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Thursday, 28 November 2013


Dunno how long this DLC juggernaut will continue, but I'll have to say one thing: Fate/Zero analysis is now at indefinite hiatus. This is due to me being too stupid and delete entire folder's worth of 24 eps. Unless I can find some way to fix this issue, I need to do a pause here. :(

P.S: Apparently, this world is entering a new state of cynicism and I'm not just talking about a single front. If I really have a decent semblance of military knowledge, may Gibbo hire me instead of every party else.

Rules tweak:
1. The rune ōs is now considered premium DLC.
2. Standard Attack after executing Technique=Technique Attack. Hope this is self-explanatory.
3. Equipment enchanted by runes cannot be damaged. Same goes for any character's Grail.
4. Equipment enchanted by runes can be sold for much higher price.
5. Counterattack is executable whenever your character flashes blue either by successful Evasion, Block, or Parry. Timing is rather tight though, so beware, i.e. a failed counterattack will open your character up for potential punishment!

A sellsword's loyalty lies in the purse, armour and arms the only means of trade. Never before has bravery been so valuable, you either win or die by merit alone. Knight war for honour, soldiers of peasant birth battle for grain and family's warmth. Kings and lords declare conflict for a cause, heroes and heroines are crowned with glory or shame. Yet, no one from the greatest down till every smallborne would remember a sellsword, for daily keep earned through blood and murder is never an honoured path.

Rules on DLC sellswords:
1. Like every sellsword you meet, the DLC version will have one Skill and Technique at disposal. Magic, however, is optional.
2. Normal sellswords will level up faster than DLC version.
3. DLC sellswords will have specific traits separating them from the rest.
4. Like regular sellswords, you can hire any DLC sellsword in any Tavern via the same manner.

List of sellswords for 1st DLC pack [001-003]

Bio-Known formally as Homm'Nua, this mysterious race is full of allure and enigma. Take your eyes off them at your own risk, appreciate their beauty at your own peril. For many a lustful man had seen his final moments at the tip of Elven steel, many are innocent maids broken by their power. Yet, why is it that a foolish filly desires an Elven lover whilst passionate lads hanker after the Homm'Nua damsels?

Can choose from:
Expertise-Fencer, Lancer, Archer
Skill-Any (except for Berserker specific Skills)
Technique-Any (except for Berserker specific Technique)
Magic-Generated by random

+1 Dexterity (Fencer/Lancer); +1 Speed (Archer)
-1 Strength
Regains SP after casting Magic (stackable)

Bio-Known formally as Homm'Eot, this is a violent people comprising only of males. While rumour is rife on them being cursed as reason behind this anomaly, one thing remains without a doubt. They are born to raid and pillage, sail and to rape. Prideful beings they are, only the finest women would suffice. Holding utmost contempt for slavery, no other captives must be taken. A prudent man does well to respect them, it takes a wise lady to avoid their sight.

Can choose from:
Expertise-Fencer, Berserker
Skill-Any (except for Lancer/Archer/Magic related Skills)
Technique-Any (except for Lancer/Archer related Technique)
Magic-Cannot use Magic

+1 Strength; +1 Fortitude
-1 Dexterity; -1 Speed
Regains SP upon successful Block (stackable); +50% resistance to Magic (stackable)

Bio-Despised by other races, yet prized by Dwarves, this is an inquisitive race prone to discovery and disaster. Firm believers of success via trial and error, there is a common saying "May you live with Goblins". Apparently derogatory in nature, the Goblins nevertheless chose to see curious foreigners in favourable light. Unlike the Homm'Nua or Homm'Eot, the Greenies (or so they preferred to call themselves most of the time) are more open minded in almost everything. Famed as alchemists, the only things they would remain stubborn for is their hazardous knowledge in their so-called "technology".

Can choose from:
Expertise-Archer only
Skill-Any (Archer specific Skills); Haggling; Preparing; Cocktailing; Herbing
Technique-Any (Archer specific Technique)
Magic-Surge Fire

+2 Intelligence
-1 Strength; -1 Dexterity; -1 Speed

Haggling-Alchemy items cost less by default (include potions)
Preparing-Able to create simple potions within a set time; entire party must choose to camp overnight in exchange.
Cocktailing-By combining different potions, Goblins are able to create volatile chemicals capable of unpredictable effects. Must utilise Preparing first; will have X% chance of failure where X is Rank relevant, i.e. both Skill and Character level.
Herbing-By combining different raw loot; your Goblin is able to create medical substances either therapeutic or outright dangerous. Must utilise Preparing first; will have X% chance of failure where X is Rank relevant, i.e. both Skill and Character level.

Surge Fire-Cannot be manually activated; will have X% chance of dealing Fire damage to surrounding enemies and allies alike. Probability and maximum range will increase as your Goblin's HP drops lower.