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Friday, 22 November 2013

DLC#1 Characters (004)

Have this funny feeling that I might have got busted for good. Therefore, it's of utmost importance that I must finish off Aoko-sensei. Erm, wait... that sounds a bit wrong... shit, I think I'm really screwed. -.-'

Some more additional rules:
1. Updated a wee bit on how Character Rank will affect overall gameplay. In short, whatever modifier is calculated by numbers (i.e. Rank D=1, Rank C=2, Rank B=3, Rank A=4, Rank S=5).
2. DLC Characters cannot equip themselves with any armour or weapons beyond whatever specified.
3. DC Characters can level up per normal in Gladiator, Explorer, and Conqueror mode.
4. Dreamer mode will be done in VN format. Info link.

Note-I don't profess to be a pr0n director, neither do I want to be one. I have principles, okay?
Proof that I no lying-Mahou Tsukai no Yoru=non-eroge (Wait! Ain't Aoko-sensei the main heroine?)

A/N- Tweaked the Bonds system in few ways more than one.

#Aozaki Aoko#

Armour mastery:

Default equipment:
Unarmed Combat [Rank C]


Affinity element:

Seasonal element:

Owl- Less HP drained whenever using Magic.

Protector: Surrounding allies gain resistance to Magic.

Valour-Immune to panic* during combat.
*Panic status reduce damage dealt and increase damage taken.

Bestial Fury: +20% default melee damage.

Unlimited Rotation-Twenty blue energy bolts are fired from a single row.

Critical Eye-+40% critical damage.
Expertise bonus [Lancer]-+4% chance of critical hit.

Riptide Rushdown-Aoko dashes across in a straight line and reappears in her original position afterwards; enemies and allies alike withing range take immense damage [Air].

Set: Modified-Aoko creates a bluish orb in the middle of battlefield; the orb will stay static for 5 secs before dealing damage to all surrounding enemies and allies via explosion. If any enemy/ally touches the orb before it explodes, said target receives massive damage instead [Fire].

Main: Modified-Aoko punches the ground, resulting in a massive blue shockwave traveling in a straight line; enemies and allies alike take damage and cannot use Magic for remainder of current bout. [Lightning]

Starmine and Starbow-Entire battlefield warps into a volatile blanket of nebula surrounded by rotating stars; each enemy suffers damage equivalent to 70% of its maximum HP while every ally gains +1 Speed or Fortitude by random. Starmine and Starbow counts as Magic with Fire, Air, and Lightning properties.

Instinctive ties that bind despite whatever mutual animosity [Aeranath]: +1 Strength and +1 Fortitude whenever HP drops below 50%.

Poignant reminder of a close male friend [Guy Cody]: SP gauge automatically refills gradually whenever HP drops below 50%..

Poignant reminder of a close female friend [Alestrial Eliaden]: -30% damage taken.

Alternate Costume#1

 Alternate Costume#2

A/N-Below image=/=another Alternate Costume
Aoko's transformation upon executing Starmine and Starbow

To be cont'd (?)...