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Wednesday, 27 November 2013


yes, some more DLC stuff lol! But before I out whatever must be outed, let me say CONGRATULATIONS to Anthony "Kim'beh" Chen. Thank God literally I've yet to give up my self-deluded hopes. This=proof. Ofc I never wanted to be a Kim'beh mainly b/c every person should have something he/she's good at. If you can't be a world winning director, try to win the world over via some other talent then!

P.S: No, I'm not talking about record breaking gangbang or the very FACT that Stone Cold once said DTA. For those not enrolled at SCU (i.e. Stone Cold University), this is my answer.

Note-To further cement my status as a self-deluded dreamer w/nothing next to shit, this is the guy I'll like to meet, shake hands, and have some decent brunch with.

Stuff to note:
1. I did include Horsemanship here. Sadly, I really doubt I can incorporate this in-game.
2. Upon gaining Rank, every promoted character can select for free a new Skill/Technique/Magic.
3. DLC characters are NOT applicable to point 2.
4. Victory will also net your party Talent Points where respective characters can spend it on purchasing additional Skills/Technique.
5. Skills cost more TP than Technique.
6. New Magic can only be gained by character promotion.
7. Geralt of Rivia is now counted as premium DLC. Apparently, I'm gonna invoke a massive deluge of Bill Gates jokes. -_-

In actual history, runes formed an integral part of Germanic civilisation donkey eons ago. We all know Thor, Loki, Sif, etc, but I believe it's more due to Marvel and Tom "BA Odinson" Hiddlestone. In fantasy fiction/games, runes are used for magical purposes. Therefore, I'm thankful that Arthas "the Lich King" Menethil is fictional.

Usage of runes here is all about inscription. Hence, a rune can never be removed once you chose it for any specific equipment. Either that or you'll have to forfeit the enchanted item. One exception to this rule is hiring an Elven Appraiser's service. This will entail random quests being triggered in exchange for this favour.

If you choose to inscribe a rune into a Dwarven made equipment, said item will grant the user +1 Strength/Fortitude [random choice].

Note-Let this be known that list below is sorta exhaustive since if you want to do DLC, must know how to be systematic, correct?

Meaning: Wealth/riches
Properties: Increase amount of loot dropped; +10% chance of gaining Rare loot.
Applicable equipment type: Weapon, Armour, Accessory

Meaning: Aurochs/wild ox
Properties: +15% damage dealt; -25% damage taken.
Applicable equipment type: Armour

Meaning: Thorn
Properties: -5% damage taken; reflect 30% of damage dealt back to the attacking enemy.
Applicable equipment type: Light Armour

Meaning: [a] god
Properties: Gain either Demi-Entity or Martial Zenith [random choice]
Applicable equipment type: Weapon, Accessory

A/N-Above stated runes are real. I kid you all not. Proof that a Christian can never lie under identical/similar circumstances.

To be cont'd (?)...