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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Of Gods and Men (Part 2)

Note: I'll be doing a juggling act between this and some other stuff *cough*Rogue Economist*cough*. Proof that I've got a problem w/myself.

Declaring attack and defending
Each Unit/Hero/Pantheon can only declare attack once per turn. If you only have one Hero in play, you must use that Hero to fight any Duel first. If your Hero emerges victorious, you can use that Hero to declare an attack during Engage.

1. Attacking party will always strike first unless stated otherwise. If the attacker has a higher Strength, damage will be dealt successfully.
2. Defending party gains +1 Strength if its cost is higher than the attacker.
3. Subtract the defender's HP from the attacker's Strength to calculate the amount of damage done. If defender's HP drops to 0 or below as the result, move that card into your graveyard, i.e. counted as dead.
4. If defender survives, it will deal back damage equivalent to its Strength.
5. If both attacker and defender are still in play, the one having less remaining HP is declared defeated. Defeated cards, be they Units or Heroes must be tapped.

A/N: The five steps above are applicable to all three aspects of combat, i.e. Duel, Skirmish, and Engage.

Every player represents his/her own Fort. Once the fort reaches 0 Life, that player loses the match. Every Fort has 20 Life. If a player has less total number of Units, Heroes and Pantheon in play, opponent player(s) can choose to target that player with his/her remaining Units/Heroes/Pantheon.

If any player chooses to allocate a Hero to any Unit under his/her control, that Unit will be counted as a Championed Unit. Championed Unit will retain its original HP, but its Strength will be boosted by the Hero's Command stat. So long as the Hero remains in play, the Championed Unit can choose to use either the Hero's Strength or its own to attack/defend. However, once the Hero leaves play, that Unit will lose the Championed status for remainder of the game. If the Championed Unit choose to use its Hero's Strength, use that Hero's ability instead. If the Championed Unit chooses to use its own Strength, use that Unit's ability per normal.

Basic ability [Unit]
One thing to note: to trigger a basic ability, that card must be tapped. Every Unit card can only have 1 basic ability. At the same time, any Unit's basic ability can only be triggered during Skirmish or Engage.

1. Phalanx-Unit remains tapped until your next turn; can defend against up till 2 attacking Units; cannot declare Skirmish attack. [Engage]
2. Assault-once attacked by this Unit, enemy Unit suffers -1 Strength until end of your turn; cannot declare Engage attack. [Skirmish]
3. Protect-takes damage in place of any tapped Unit/Hero. [Engage]
4. Standard-untap 1 friendly Unit. [Skirmish/Engage]
5. Heal-prevents 1 damage to any friendly Unit/Hero. [Skirmish/Engage]
6. Retainer-target 1 friendly Championed Unit; both Unit and Hero cannot be tapped until your next turn. [Skirmish/Engage]

Trait [Hero/Pantheon]
This is every Hero/Pantheon's passive ability. In short, effect lasts throughout the game without having to tap the card.
1. Bravery-choose +1 Strength or +1 Command for the remaining turn whenever this Hero wins a Duel.
2. Wit-draw an extra card per turn.
3. Charm-tap 1 enemy Unit; that Unit cannot be untapped until end of that player's turn.
4. Chivalry-target 1 friendly Unit; that Unit cannot be tapped until your next turn whenever this Hero wins a Duel; you cannot target the same Unit during your next turn this way.
5. Sorcery-1st Magic card played during every turn costs nothing.
6. King-1st Unit card played during every turn costs nothing.
7. Demi-this card cannot be tapped no matter what. (only for Heroes)

More on Pantheon
As gods of the various people, Pantheon possess qualities no mortal man can ever achieve. Blessed with much higher stats, Pantheon is a must for every given deck. At the same time, Pantheon cards cannot be tapped. Pantheon also possess unique ability.
Note-Pantheon cards are considered MR.

More on Heroes
Having the second highest stats after Pantheon, Heroes actually cost more than any other cards apart from Pantheon. At the same time, only Heroes can use Artifacts while also having unique abilities.

More on Artifacts
Artifacts will confer any one of the two:
1. Increasing the relevant stat(s).
2. Confer additional ability.

Note that if there is any Artifact with Hero bonus, specified Hero will receive a boost in his/her ability.

More on Units
There are 3 types of Units available below.

1. Ranged-attacking from afar, Ranged Units have the lowest HP out of the rest.
Properties: any Unit targeted by Ranged Units cannot deal back damage; -2 Strength if attacked via Skirmish.

2. Cavalry-mounted on steeds, Cavalry Units will always have the second lowest average HP among all Unit types.
Properties: +2 Strength whenever attacking; will always strike first.

3. Infantry-always fighting on foot, Infantry Units will always have the best defensive game.
Properties: +1 Strength whenever defending; will always strike first during Engage if defending against cavalry.

4. Siege-highest Strength and HP, but can only deal damage once per every 2 turns. Cannot defend against any Units/Heroes/Pantheon.
Properties: +2 damage dealt to any opponent fort.

Terrain bonus/penalty
Forest-place X number of Units into play facing down where X equals the number of Forests in play; you can reveal the cards during Skirmish or Engage. Units revealed this way can automatically declare attack while any enemy targeted this way cannot deal back damage.

Mountain-X number of Units/Heroes gain +1 Strength where X equals the number of Mountains in play. If a Championed Unit is affected by this rule, that Unit gains +1 Command in addition to the default bonus.

Marsh-target X number of Units controlled by an opponent player where X equals the number of Marsh in play; affected Units suffer -1 Strength.

Desert-X numbers of Units/Heroes gain +1 Strength whenever defending where X equals the number of Desert in play; all attacking Units and Heroes suffer -1 Strength until the controller's next turn.

Plains-X number of Units can declare Skirmish and Engage attacks during the same turn where X equals the number of Plains in play.

To be cont'd...