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Monday, 25 November 2013

Everybody, let's KPKB

KPKB=Kao Peh Kao Bu=Cry Father Cry Mother

Dean Kuok's definition:
Making noise over something/someone. Can be interpreted as upgrade ver of complaining where decibel scale is equivalent to a full capacity lions' den.

Le Doyen d'Singapour's source:

SM Ong actually wondered whether we'll get to see a Singaporean topping the list next year, others are more interested in whether G-Dragon will take this honour normally reserved for ang-mohs come 2014. Thankfully, 2014 is still N eons away (which by then I'll most likely move on from my current 1K+ per month job into uncharted waters). Therefore, while there's no point in playing up the whole Kiampah Party vs Diopah Party war, it must be said that Ryan "sexiest Canadian alive" Reynolds is really this damned suay. Everytime kenna dua, why? How? WTF is this????????? To all long suffering fans of hunkdom who believe fervently that Justin Bieber=/=sexiest Canadian alive, here's my suggestion on how to put Canada back onto the world map.

Eh, shit. Sallah media. Should be this one below... *drum rolls and hold your breath, fellow fanboys and girls*

Sorry, but Canadian values=/=the law of American Way

So if Ryan Reynolds is to be Deadpool, then who else can we look forward to?

Note: 5+1=Six Pack
Because limpeh says so...

Main Cast

No Deadpool, no Cable=No Cable, no Deadpool.
Just like you can't have F&C w/o vinegar & salt
Gerard Butler as Nathan Summers

The Chick.
Yesh, Mr Wilson ~loves~ hot chicks, be they white, black, brown or East Asian
Emilia Clarke as Neena Thurman

Die Tragen
Morris Chestnut as Theodore Winchester

That most successful president's namesake?
Taye Diggs as Eisenhower Canty

Youngest of der Sextett
Kellan "correct Cullen?" Lutz as Garrison Kane

['cuz only idiots will diss their importance]

Lena Headey as Death

Dwayne Johnson as En Sabah Nur

Gary Oldman as Nathaniel Essex

Cameo roles 
[with option to upgrade depending on actual performance]

Moral of the story-Every school can be a good school 'cuz I only got 222 PSLE score, got into Gan Eng Seng during the horny 90s ah-beng and ah-lian era, flunked my first ITE stint, became the clown during NS, barely passed my 2nd ITE stint, and now waiting for my big break 2014 ala a literal leap of faith. Talk about being some son of a gun.