his brethren is trying to say.

"Forget about Vidar, your presence is sorely needed," sneered the boyish Aesir, "Is that your will, O' our All-Father, Odin?"

+()+  +()+  +()+  +()+

This has to be most absurd bullshit ever. That bloke had just committed murder and the cops let him off the hook? I'd like to pinpoint being a knight in shining armour was the reason why, but that would have encouraged rapists arming themselves with assault rifles.

"My All-Father took care of everything."

"That's it?"

"That's all."

"That's fucking stupid! What All-Father? Some kind of retarded fairy tale?"

"I'm going to sleep. Good night."

And so we have it. Esti Refaeli, hottest wannabe top model, and some handsome bloke bumming around in her apartment? If he's Jewish, then I'm Germany's next top model.

+()+  +()+

Relevant(?) character inspiration(s)
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's *fill in the blank*
But still sure have buaya lurking one...

to be cont'd...


I can only gaze in horror, the show nearing its end. Recalling yesterday's event where he floored those juvenile thugs beating up an old busker, I still can't forget his boyish grin and unruly innocence. Yet, here he stands right now, waging a war against death. Why did his comrades abandon him? Why must he battle like a lone wolf and perish in solitude? I don't understand why, I only know he reminds me of myself. My heart then starts galloping like a mare untamed, I know the finale is nigh at hand. With his final strength, this noblest warrior steals a longing glance towards me. Mustering a dying breath, he whispers forth a person's name.


Entry: Lee Se-young
Date: 24th December