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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Onto 2014... (Part 2)

So now I made a promise with myself: that from tonight onward my only resolution for X'mas and New Year is to stay disciplined and focused. Apparently, one less distraction can do many wonders. :)

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Joenne Nances
Word of Creator:
Most definitely the most annoying female character I've created thus far. To be honest, I won't blame any haters for wishing some horrendous end where she's concerned, but that's because I've been through the whole fanboy hate (trust me when I say I really hate that Ana(l)kin Skywalker in the SW prelude series). In fact come to think of it, she's actually twice as annoying in my initial draft.

Value factor:
Initially deemed an extra, now still remains as one. However, her friendship with Ales shouldn't be discounted. While I've yet to 100% map out her actual role in A Sea of Arms and Craft, I'll have to say that whatever planning is already like 40% done. Remaining 60% are mostly important details yet to be thought out.

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Guy Cody
In the first draft, she also had a thing for Jase Steele. However, I decided to scrap this part due to the risk of pointless bullshit (read: filler scenes doing nothing next to shit on exploration/development value). Guy Cody is another issue altogether though due to his romantic ties with Ales. Let's get this straight, folks: together with Karen Tenias and Ales, they're pretty much the Three Beauties of the North (or so I remembered thus far where whatever relevant chapter[s] is concerned).

A willowy frame with short wavy hair reaching her shoulders, quite obviously this brunette has certain, erm, shall we say, lady issues. 'Tis a no-brainer when it comes to her flat chest, this was something inspired (?) by Tohno Akiha of Tsukihime. Funnily enough, I wasn't thinking clearly when I created her short haired image. Why? Because much earlier on, a certain evil gay Elf actually commented that having short hair means being a prostitute. Therefore, either I'd have to do a minor retcon or I could choose to be a stubborn jackass while devising ways to wriggle my ass out of this retarded oxymoron. No prizes for guessing the correct answer.

KPI Féminin: C+
Flower parallel
Geranium: "folly"

Yeras Wynda
Word of Creator:
Initially another Joenne, I decided to create a darker twist to her character. This is not because I'm a jerk, but rather because I see myself as a story teller. Therefore, no one should ever tell me to run for political office.

Value factor:
'Tis a no brainer to know by now that she's nothing more than  broken toy. While retaining her own sense of self-awareness, I'd have to say poor girl is already scarred beyond hope. However, this only heightens her character stock. Where she will go in A Sea of Arms and Craft remains a big question mark. Yet, it must be stated that no matter what, Ales' decisions will define what we term as make-or-break.

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Lukas Brun
Nothing much is revealed about this surreal relationship so far. In fact, I can't even be sure whether I should do a convoluted romance between the two due to Lukas' sexuality. Not that I'm homophobic anyway.
Note-it must be said Yeras is the only named female character so far 100% comfortable around a homosexual.

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Guy Cody
This is where the fun starts. Apparently. there's something about Guy which captivated her eyes. Unlike Joenne who only noticed how sexy he is, her attraction stems more likely from emotions. Can't reveal anything more though unless people want to speculate how this will affect Ales' character and the relationship between the two.

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Moggray Tonn
Implied to be 200% plot-centric, I can only say this much. And it seems that Moggray grieves a lot over his past eighteen years ago.

Freckles and with fiery hair, Yeras' look is intended to give us an innocent lass image. At the same time, I also feel the need to hammer home her boisterous nature.

KPI Féminin: B-
Flower parallel
Anemone: "forsaken"

Word of Creator:
This is a character arguably created out of the blue. Initially, there's no such character on the roster. That was before I really got myself started into the story. Then again, same standard applies for many other named characters also.

Value factor:
At first, I created her as an object of sexual tragedy. Then I decided to play around with this trope. In short, the current Ceres is much better off compared to before. However, my plans for whatever "past" relevant still stay unchanged. Oh, and current version is capable of speech unlike whatever you've seen in the first draft.

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Arondight
There's something in her which invokes in this Berserker painful memories from the past. Suffice to say, Arondight's Ceres didn't exactly end up happily ever after with whichever deserving gentleman. Failed to make another appearance so far bar a minor scene with the Fianna in the beginning chapters. Can't say the same for future chapters/arcs though.

Like Yeras, Ceres is also a redhead albeit I do see her hair colour as a duller shade of auburn. Quite beautiful, but too many unknown factors otherwise.

KPI Féminin: B+
Flower parallel
Acacia blossom: "concealed love"

Word of Creator:
Arguably the first character created out of the blue (hey, I never said Ceres was the first!), I find it surprisingly easy to define her character. While I already had my own image of her down pat, trying to devise a clear-cut personality was another story altogether. Joenne's situation is more of me messing around at first, but Lolyx is different scenario. Hey, the fact that I created a character out of nowhere doesn't mean anything, okay?!

