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Monday, 23 December 2013

Onto 2014...

Since I'll most likely have no hope for 2013. At least (hopefully) next year will be a better year. If there's anything my Christian faith has taught me, it ain't over till the fat lady sings, be it for better or worse. Oh,and one more thing: This post is inspired by TNP's cover story on swords. At the same time, I realised it's not good to attach yourself too much on any character(s) you created. Case in point: Flower Boys Next Door actually played a blinder in terms of being the catalyst.

Word of Creator:
Arguably the one of, if not the most dangerous character thus far. Considered titular, but not necessarily the default main character since my vision for A Ranger's Tale is more inclined towards G.R.R Martin's style, i.e. A Song of Ice and Fire.

Danger factor:
Ever wondered how dangerous a person can get once he/she believes there's nothing to lose in life? Human beings are born to be motivated, without motivation we all would just be living machines or human AI. This is not someone driven crazy by despair, but rather someone indifferent to it. Is there a motivation behind his character? Yes. Does said motivation equates to having something to lose? Apparently no. You can't call him insane, but he's not anything but normal. Once he goes full aggro, you're seriously ****ed. After all, I'm pretty sure Aeranath doesn't mind taking others down with him.

Not gonna spoil the Truth aspect for you guys b/c it's actually integral to the backdrop and relevant plot points (90% most likely this). However, the wolves in The Known World are solitary hunters unless having a mate and cubs. Aeranath's life is basically a like-for-like version where the only reason why he's forever alone is due to a stubborn refusal to socialise. Not to mention his resultant ineptitude in communication. All in all your silent anti-hero archetype whose only problem lies in nobody capable of predicting what he'll do next.

Alias: The Answerer
In Irish mythology, Fragarach was a sword capable of penetrating armour and killing the attacker. The only catch? Said attacker refers to the one attacking the wielder. In short, it's the ultimate Weapon of Single Annihilation once we start talking about counterattacking. Like his Grail, the only thing fairly accurate about Aeranath is the fact that he's brutally vindictive. How we define vindictive in this context though is beyond our call and judgment. If Aeranath says **** you, it means you're seriously ****ed.

Danger KPI: A+

Guy Cody
Word of Creator:
Utterly stupid and dumb, this is the type of character many readers would like to call the Cinderella Man. Either this kind of character rises to prominence or he will die like some gutter trash no reader gives a two hoots about. Thankfully, Guy belongs to the former. In spite of being likened to a lion, he's actually much more of a Robb Stark than any Lannister (which doesn't really say much unless we're talking about Northern honour pissed upon by Walder Frey and Roose Bolton).

Danger factor:
Do nothing and he will do nothing. Do anything to his friends and you're seriously ****ed. Say even a disparaging remark against Alestrial Eliaden and he'll find ways to use that nearest iron pole.

Not only was he the dumbest of all Red Lions, he's also the Red Lion with highest potential. Since we're talking about soldiers and militias, you can be verily sure that classroom education is not part of the criteria. Upright and loyalty, these are two major traits one would associate with the proverbial king of beasts.

Grail-Gae Buidhe and Gae Dearg
Alias: Golden Barb of Mortality and Crimson Thorn of Fatality
In Irish mythology (more specifically the Fenian Cycle), Gae Buidhe and Gae Dearg were the two spears wielded by Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. Despite the bonfire of martial romanticism possibly sparked by Japanese popular media, it's actually 100% impossible to dual wield spears due to weapon length and the absurd balance needed. Gae Buidhe would be used during adventures of lesser danger while Gae Dearg was used for situations potentially fatal. Likewise, Gae Buidhe and Gae Dearg here are actually two different entities meant for two different circumstances. Diarmuid was also known as a lady killer partially due to a magical love spot (possibly a geis). Compare it with Guy Cody's current situation and you'll get the drift. Also, the ancient Irish/Celts were known to be proponents of honour in duels.

Danger KPI: C-

To be cont'd...
b/c I now have to knuckle down and discipline myself