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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Now back to RPG PC...

Suddenly realised my focus has strangely slacked off, might as well do something different for now. Wow, I really need someone to impose a time scheduling regime lol!

1. Horsemanship is now legit.
2. Horsemanship will allow your party to travel faster.
3. During combat in the wilds, this Skill will confer +1 Strength and +2 Speed.

P.S: I know whatever innuendo the number sixty nine implies, but believe me when I say a harmless symbol=I'm telling the truth. 

A/N-Whatever stated below is ONLY tentative. The fact I enjoy watching Flower Boys Next Door thus far doesn't mean a shit when it comes to whether I'm out to create a PC either imba or hideously broken.

69  69  69  69  69  69  69

Alestrial Eliaden

Armour mastery:

Default equipment:
Hrunting [Grail]
Brísingamen [Accessory; Rank A]

Grail effect:
Gain one additional Affinity element if you choose to control this character (can only activate once per every turn); Focus damage counts as Fire.

Equipment effect:
Immune to all enemy Magic.


Affinity element:

Seasonal element:

Fawn-Default Rank for every stat counts as D.
Dragon-+5% to all enemies' Magic cost and -7% to all allies' Technique cost; all stats will elevate to Rank A once HP drops below 30%

Perception-Technique and Magic cost less SP whenever an enemy is of a lower Rank.

Horsemanship-Technique cost less SP whenever mounted; travelling time is shortened if entire party possess a Steed each (Steed is counted as irremovable Item unless sold).
Affinity effect-Steel (every party member mounted will have the same bonus; effect will stack if affected party member also has this Skill)

Arcana Major-Magic cast by any party member will have its effect duration/extent increased.

Arcana Minor-Heal surrounding allies whenever executing Magic; Arcana Minor can only be gained if user has Arcana Major*.
*Arcana Minor is automatically gained if Arcana Major is one of the character's default Skills.

Hildebrand-If attacked during the Stance, next attack dealt by every ally will count as critical.


Ex Nihilo-Gain Denial of Oblivion* for the next three turns; can only be used once per every battle.
*Denial of Oblivion-Apply one Technique/Magic/Grail effect of the highest Rank onto any target ally/enemy.
Affinity effect-Life (increase relevant duration/extent of replicated effect)

Scáthach-Nearest enemy suffers one shot damage after successful Parry; count as Rank B Fire damage without HP being drained.

Dies Irae-Unleash massive conflagration burning everyone on the battlefield; all enemies damaged this way cannot be healed permanently; any ally killed as the result will be revived with 25% HP and immune to any Magic until your next turn.

???: -35% damage taken whenever any party member defeats an enemy; Aeranath and Guy Cody gains SP regeneration.

69  69  69