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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Here's to a sad 2013 and (hopefully) a better 2014...

Reason one why 2013 sucks for me:
Apparently, S'pore football got no $$$ in the bank and will most likely be defeated in a duel of football. I'll have no issues tho should Harimau Muda really win 3rd place. The only bummer tho would be Vincent "not Peter Ridsdale" Tan being a M'sian and I'd hate to be a Cardiff fan.

P.S: Thankfully, there's nothing between us (the Boro) and Peter "I not from SCDF" Lim. While I prefer to give my fellow countryman that benefit of doubt, a national history of disastrous foreign invasion managed to kill off every shred of optimism.

Reason two why 2013 sucks for me:
Under Aitor "Amigo del Nordeste" Karanka, we managed to steady the morale, but not the ship. We got undone by a stupid Jason Senpuukyaku vs ****ing dirty Leeds while against Derby, we lost b/c some 3rd party Alliance gamer managed to type "unite the clans" within a 34 min spell. Versus Brighton, we managed to retain the ball off their park w/o scoring that early goal which could have easily scored us 3 pts and a major boost. All in all, not even this bloke can save us till 2014.

P.S: iirc we can still qualify for playoff spot. But only if Spider-Man can team up w/Wolverine (something I'm eager to try once I managed to earn 200K silver for Logan).

Reason three why 2013 sucks for me:
No life, no $$$, no gf, no proper discipline on time management. Srsly, surely it can't get any worse, right?

P.S: Okay, maybe it will...

So might as well do something while waiting for "that special someone"
Since I got nothing better to write (okay, I'm technically lying since there are many outstanding stuff), might as well do my own rambling on A Ranger's Tale. Or rather mostly The Known World.

The Kalaran Empire
Inspired by the Roman Empire, my intention is all about creating a civilisation priding itself in intellectual achievements. While many critics(?) may have spotted certain elements of the present day America, they were mostly coincidental. Unless I happen to recall things which sullies a nation's reputation that is.

I'll have to say that the chief elements pertaining to military is clearly Roman inspired. In fact, it's more of a case of me ripping off the names. It's like 99% of everything was derived 100% from actual history. Maybe even 100%, who knows?

Moral police vs moron police:
On the society, it's inspired from everywhere possible. In particular, I enjoy delving into the whole "morals or morons" argument. I know a lot has been said on religion being the root of all evil. I call this out to be an almighty load of bollocks unless someone can prove to me that every atheist is incapable of rape, murder, arson, etc. A lot of unspeakable stuff you've seen here is all about human nature. This is why I never wrote anything on whichever characters relevant when it comes to personal faith (of course exceptions DO exist, but the key is "exceptions", not "exist").

Something about America:
There are quite a few minor episodes influenced by recent incidents 5-10 years back. However, I'll have to label them as fillers. Why? Because there's such a thing called character exploration.

A lot of stuff pertaining to my titular character's (lack of) moral compass has to do with the concept of human hypocrisy. In a very real sense, he's no idol worshiper and neither is he a self-righteous narcissist. Whatever revealed via the Kalaran end is my own way of showing all that is wrong thus far, know that everything is only the beginning though. In fact, his status as an atheist doesn't mean anything when it comes to how he sees the world rather than religion.

Out of all the three Northern factions, the Kalarans have arguably the highest educational standard on average. This is in line with the advancement of the Romans. In fact, I think I've included a minor mention in the first arc where a centralised system of elite education was concerned.
One of the most notable aspects is how I planned the nobility's education. I did a bit of thought processing and much more modding when it comes to this. The key focus I needed to create all the while is a separation between the haves and have-nots. I don't have to preach any heroic ideology here because segregation based on status had always been true when it comes to the Middle Ages. After all, The Known World is a high fantasy world.

The multiracial/xenophobia factor might seemed familiar to many of my fellow Singaporeans, but seriously this is actually an omnipresent challenge faced by first world nations. Whether you like it or not, conflict is something unavoidable. The Little India Riot may seemed like a national disaster, but I've seen stuff 10 x worse. One interesting conclusion I've derived from the whole immigration complication is this: globalisation without proper integration. Let's not point fingers at each other over this, people have been doing it for donkey years. The late horror-fantasy maestro H.P Lovecraft was a certified racist on social grounds, NOT lineage or colour.
After one whole paragraph of digression, what I want to say is this: everything multiracial and xenophobia is inspired by this global trend more than any given country. Say what you like, I only write what I want.

The Red Lions:
This is where English footballing culture reared its head. The unity factor was indeed inspired by whatever I know on NSF. Even though I ended up as a PES E clerk, that doesn't mean I should deprive myself of constructive knowledge. At the same time, their rough demeanour also symbolises an everyday social conflict between the underprivileged and elite. Pretty much 90+% of whatever inspiration involved is 90% modded pertaining to the real football teams in England. Apparently, we have Manchester United and Liverpool/Everton, Arsenal and Tottenham, Blackburn and Blackpool, Chelsea and Cardiff, Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough. You don't have to look hard enough to know the actual real life football rivalries going on here.

Quite similar to real deal, I'm ashamed to say everything was inspired by the general situation over there in Middlesbrough itself. Granted I'm doing an over-generalisation here, but mainly the idea came from how folks perceive the area to be. I actually went Google once or twice due to curiosity and believe me when I say it's not a nice feeling reading whatever said in blogs, websites, and polls.

Flashpoint-Guy Cody
This is the one fellow who epitomises all things Boro. At least he's pretty much my own personification on what Middlesbrough is all about as a football club. Firstly, his average looks is a parallel to the unfashionable nature of my beloved team. Secondly, his brash and oft dumb nature would (hopefully) draw comparisons with the stereotypical lad from the North East(not that I'm good in understanding 90% of national/racial stereotypes anyway). Thirdly, those whom he knew were pretty much inspired by real footballing personalities:
Moggray Tonn is Tony Mowbray (definitely still a club legend)
Southgate Garatt is Gareth Southgate (still have to give credit to him as an exceptional player just like Alan Shearer)
Pallister Scholes is Gary Pallister+Paul Scholes (one is our finest homegrown defensive talent, the other earned my respect through merit and character)
Garyth Parkins is Gary Parkinson (stay strong, Parky. Sorry I offed your character so soon)
Catterm Leen is Lee Cattermole (decent footballer abandoned by some old-school system which finally earned Greg Dyke's politically incorrect gesture 200% justified)
Lukas Brun (inspired by Lukas Jutkiewicz and a certain gay Austrian from British Jewtown)

A/N: Above list is non-exhaustive. However, the paranoid S.O.B in me truly fear for whatever homosexual fan shipping between Guy and Lukas. Just don't tell me that straight in the face.

Most importantly of all, however, is the fact that his rapid growth as a character symbolises every SSB's fanciful dream. We all will still speak out with pride when it comes to our UEFA Cup exploits, it was this very footballing romanticism conceiving the core of his character. We all enjoy the whole zero-turned-hero Cinderella man. Who doesn't? Sadly, reality will only allow this to happen one out of a million tries. Yet, it must also be said that Guy Cody also represents the kind of future where 1986 shall be repeated once more again.

Add A/N: I will not shy away from the fact that it has always been my dream to see Boro lauded for footballing excellence. I will also not shy away from expressing an outside (albeit naive) hope that I can get my arse over there in the good ol' North East contributing whatever little I can offer to Middlesbrough F.C.

To be (hopefully) cont'd...