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Monday, 11 November 2013

I am the bone of my sword...

Now time for some UBW trollolol. But before that, I must announce that either there are people driving me nuts or I'm just being too self-paranoid over my online modus operandi. :P

Came across this by accident, totes worth (?) it.

Okay, I technically lied. Below screengrab(s) is/are the reason why.

Spurs kosong, SGB deserve that satu bolah
What exactly went wrong for Mr Eric Soh's beloved team? Is it Tim Krul? Or maybe there's a certain truth behind whatever lack of cohesion in tactics. Given Newcastle's embarrassing riches in firepower (don't forget Pardew still retains his fort d'nuit et aube), Spurs were still able to hold out. Bar that solitary smash-and-grab ofc. I believe AVB's problem lies NOT in stifling the fans, but rather the likelihood of seeing Soldado running width to width. Spanish players are best known for movement and ball technique, but not so much on holding up play. Ofc La Furia Roja do possess sparkling gems like Iniesta and Fabregas, Alonso and Xavi. But mediapunta Soldado is not. iirc he's a proven francotirador, but NOT some Ancla  Armada. Centre forwards capable of holding up play tend not to move about width to width, such players mostly hail from the western stretch of Europe (e.g. Britain, Deutschland, France, Polska). In short, AVB was trying to play a lone false no.10 upfront where in fact, coordination between the other 3 attacking players should have been accounted as utmost paramountcy.

Noble Phantasm parallel
Karada wa tsurugi de dekiteiru 
 Chishio wa tetsu de kokoro wa GARASU 
 Ikutabi no senjou wo koete fuhai 
 Tada no ichido no haisou mo naku 
 Tada no ichido no shouri mo nashi 
 Ninai te wa koko ni hitori 
 Tsurugi no oka de tetsu wo utsu 
 Naraba waga shougai ni imi wa irazu
 Kono karada wa mugen no tsurugi de dekiteita

Williams   Woodgate   Ayala   Gibson

Whitehead  Haroun

Adomah       Emnes       Carayol


Man Utd satu, Arsenal kenna kosong
Wenger playing mind games by winding up RVP? Wenger playing mind games with the men in black? No matter what, you don't play mind games with David Moyes. Judging from what I've seen in the most recent Rooney saga, Moyes ain't that much of a mind games attacker. Said accolade belongs to Mourinho and Ser A. Fergie. Moyes, on the other hand, is bluff-proof. In short, you can try emulating Le Professeur. Don't say I never warn you kentang ppl on how the Highlander can motivate his charges ala high ground under siege.
Relevant (?) link
Oh, and one more thing. Kagawa kenna subbed down again. Then again, RVP also kenna. Proof that all Highlanders are equal before their ginger Chieftain.

Noble Phantasm parallel

Williams   Woodgate   Ayala   Friend

Leadbitter  Butterfield

Adomah       Kamara       Emnes


Knowest thy enemy, knowest thyself
Poor Steve Clarke. Kenna robbed by someone taking the black, that's why WBA tak boleh win. 2-2 at Stamford Bridge ain't any surprise, my bluest mates. You see, if there's anyone in this English business capable of matching O Especial himself, it can only be Steve "suck thumb, kao-beh" Clarke. As Mourinho's understudy at Chelsea, this talented bloke is quite apparently capable of understanding his ex-mentor. What about AVB, you might ask. Well, maybe try seeing things this way:
Clarke vs Mourinho in England=AVB vs Mourinho in Portugal.

Noble Phantasm parallel
I am the bone of my sword 
 Steel is my body and fire is my blood 
 I have created over a thousand blades 
 Unaware of loss, Nor aware of gain 
 Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one’s arrival 
 I have no regrets. This is the only path 
 My whole life was Unlimited Blade Works

Williams   Woodgate   Ayala   Gibson

Smallwood  Leadbitter

Adomah       Butterfield       Emnes