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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Of Gods and Men (Part 1)

RE post pt 2 haven't even 1/3 thru, now tak boleh focus. Thankfully can find something to write. Namely CCG concept. Suddenly realised I tend to do things w/o prior experience 1st hand.
Oh, and I realised I've developed a paunch. Yes, final statement is really random. I think I need a gym rat lol!

Of Gods and Men

Some random concepts
1.Will have three types of cards: Pantheon, Hero, Artifact, Magic, Unit.
2. Pantheon refers to the gods of ancient mythology. Cannot be harmed by Unit cards.
3. Hero refers to brave men and women of renown. Weaker than Pantheon, but able to damage Pantheon.
4. Artifact is all about ancient weapons of legend. Usable by Pantheon and Hero cards only.
5. Magic is usable by God, Hero, and certain Unit cards.
6. Unit consists of mundane troops with the lowest possible stats.

Draw-you draw a card from your deck (doh!).
Summoning-place any number of cards into play; total cost of cards played this way cannot exceed 7.
Duel-applicable if you have at least 1 Hero or Pantheon in play; Duel is strictly one on one. Every player can only duel once per turn.
Skirmish-choose no more than 3 Units to attack any number of target Unit/Hero/Pantheon.
Engage-every Unit not involved in Skirmish may declare an attack on any target in play; Engage is purely one vs one.
Consolidate-all surviving Characters and units regain full HP; untap every card in play; resolve any duration effect.

Some random ROE concepts
If you dunno what is ROE, it can only mean one of two things: Either you're not S'porean or you nvr served NS. Will accept likelihood of exceptional cases tho, so pls dun call me racist. I swear I got nothing to do w/Evil "is he Korean?" Kagawa, so please don't ask me whether Koreans are Japanese and vice versa.

1. Magic cards can be used in any given moment per specified in text description.
2. Magic cards must be set apart from Units, Heroes, and Pantheon in order to differentiate them from the rest.
2. If you have at least 3 Hero cards, you must allocate one for Duel, one for Skirmish, and one for Engage.
3. If you only have 2 Hero cards, allocate one for Duel and the other for Engage.
4. If you only have 1 Hero card, you must use the same Hero for both Duel and Engage.
5. Whenever any Hero/Unit is defeated, tap that card; tapped cards cannot declare any further action.

[for Pantheon, Hero, and Unit cards only]
Strength-denotes the amount of damage dealt against another card. Symbol is a sword.
HP-indicates the maximum amount of damage the card is able to take before considered destroyed. Symbol is a drop of blood.
Command-grants additional Strength to any Unit allocated to the card. Symbol is a shield. Applicable to Pantheon and Hero cards only.

Ability and Artifact
Every Pantheon, Hero, or Unit card will have its own ability. Artifact cards confer additional ability and/or effect boost.

Faction and Terrain
Every card has its own faction with specific properties unique to that respective Faction. Terrain cards will bestow various types of bonus and penalty. Terrain cards must be laid out before the game starts, hence not considered part of the deck.

Rarity status
Rarity status for any card is classified as listed-C [Common]; UC [Uncommon]; R [Rare]; SR [Super Rare]; MR [Master Rare].
Common cards have a white border without shiny foil.
Uncommon cards have a black border without shiny foil.
Rare cards have a silver border with shiny foil.
Super Rare cards have a gold border with shiny foil.
Master Rare cards are one of a kind in the sense where they are actually normal human beings assuming total control over any respective Hero. Master Rare cards have a purple border with shiny foil.