Value factor:
On the first glance, Karen might seem to be the most vital supporting girl. However, it's also easy to have neutrals and fans alike saying Dany is the Prince that was Promised where in fact, Jon's claim to being Azor Ahai reborn is arguably stronger via proof thrice as subtle. I find it to be a freak coincidence that Jon's dream in A Dance with Dragons actually held a similar impact to Lolyx's otherworldly vision. As I said, 'tis a freak coincidence. In the words of my secondary school science teacher during the batshit crazy era of Class 2H, sometimes freak things happen (that was pertaining to understanding why twins can be conceived rather than just one child at a time).

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Lars Alterfate
The tsundere trope is something widely used in Japanese creativity, I'd be a liar to say everything A Ranger's Tale starts from A Song of Ice and Fire, Elric of Melniboné, Discworld, Arda/Middle Earth, etc. I prefer to blame VNs with eroge elements despite having 0% in actual experience. More specifically this and that. At the same time, it must be mentioned that whatever potential romance on the cards would only mean one simple term: major plot point. I'm pretty sure many (or more likely verily few) people keeping tabs on this story will recall what she saw two times in a row.

I think she's the only Cinha in this post. Due to my insistence on creating an East Asian people for The Known World (note-I use this term instead of the story title due to that most obvious pride every creative bastard is renowned for), I ended up creating a tanned girl instead of a fair one. Nothing can be more absurd than stupid arguments on whether Asians are descended from Ham or Japheth. 喂, てめ達! 이 참조! Verbal abuse aside, I suddenly realised that if you're tanned and dusky, it merely means society shouldn't be working as a tanner. I may be a half-cynic, but even the beast or a frog can turn out to be a prince, no?

KPI Féminin: B+
Flower parallel
Dandelion: "happiness"

Karen Tenias
Word of Creator:
Despite me having nothing near to shit on actual experience, I still do enjoy dissecting G.R.R Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, better known as HBO's Game of Thrones. Yes, I'm guilty of uploading many a YouTube clip, but believe me when I say I've yet to expose myself to Westeros. Half figuratively and half literally (to Kiel: Renly is officially dead, Loras is still alive. Don't make me repeat this again). So what does Lady Karen have to do with ASoIaF? Watch the space below, peeps.

Value factor:
Granad Tenias isn't a statement of hate towards any family. I need to make this clear because in my veins run the fiery blood of North East football. In short, I know which family owns Granada CF, I can only express respect and heaviness towards Gianfranco Zola resigning the Watford job. At least no one forced this foreign talent away, I call this reserving the harshest standard for the self. With that being said, Granad was inspired by Walder Frey. What it means for Karen at this point is very simple: Edmure Tully, you're surely one hell of an enviable bastard. It's quite exciting to know that I might be thinking out of the box when it comes to using potential romance to further anything but romance, hopefully I will one day say "totes worth it". :)

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Jase Steele
Fiercely protective towards his beloved Lady Karen, 'tis my intent right from the beginning to portray him as some overprotective secret admirer. Or is he? Regardless of random questions bandied around thus far(?), I find it amazing that House Steele being part of the elite nobility was actually an idea coined AFTER his introduction. Let's not forget how much Granad hates Louthes, shall we? After all, making war is something mutual nine chances out of ten.

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Aeranath
Pretty sure nothing will happen out of this albeit a wild card can either be a red herring or a big fish waiting to be fried. In particular, the eerily similar manner where Aera saved Karen was something deliberately planned by yours truly. ;)

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Guy Cody
I really enjoy doing the part where our beloved lion in red saved the day once again. He's done it before (where Mayweather Lucs was concerned), so why not do this the second time? It must be said that Karen has always been her own lady, she's not someone believing in fairy tales and malicious rumours. In this sense, she's another Ales. Therefore, whatever torch she's been carrying for some insignificant smallborne shouldn't be dismissed as something we're used to seeing in every given K-drama (or the entire Twilight series as well to be brutally fair).

Hence Cupid's arrow beckons-Kerstein de Bladefort
Yet to make his official debut, let us all play the guessing game over a pint or two. Oh, and he's already been mentioned in the same chapter where Tristan Ajax finally made his debut.

An absolute stunner apart from having a petite build instead of statuesque, I find it enjoyable to create a character whose looks actually contradicts her real self. Apart from having small breasts (wait, that sounds so perverted for no apparent reason... -_-), everything about her just screams "smoking hot!" especially her, erm... derrière. Is it any wonder to see her facing the constant danger of rape? Ironically, said danger seems to hail its source from her father more than her looks (cue whatever unintentional consequences resultant-House Frey and the Red Wedding).

KPI Féminin: A-
Flower parallel
Daffodil: "unrequited love"

] 0 [

A/N: Whatever flower info bandied here is NOT me doing this. Period.