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Friday, 22 November 2013

DLC#1-Characters (005)

Final one in the DLC Characters list. Will see whether I'll add in anymore stuff. Oh and one more thing: A Song of Ice and Fire ain't the only X-rated fantasy epic on show.

#Geralt of Rivia#

Armour mastery:

Default equipment:
Silver Longsword [Rank B]
Dirk [Rank C]
Raven's Armour [Rank A]


Affinity element:

Seasonal element:

Wolf-+40% physical damage once HP drops below 50%.

Infiltrator-Cannot be targeted by non-Demon opponents.

Martial Zenith-Deal maximum damage to Demons. Still counts as physical damage.

Valour-Immune to panic* during combat.
*Panic status reduce damage dealt and increase damage taken.

Arms Master Unrivalled-+15% chance to hit; +18% chance of automatic Parry.
Expertise bonus [Fencer]-+10% armour penetration.

Gwynbleidd-If attacked in the middle of this Stance, Geralt of Rivia executes a successful Evasion and deals melee damage to one random enemy nearby.

Exposure-Successful Parry/Evasion will create a short invincibility window.
Expertise bonus [Fencer]-Applicable to Blocking as well.
Affinity bonus [Ice]-Lower all surrounding enemies' chance of Evasion.

Mobility Focus-10% chance of automatic Parry whenever number of enemies is higher.
Expertise bonus [Fencer]-Regain SP after successful Parry/Block/Evasion

Martial Insight-+15% chance of preventing ranged damage to self.
Expertise bonus [Fencer]-Automatically attack the nearest enemy.

Counter Riposte-25% chance of damaging any enemy executing a counterattack.

Sudden Strike-Every first attack dealt after Parry/Evasion counts as critical hit causing Bleeding with 30% chance of inducing Crippled status.

Counter Movement-Enemy suffer -12% chance to hit while taking 5% more damage.
Expertise bonus [Fenccer]-+20% critical damage.
Affinity bonus [Ice]-Enemy suffers -16% chance of Evasion upon damage.

Aard-Repel the nearest enemy; 40% chance to stun (i.e. stunned Characters suffer -60% in Evasion and cannot attack; Successful Parry will not regain SP) [Earth].

Igni-Deal Fire damage against enemies positioned within a frontal circle; 15% chance of dealing double damage [Fire].

Yrden-Create a stationary field brimming with charged energy; will detonate if an enemy steps into range; enemy affected this way will take damage and suffer -70% chance of Evasion [Earth].

Quen-Create a shielding barrier that absorbs damage for 4 secs and reflects 50% of damage dealt back to the nearest enemy [Air].

Axii-25% chance of controlling one random non-boss/Demon enemy; affected enemy will help you attack other enemies instead [Water].

Heliotrop-Create a circular energy field where all enemies and allies within range cannot move/attack/Evade/Block/Parrty; Geralt of Rivia can attack freely any given target. Heliotrop is counted as Magic under the Ice affinity.

Two lone wolves of a pack [Aeranath]: +1 to all stats whenever HP drops below 50%.

Apathy [Guy Cody]: Guy Cody gains +1 Fortitude so long Geralt of Rivia remains alive.

Suppressed arousal [Alestrial Eliaden]: -10% chance to hit; +13% damage dealt.

Okay, end of DLC section. Let's see if I can sum up any creative juices to continue this or my RE satirical column. And yes, scally Butcher of Blaviken=most imba DLC Character thus far. >.<