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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

This Known World (Part 1)

Why Singapore suddenly kenna hantam, I dunno. Yes, I know that Breakfast Network fiasco, but nothing much in this world can surprise me now. That is until South Asia decided to prove me wrong. Suddenly realising that the only way to kill a troll is to stay constructive, I therefore decide not to be destructive.

The Known World (aka TCG ver of ART)
Am I getting a bit ambitious? Ah well, I only do this for fun. If I can really get something out of this, it means I kenna lifetime bonus for sure one.
Some random concepts
1. Planning to have Aesir and Vanir units.
2. Also will have normal units.
3.Characters are considered as either Aesir or Vanir.
4. Magic cards included also.
5. Ability cards anyone?
6. Element affinity ported over from the RPG?
7. There will be two decks used in the game: main deck and stockpile.
8. Main deck consists of Magic, Ability, and Entity cards.
9. Stockpile consists of cards used via any Entity's Action(s).

Action indicates the basic steps any Entity can adopt during the game. There are 2 types of Action cards available: Consumable and Unique. Offensive and Defensive are Actions requiring no cards at all.

Offensive: Entity declares an attack once.
Defensive: Entity cannot declare any attack until the next turn.
Consumable: Mostly Herbs and Potions with some others; can only use this Action during Preparation.
Unique: Actions reserved specifically for the individual Character.

Herbs: Confer either one-shot effect or duration effect lasting until end of current turn. Mainly used for self-healing.

Potions: Confer duration effect specified in the card. Mainly used for self-healing, self-buffs, and removing negative effects from self.

Some others: Self-explanatory. Some examples include Throwing Knives, Javelins, and Darts.

Referring to characters and units, these are your mainstay throughout the game. Aesir and Vanir will have higher stats while normal units have the lowest stats. An Entity card will indicate whether it is an Unit or a Character.

Ability cards
Played during your Preparation phase, Ability cards confer various bonus/properties for any given Entity. Only one Ability can be used on an Entity. Ability effect will only last until end of your current turn. Do note that every Entity can only use an Ability with equal or lower cost. List (?) of Ability cards.

Some concepts on Magic
1. Magic cards are classified under 4 base elements (i.e. Fire, Earth, Air and Water) and 4 affinity elements (Lightning, Steel, Life, and Ice).
3. Before casting any Magic, choose one Aesir with equal or higher cost. That Aesir will be treated as the caster.
4. Your total number of Magic cards played cannot exceed total number of your Aesir cards in play.
5. Tapped Aesir cards cannot use Magic.
6. After using Magic, tap the caster.
7. A Magic card can only have either one Basic element or one Affinity element.
8. Affinity Magic can only be used by Aesir possessing the same Affinity.

Properties of every Basic and Affinity elements
Fire-that Magic deals +1 damage to all affected Entities with cost lower than the caster.
Earth-caster gains +1 Defence.
Air-caster remains untapped and gains 1 additional Action.
Water-caster is immune to any Magic of lower cost.

Lightning-any Entity damaged by the caster suffers -2 Defence; caster gains 1 additional Action.
Steel-caster gains +1 Attack and +1 Defence.
Life-prevent all damage dealt to the caster from any single source.
Ice-any Entity damaged by the caster suffers -1 Attack and -1 Defence.

Summoning-draw a card from your main deck and stockpile; put that card in play if it's an Entity card.
Preparation-this is where you play Ability cards.
Casting-this is where Aesir cards can use Magic.
Deployment-choose which Entities to be your Vanguard, Mainstay, and Rearguard respectively. Every Entity can only choose either one.
Rallying-untap all surviving Entities; all surviving Entities regain full HP.

Deployment details
Vanguard-any untapped Entity may choose this action; Entities choosing this option can only declare Offensive Action; Entities choosing Vanguard option gain +1 Attack.

Mainstay-any untapped Entity may choose this action; Entities choosing this option can choose either Offensive or Defensive Action. Defending Entities will always strike last unless specified otherwise.

Rearguard-Rearguard Entities can only declare Defensive Action; any untapped Entity may choose this action; Entities choosing Rearguard option will always strike first whenever attacked.

Declaring attack
1. Attacking entities will always strike first.
2. Every attacking Entity can choose a target to attack.
3. Attacked entities can only defend.
4. Tapped entities can also be targeted.
5. Tapped entities cannot fight back.
6. If defeated, attacking Entity must be tapped.

Declaring defend
1. Defending entities will always strike last.
2. Any untapped Entity can choose to defend against any attacking Entity.
3. Once defeated, defending Entity must be tapped.

To be cont'd...