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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Of Gods and Men (Part 3)

One rule tweak/upgrade: Terrain cards are considered neutral. By that, I mean any Terrain cards in play will NOT affect any players beyond whatever specified in the individual cards/Faction.

Factions define which part of actual mythology your cards hail from. At the same time, any deck can consist of more than one Faction. For now, I'll out only 4 factions, namely: Norse, Celtic, Mesopotamia, Goguryeo.

Faction bonus [plus a PC/diplomatic statement]
Every Faction will have a given bonus, be it based on whatever type of cards used or Terrain. Please note that any such bonus is only applicable to the respective Faction under a single player. On the contrary to what others might believe, I'm not gonna do some bogey system for OGaM.

This is due to racial issues=political correctness. tbh I don't have any problem with condemning racism, so please don't crucify me. Yet, whenever I think back on how Luis Aragonés managed to corrupt one entire nation unwittingly, shivers managed to conquer my spine. If even an innocuous monkey joke cracked by Roy Hodgson can become headline news, then we need to ask whether Andros Townsend was within earshot back then.

Fire and ice greeting all who dare, the northern ends of Europe is a treasure trove of bravery and strength. One of the earliest known seafarers, the Scandinavians had been much maligned due their abrupt invasion of Lindisfarne. If warfare is in every Norseman's blood, then surely heroism runs deep in his spine.

Notable traits: Highest number of Pantheon available; high Strength stat for Heroes.

Faction bonus
+1 Strength to all Units and Heroes if number of Mountains in play is equal or more than the number of friendly Units in play.

A lush green land beckons, a group of isles welcoming every intruding cur to his demise. The British Isles we are now so familiar with is nothing like its past. Populated by numerous tribes and clans, very little of their culture survive till this day. Yet, many a tale remains somewhat coherent, their show of valour and pride left intact.

Notable traits: Highest number of Heroes available; high Command stat for Heroes.

Faction bonus
+1 Strength to all Pantheon and Heroes if total number of enemy Units is higher than number of Forests in play.

Synonymous with the oldest empire known to man, the Akkadian Empire, Mesopotamia had long associated itself with certain famous civilisations. From the Akkadians and Sumerians to the Babylonians and Assyrians, this was a land rich in ancient culture predating the Bible. Euphrates was its head, the Tigris the torso. Now better known as Iraq, this was nevertheless the land which many still hail as a cradle of civilisation.

Notable traits: Strong Siege and Infantry Units; high Command stat for Pantheon.

Faction bonus
+1 Strength to all Units and +1 Command to all Heroes if Fort reaches below 50% life; +1 Strength all Heroes this way if number of friendly Units is below total number of Deserts and Marshes in play.

From the southern plains of East Asia hails a people fierce and proud, this was a civilisation believing every god to be equal just like how we now believe the same for all human beings. The term "Goguryeo" is the reason behind the term "Korea". Yet, not many outsiders actually understand why this is so. Founded by the great king, Jumong, Goguryeo managed to become the byword for Korean pride.

Notable traits: Strong Cavalry and Ranged Units; stats wise a jack of all trades, but master of none.

Faction bonus
+1 Command to all Heroes if number of Plains in play is higher than number of friendly Units in play.

To be cont'd...