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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lore: The Furthest East (Part 1)

Note to all (and self)-Due to many stuff deemed legit for this blog, I realized that I'm pretty much hard done when it comes to post scheduling. Thankfully, I'm able to differentiate the posts accordingly. Originally wanting to finish the Part 3 of my current Rogue Economist column, but it seems that the engine might have stalled again.

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INTRO: The lands of Furthest East is fraught with unknown dangers, yet promising much treasures and wonders. Many are those arriving at its shores unannounced, few are those returning to tell their tales. Most of whatever said is filled with excitement and enthusiasm, but ask about their companions and they will remain hushed. For those allowed to trade however, they could only regale their kinsfolk with many a joy, but nary a tear.

Mostly covered by fertile plains well watered by the three main rivers, the homeland of every Cinha still boasts of numerous high ground and lush forests. Arguably the first explorer ever to set foot, Erasmus Eliaden had this to say:

All over the Furthest East, I can only see diligent farmers and studious scholars. The farmers would always be the soldiers, the scholars being the commanders and generals. Wherever I go, it seems that agriculture is arguably their finest talent. I once greeted a villager upon the highest peak and in return, he regaled this humblest visitor on how his people managed to cultivate hardy crops under the hardy skies.

I can never tell any who cares to listen on how much of this land is made of fertile soil, but surely I have seen forests perched upon mountains high and sparse marshlands sprinkled all over this massive realm. Alas, this is also where only the strong can hope to survive and the wisest enjoying prosperity everlasting. Truly I can feel the Furthest East laughing at our Greater North.
~The Grand History [written by Galus Tibiers]

There are only three deities worshiped by the Cinha, namely He-Who-Must-Be-Given-Praise, She-Who-Is-Wise-And-Beautiful, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Revealed. According to the Cinha's historical text brought back by Erasmus (later honored posthumously as Hand of the Empire), then Senator of Intellectuals, Dranthe Aliege had this to say:

It seems to the entire Intellectuals Ministry that the Cinha enjoy extolling their brand of freedom to all passers-by who may not even care to listen. From what we gleaned thus far within an hour and half, it is to my unwilling respect that these unknown people are much more civilised than say, our brothers towards the west and cousins further up north.

What is truly disturbing, however, was the fact that they credited their freedom to whichever gods worshiped. Three in fact and therein I give every Kalaran wise and discerning their names and shocking exploits:

Tsurugi no Gou'Ryeo is their bloodthirsty god who would stop at nothing to exact vengeance and victory. While he is credited with repelling the denizens known as Oni, it is to my understanding that the Oni were no less humane than us. Riding without armour is not only folly, but also a sign of arrogance. As for his weapon, Lord Erasmus actually stated that the yedo is a single edged sword mainly used in cavalry and skirmish warfare.

Mirai no Silla is without a doubt a goddess of lewdness, her flagrant nudity depicted is an affront to every decent man and woman. Using wits and guile is nevertheless acceptable, yet dare I ask what manner of people would associate a positive trait with a harlot's breasts? From Lord Eliaden's description, I must say that their women are full in bosom, narrow in waist, and shapely in hips. Definitely unworthy of decent marriage and worthy of seductive schemes.

Lastly but not least, we have their disfigured boy god. Rounin no Baekje is an orphan taking after his parents. Without any love from the aforementioned two, it could only mean one thing. This boy god is nothing more than a depiction of these heathen people's heart, mayhap even children young as seven are forced into knowing slavery.

Hence I beseech Your Holiness to declare a state of second level alert, for who knows when we must fight this insidious race? Better for them to come rather than for us to go!
~The Grand History [written by Galus Tibiers]

Interestingly, the First Patriarch of House Eliaden chose not to remain silent before Senator Dranthe. This was what the historian Galus Tibiers had written thus:

In a sudden anger akin to the most violent storm, the Emperor's beloved Hand stood up to attack the Senator of Intellectuals and all those agreeing with him. Never before did the Romus ever witness such heated argument, for in the same way Dranthe Aliege launched his scathing scorn did Erasmus Eliaden do the same. His hand at last forced, His Holiness Franstatis ordered a halt. Indeed if not for His Holiness, surely the First Patriarch of House Eliaden would have cut down half the Senate with more than mere words alone.
~The Grand History [written by Galus Tibiers]

To be cont'd...